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WordPress developer Toolkit (I)

Document directory 2.1 create an ABC for a WordPress topic 2.2. WordPress skills 2.3. WordPress directory 3.4. WordPress navigation menu 2.4. Use WordPress as CMS 2.5. WordPress Comment Function 2.6. WordPress headers, footers, and sidebars

RSS: Simple protocol makes internet programmable

rss| Programming | internet There was a report on the Duandun of KFC's French fries in 2001. You can see a more efficient management system: for a global enterprise such as fast food restaurants: to ensure that the quality of French fries is

WordPress developer Toolbox (bottom)

This is the second part of the WordPress development toolkit, including the official WordPress database, blank themes, WordPress design inspiration, icon library, WordPress theme release, and resources such as free and paid theme downloads. For the

WordPress Delete RSS feature "article rss", "Comment rss", ""

This article mainly introduces about WordPress Delete rss function "Article rss", "Comment rss", "", has a certain reference value, now share to everyone, have the need for friends can refer to A. Remove the bottom "proud to use

How to convert Dedecms to WordPress

I. Work before conversion1. Prepare a test websiteIn the test environment, a dream-weaving site and a wp site are created respectively, and different databases are used. (Of course, it can also be installed in the same database. However, for the

WordPress table structure

WordPress only uses 10 tables: wp_comments, wp_links, wp_options, wp_postmeta, wp_posts, wp_term_relationships, wp_term_taxonomy, wp_terms, wp_usermeta, wp_users There are roughly five categories by functionUser information: wp_users and

Quick WordPress creation tutorial for free virtual hosts

ArticleDirectory The procedure is as follows: Several questions: Due to the constraints imposed by some of the domestic blog services, more and more people are trying to use foreign virtual hosts to build their own independent

Top Ten best wordpress plugin recommended

WordPress is the use of PHP language and MySQL database developed a very popular blog (blog, weblog) system, the function is very powerful, plug-ins and templates are numerous, easy to expand the function. It's very convenient to install and use. At

RSS tools and resource Summary

Below are some feed-related RSS (Content Aggregation) tools and resources I have collected during the blog process. I hope these tools and resources will help you create and read feeds. Rss ping server address After the log is published, the

Fix wordpress feed display error with fix RSS feeds plugin

Today suddenly a netizen message said blog feed hung, the symptoms are as follows: Chrome opens the subscription page directly as shown below: This page contains the following errors:error on line 1 at column 1:document are Emptybelow is a

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