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Easydarwin Open Source Community streaming video course: Streaming media Transmission Control Protocol (RTSP RTP SDP) detailed RTP

//big_endia unsigned intVersion2;/ * Protocol version * / unsigned intP:1;/ * Padding flag * / unsigned intCount5;/ * varies by packet type * /#else unsigned intCount5;/ * varies by packet type * / unsigned intP:1;/ * Padding flag * / unsigned intVersion2;/ * Protocol version * /#endif unsigned intPt:8;/ * RTCP Packet type * / unsigned ShortLength/ * PKT len in words, w/o this word * /} rtcp_common_t;For more informationEmail:[email protected]WEB:www.EasyDarwin.orgCopy

Nginx+ffmpeg set up rtmp to broadcast RTSP streaming flash server

This article outlines:Nginx is a very good open source server, use it to do HLS or rtmp streaming media server is a very good choice. This paper introduces a simple method to quickly set up rtmp streaming media

Use VLC to build RTSP streaming server under Mac

Want to build a RTSP streaming media server on their Mac, find out, or think VLC is the simplest and most practical. Download the installation of VLC, after the installation path:/applications/vlc.app The utility command starts the server with the following command A 0.0. 0.0 --

Use Ubuntu9.04 + open-source darwinstreamingserver5.5.5 to build your own Streaming Media Server

The streaming server, of course, helix is good, but it is too expensive. What should I do if I am unwilling to use piracy? I have developed such a path over the past few days. Ubuntu9.04 uses apple's Darwinstreamingserver. It is an open-source version of 5.5.5 that supports 3gp, mov, mp4, and other formats for Linux, t

Developing RTSP Cascade server with Darwin (pull mode forwarding) (source code)

(proxysession! = null) {proxysession->setreflectorsession (null); Sclientsessionmap->unregister ( Proxysession->getref ());p roxysession->signal (task::kkillevent);} Insession->setrelaysession (NULL); Ssessionmap->unregister (thesessionref);d elete insession; } else {qtss_printf ("QTSSReflector.cpp:RemoveOutput Release session=%lu REFCOunt=%d\n ", (UInt32) Insession,thesessionref->getrefcount ()); Ssessionmap->release (THESESSIONREF); }}} delete inoutput;}#演示效果#下载Program D

Application of streaming media related technology in Car-eye vehicle open source Platform

With the popularization of 4G technology, streaming media technology is used more and more in vehicles. Video surveillance on taxis, buses, and school buses has been widely used as an important functional module. In the private car, face recognition. Video conversations are increasingly being implemented as part of a vehicle system. Such a wide range of applications are based on the following three factors: first, the rapid development of wireless net

Android Streaming Open Source Library

VLC frame:VLC is an open source project, based on the ffmpeg framework of a custom player. LIBVLC is the core of VLC, which is equivalent to the MediaPlayer class.A major part of VLC, it can play various types of media files and streaming media files, and can create media streams and save media files in various formats.VLC is a cross-platform media player and

Source code Research of Open Source P2P Video Streaming Media

. shoutcast/icecast ). stream-2-Stream (abbreviated "s2s" or "S2S") stations have no user limit; stations can be set up without paying a fortune for bandwidth. stream-2-Stream saves bandwidth by passing streams from one peer to another through multicast and unicast p2p, rather than everyone getting a stream from one central server (Shoutcast/Icecast ). more: http://s2s.sourceforge.net/about.php Open

Introduction to several open source projects for streaming media

intranet transmission). The subsystem consists of the following parts:- Capture Server: Gets the live stream. You can get the program stream from Windows Media Server, Helix server. Support Mmsh,mmst, RTSP- Super Peer: Receives the stream from the capture server as the

IPhone HTTP streaming with FFMPEG and an open source segmenter

IPhone HTTP streaming with FFMPEG and an open source segmenterby Carson | Published: June 28,200 9 With the release of the iPhone OS 3 Update came the ability to do live streaming. there are a few types of streaming and each requires a certain encoding and segmentation. I 'v

