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The RTC is the DS1339, the driver uses the RTC-DS1307.C

My external RTC is DS1339, driven by rtc-ds1307.cI chose it in the kernel.And[*] Set system time from RTC on startup and resume││││ (RTC0) RTC used to set the system time││││[*] RTC Debug support││││*** RTC Interfaces ***││││[*]/S

Linux RTC Driver Model Analysis

RTC Introduction RTC (Real-time clock) abbreviation real-time clock, the main function is to remember when, produce alarm clock and so on. RTC has a backup battery, so even if the computer shuts down, it will not affect the RTC memory. The difference between RTC and system t

Linux system time and RTC time "turn"

http://bbs.chinaunix.net/forum.php?mod=viewthreadtid=3637782 Linux RTC Driver is relatively simple, it can be used as a normal character device, or a misc device, or a platform device, which is not related, mainly to rtc_ops this file operation structure of the member population, Here are mainly related to two aspects more important:1. There are two kinds of clocks, such as hardware clock and system clock, in Linux. The hardware clock is

Linux Drivers: RTC subsystem

DescriptionThis paper analyzes code based on 3.10 kernel, hardware platform for embedded arm platform. 2. RTC Subsystem Related filesdrivers/rtc/class.cdrivers/rtc/interface.cdrivers/rtc/rtc-core.hdrivers/rtc/

Introduction to RTC in n3292 Series

Introduction to RTC in n3292 Series1 RTC features ? Has time counters (seconds, minutes, hours) and calendar counters, used to calculate the time ? Absolute timing function (seconds, minutes, hours, days, months, and years) ? Relative timing Function ? Supports 12-hour/24-hour Mode ? Automatically recognize a leap year ? Weekly counter ? Frequency Calibration ? Supports the clock drop interrupt funct

Design and Implementation of the RTC module driver for S3C2440 Windows CE

1 IntroductionThe time display function of the desktop Windows system is well known and implemented by the BIOS clock module. You can click the time in the lower-right corner of the taskbar of the desktop system to modify the current time and time zone, and synchronize time with the Internet.Currently, many popular embedded systems such as mobile phones, PDAs, and HMI (Human-Machine Interface Devices) have been transplanted to Microsoft's WindowsCE operating system. Although the wince system als

RTC real-time clock

Instructor song,Hua Qing vision embedded college lecturer. 1.1 Introduction to rtc In an embedded system, RTC is usually used to provide reliable system time, including hour, minute, second, and year, month, and day, it is also required that the system work properly when it is shut down (usually powered by a backup battery ). Its Peripheral does not require too much auxiliary electrical channels. Typically,

STM32 Learning Note 10 (Real-time clock RTC)

For the MCU to arm of the students, the RTC may be less contact. Referring to the real-time clock, more often think of is DS1302. Of course, in the STM32, a CPU is enough, do not need to DS1302.In fact, RTC is just a timer, all the information is lost after power-down, so we need to find a place to store this information, so we find the backup register. Because it can still be powered by a button battery af

Port Linux2.6.24.4 to S3C2410 (nano2410): RTC

Port Linux2.6.24.4 to S3C2410 (nano2410): RTC -- general Linux technology-Linux programming and kernel information. For more information, see the following. [Platform information] Target Board Nano2410 CPU: S3C2410X SDRAM: HY57V561620 (32 MB) FLASH: K9F1208 (64 MB) NET: CS8900 HOST Linux Realse Version: Fecora Cor 8 (FC8) CrossCompiler: gcc-4.1.1/glibc-2.3.2 The startup information shows that the RTC driv

Instance 2-learning interruption from the RTC device (System Real-time clock)

Document directory RTC interrupt service program Reprint address (this article is also reproduced): http://blog.chinaunix.net/uid-15443744-id-2772596.html Each pc has a Real-Time Clock device. When you turn off the computer power, it maintains the system's date and time information. In addition, it can also be used to generate periodic signals with a frequency change ranging from 2Hz to 8192Hz -- of course, the frequency must be a multiple of 2

LPC1768--RTC real-time Clock

RTC is a relatively common part of the current device, and many devices need to look at the time. RTC Real-time clock has been integrated in a number of microcontroller, before also dedicated clock chip, now the CORTEX-M3 core includes this part. Unlike previous NXP's ARM7 cores, the LPC1768 clock source is provided only by the 32K clock source, which is to be noted, and the other is consistent with ARM7.

