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Python learns the-python and RRDtool combination modules

RRDtoolround robin DatabaseTool is a storage format for the ring database, round robin is a technique for processing quantitative data and pointers to current elements. RRDtool is mainly used to track the change of objects, generate these changes in

RRDtool Introductory explanation

---------------original content, reproduced please indicate the source. ------------I. OverviewRRDtool (Round-robin Database tool), which is the polling-based data base (note: Not equivalent to the polling scheduling algorithm in the computer), uses

RRDTool use of three commands

To understand how rrdtool is to be used first from the RRD data storage, RRDtool is to operate the tool of the database, copy the following text to explain.0x01 What is the RRD databaseThe so-called "Round Robin" is actually a way of storing data,

Basic usage of rrdtool module in Python

This article mainly introduces the basic usage of the rrdtool module in Python and is often used for data visualization functions, if you need it, you can refer to the recently used python to plot based on the collected data and decide to use the

Cacti (RRDTOOL) Chinese garbled text and statistical graph garbled problem solution

For the installed Cacti, to check whether the monitoring data is accurate and whether the statistical chart generated with rrdtool is as beautiful as officially shown, you can't wait to click the image column on the tab. The result is garbled, that

RRDtool Learning and Customizing script drawing graphics Memo

RRDtool (Round Robin Database tool) is a powerful drawing engine, and many tools, such as MRTG, can call RRDtool drawings. Including the use of a lot of cacti is also based on the rrdtool basis of drawing, can say cacti just provide a display

RRDtool usage (combined with instances)

I. IntroductionRRDtool refers to the Round Robin Database tool, that is, the ring Database. In terms of functionality, RRDtool can be used for data storage + data display. The well-known network traffic plotting software MRTG and Cluster Monitoring

[Rrdtool] Monitoring and automatic drawing, simple monitoring. md, rrdtool. md

[Rrdtool] Monitoring and automatic drawing, simple monitoring. md, rrdtool. md Now I want to monitor the traffic and concurrency of the service, but I don't have much time to write the system. Other O & M systems are unfamiliar, therefore, the

RRDtool draws MRTG Log Data

Summary: The company has drawn a flow chart using mrtg. here we need to summarize the existing flow chart. I want to use rrdtool to plot the total traffic diagram.1. Understand the mrtg log format: 1233645600 1543128 37293414 1724764 3925319412336453

Using RRDtool for Vmstat output drawing in Linux

1, view the output of Vmstat [Root@361way ~]# Vmstat 1 2procs-----------Memory-------------Swap-------io------System-------CPU-----R b swpd free buff cache si so bi bo in CS us sy ID WA St0 0 0 1479452 420588 5600548 0 0 0 3 0 5 0 0 100 0-00 0 0 147

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