The hottest open-source streaming system Storm vs Nova Samza

Distributed computing system framework, according to the characteristics of data set, mainly divided into data-flow and streaming two kinds. Data-flow mainly data blocks for data processing data, representing: MR, Spark, and so on, I call them big data, and streaming is mainly processing the data obtained within the unit, this way, more focus on real-time, mainly including Strom, jstorm and Samza, etc. , I

One-on-demand live streaming Open source project: P2pcenter

penetrate the firewall, in a further version will be implemented TCP and UPnP penetrationCan realize streaming media on-demand and live, but also can share other files, file types are not limited.Streaming media files support a wide range of applications, such as Rmvb,wmv,flv,mp4Source Code Download Forum: http://opensource.kan8888.comSvn:Project Address: Svn://p2p.kan8888.com/p2pcenterUser name: Mc_publicPassword: kan8888.comSourceForge.net:Website:

Streaming media technology: VS2012 RTP Open Source Protocol library Jrtplib 3.9.1 compilation

#pragma comment(lib, "jrtplib.lib") #pragma comment(lib,"jthread.lib") #pragma comment(lib,"WS2_32.lib")#endif2. Add a header fileStep one: Put all the. h files together, such as myJRTPLIBHeader inside, and then add include .Step Two: Configuration Properties---Properties---add include directories, general--Five. Reference linksHttp://www.cnblogs.com/skyseraph/archive/2012/04/07/2435540.html Copyright NOTICE: This article for Bo Master original article, without Bo Master permission no

Introduction to Open-Source SIP Server OpenSIPS and open-source sipopensips

Introduction to Open-Source SIP Server OpenSIPS and open-source sipopensips **************************************** **************************************** **************************************** ***Author: EasyWave time: 2014.09.14 Category: Linux application-

Multi-threaded TCP server project [Open Source], multi-threaded tcp Open Source

Multi-threaded TCP server project [Open Source], multi-threaded tcp Open Source This document provides a complete TCP Server instance, including dynamic Connection Library, unit test, acceptance test, and Winform simulation test.

Easydarwin ts slicing/hls Live Package library provided by Open source Media server

EasyhlsWhat is Easyhls ?Easyhls is a Easydarwin open source media community development of a HLS packaging library, the interface is very simple, only need to pass in the packaged file name, tile directory, packaging interval and the number of slices, Easyhls library can easily be H264+AAC streaming media slicing, provided to the Web

Sun open source game server project Darkstar server -- (Sun game server, SGS) Study Notes (1): SGS Introduction

server uses Berkeley dB because of its performance and open source software. However, interfaces between data services and backend databases can also be other databases, such as ipvs or MySQL.Darkstar The project coordinates communication through the session service and channel service. Session Service provides direct communication between game clients and game

Uncover the mystery of WEBRTC Media server--WEBRTC Media Server & Open Source project Introduction

Uncover the mystery of WEBRTC Media server--WEBRTC Media Server Open Source project IntroductionThe WEBRTC ecosystem is very large. When I first tried to understand WEBRTC, the number of network resources was unbelievable. This article provides some introduction to WEBRTC media servers and related

[Open-source download] The Prompt window (c # source code) appears on the client based on the commands on the server ),

[Open-source download] The Prompt window (c # source code) appears on the client based on the commands on the server ), Demo Executable File Demo source code Development Technology winform c # language. net2.0 framework Communication Framework: networkcomms2.3.1 (

Share the C++socket framework swa-server (open source + source) that has been maintaining a simple and practical and efficient

Swa-server Open Source Framework* Suitable for small and medium-sized games, such as: Nurturance, RPG, chess, etc. application software, such as: chat room, etc.* Already envelopes good bottom socket management, SQL request processing, data encryption and decryption* Get started writing business* Swa-server is a framew

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