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Ruby Gem Tips (GO)

Upgrading Ruby GemsRuby Code Gem Update--system View the Gem versionRuby Code Gem-v View gem version, Gems installation directory, remote sources, etc.Ruby Code Gem ENV View the remote sources you have

How to install and configure ruby on rails + apache + mysql in centos

The customer's server is Ubuntu + apache2 + ruby on rails. Currently, some pages on the customer's server always report the 500 error. The ruby language is only known and has not been studied in depth. I have never set up a ruby server environment,

Ruby offline install GEM package in Windows environment

In my previous blog post, I documented how Ruby operates the environment configuration of the MongoDB database in a Windows environment. The last step describes the driver package for installing MongoDB. Using the Gem Online installation method. The

Tutorial on system management by writing scripts in Ruby, and ruby System Management

Tutorial on system management by writing scripts in Ruby, and ruby System Management Introduction Ruby is an extremely rich, free, simple, scalable, portable, and object-oriented scripting language. Recently, it is widely used in the Web field. To a

Ruby on rails gem install pg cannot be installed, rubyrails

Ruby on rails gem install pg cannot be installed, rubyrails gem install pg -v '0.18.2'Building native extensions. This could take a while...ERROR: Error installing pg: ERROR: Failed to build gem native extension. current directory:

Rubygem installation error: Error: While executing gem... (GEM: remotesourceexception)

The specific process is as follows: 1. After the InstantRails-2.0 is installed, configure the ruby/bin directory in the environment variable path (if there are multiple Ruby in the system, the system recognizes the path when executing the command

Tutorial on system administration using Ruby scripting _ruby topics

Brief introduction Ruby is an extremely rich, free, simple, extensible, portable, object-oriented scripting language. Recently, it has been widely popular in the Web field. This is partly due to the very powerful WEB application development

Ruby Rails web Development environment--windows

Ruby on Rails is a framework that makes it easy for you to develop, deploy, and maintain Web applications. October 2015 programming language leaderboard Ruby entered the top 10 of the Tiobe leaderboard, which shows how popular it is. This article

Locally installed gem install--local Redis-stat-0.4.13.gem

Because the host environment can not be linked to the network, sad, so only to find ways to download the package, upload to the host to installEnvironment: el6.x86_641. Gem installation []Ruby 1.9

Prompt error:while executing gem when installing pod ... (errno::eperm) Operation not permitted-/usr/bin/pod

Environment: OSX EI 10.11.1After switching to the gem source yesterday, there was no problem with the pod installation, or it could be used$ gem Sources--add$ sudo gem install CocoapodsToday

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