How to Use the RTC driver

How to Use the RTC driver **************************************** ************************1. introducation**************************************** ************************Adsp21535 has one real time clock RTC device, and the RTC driverIs designed as a standard Linux RTC driver. The

Sylixos RTC Introduction

Introduction to rtcRTC is called real-time clock in English. The Chinese name is real-time clock. It refers to an electronic device that can output the actual time like a clock. It is generally an integrated circuit, and therefore called a clock chip. Real-time clock chips are one of the most widely used consumer electronic products in daily life. It provides accurate real-time or accurate time reference for electronic systems. Currently, most real-time clock chips use high-precision crystal osc

Turn: What is realthinclient (RTC)?

The Realthinclient SDK is used to develop standard HTTP (S) servers, ISAPI extensions, and client-side VCL controls. Available for CodeGear Delphi 6-xe5 under Windows.Function description about FeatureThe Realthinclient SDK is used to develop standard HTTP (S) servers, ISAPI extensions, and client-side VCL controls. Available for CodeGear Delphi 6-xe5 under Windows. Write a firewall-capable client, server, and ISAPI extension (compatible with Apache 2.x and MS IIS 5.x) As a standalo

Reading of registers for ADC and RTC

The registers of the ADC are read,int Adc_read (void){int result;#if adstart==0result = ADC. adcdat00x3ff;while (!) ( Adc. adccon (0x1{}#elif adstart==1while (!) ( Adc. adccon (0x1{}result = ADC. adcdat00x3ff;#endifreturn 3300/0x3ff*result;}#endif**************************************void Niuniu (void){Uart_init ();Adc_init ();Beeper_init ();Adc_read ();while (1){Itoa (Adc_read ());if (Adc_read () > 2500){Beeper_on ();}Else{Beeper_off ();}Delay (10000);}}#endif**********************************T

STM32 RTC Configuration

STM32-RTC Configuration Commentary STM32 RTC Clock Configuration because of the many registers involved, such as: BKP, PWR, RTC, messy, here is a summary of the RTC configuration. RTC Introduction: RTC is a real-time clock is a s

2410 RTC driver analysis

First, the RTC device is an on-chip device that uses platform_device to represent the device (that is, the RTC object of platform_device) the device has been registered into the system during device initialization (refer to the driver process of the device on SOC 2410 (RTC, watchdog, etc )), therefore, after the RTC dr

RTC driver in Linux

RTC driver in Linux- First, we will briefly introduce the similarities and differences between date and hwclock. Similarities: all represent time. Differences: Date indicates the system time. If it is not set when the system is started, the system will start from January 1, 1970. Hwclock indicates the time of the hardware, such as the time in the clock chip or the RTC of the main chip. Date is not introduc

Detailed description of RTC programming in Linux Kernel

For details about RTC programming in the Linux operating system kernel, refer to general Linux technology-Linux programming and kernel information. Programming RTC in Linux Kernel The MC146818 RTC chip (or other compatible chip, such as DS12887) can generate periodic interruptions on IRQ8, with the Interruption Frequency ranging from 2Hz ~ Between 8192HZ. The

Using F4 RTC [use library functions]

The RTC of F4. The RTC of the F1 series is a simple counter. To obtain the time, you have to calculate it by yourself. F4. [Main features] The RTC of ipvf4 is an independent BCD/clock Counter. RTC provides a time calendar and two-way alarm clock interrupt, a periodic programmable ring sign with Interrupt Capability

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