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Ruby's fiber is not meant to be used for concurrency at all.

Label:Would have done a concurrent fetch, that Ruby1.9 added after the fiber is similar to the Golang kind, can be implemented concurrently run, but found that the efficiency has not improved, in order to confirm that fiber is not in parallel

Ruby Learning Notes

Label:In the Ruby language, the object is the basic unit, and all of the elements can be said to be objects. As previously understood for object-oriented programs, an object is a set of programs that contains a collection of specific properties and

Ruby Web Framework

Tags: http using data OS HTML forJGW Maxwell the concurrency test for a Ruby web framework at the end of 2011, and a contrast test for node. js. With 250 concurrent to do the stress test, back end use MongoDB database, a total of 100,000 requests

Application of template method pattern in design pattern in Ruby two _ruby topics

Instance Onetoday you come to work as usual and start your programming work as always.The project manager tells you that today you want to add a new feature to the server, and you want to write a method that handles the book object, wrapping all the

"Big talk design mode" Ruby Version Code: Template Method Mode

Label:Demand:Students copy questions and do problemsInitial code#-*-encoding:utf-8-*-#Student A's Test paper classclassTestpaperadefQuestion1 puts'Yang had to get, later gave the Guo Jing, refining into the sword, the Dragon Sword of the Xuan Iron

ASYNC programing in Javascript[turn]

Label:This article starts with the asynchronous style and analyzes the techniques, problems, and solutions that have become asynchronous in JavaScript. Specifically, from the problems caused by the callback, and talked about the use of events,

Async IO

Label:I was recently reading a series on "Write sequential non-blocking IO Code with fibers in NodeJS" by Venkatesh.Venki is essentially trying to emphasize the writing non-blocking code in NodeJS (either via callbacks, or using promise s) can get

Programming ability Seven paragraph theory

Objective Programmer's programming skills will gradually increase with the accumulation of experience. I think the programming ability can be divided into some levels. The following is a discussion of the programming competency hierarchy model

Programmer's Programming Competency Hierarchy model

Label:programming Skill levelsProgramming skill level, refers to the programmer's ability to design and write programs. This is the root of the programmer.0 Segment-Non-programmer:Novice programmer, encounter problems, is completely mengmengdongdong,

What did the computer do when you browsed the Web page?

Label:What did the computer do when you browsed my blogTechnical considerations, Computer principlesWhen I was in college, I always had a lot of questions about computers, especially how computers worked, and why it was so powerful that it changed

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