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Add login sign-up function for app Ruby on Rails

; class:"Control-label"%> class:"Form-control"%> class="Form-group"> class:"Control-label"%> "if",class:"Form-control"%> ifDevise_mapping.rememberable? -%> class="Form-group"> class="Actions"> "Login",class:"btn Btn-primary"%> "Forgot Password", New_password_path (resource_name),class:"btn Btn-link"%> (8) In order to protect our methods, add a login check before each method app/controllers/application_controller.rbclass Applicationcontroller actionco

[Ruby on Rails series]3, initial rails: Developing the first Web program using Rails

The first two sections of this series have already covered how to configure the Ruby on Rails development environment, and now it's time to get to the point!Part1. Pre-development Preparation The main task of this time is to develop the first rails program. In particular, this time I chose a (PAAs development platform), which is the Cloud 9 platform describ

Ruby on Rails Session 1: How to Build a Ruby on Rails on the Ubuntu., railsubuntu

Ruby on Rails Session 1: How to Build a Ruby on Rails on the Ubuntu., railsubuntuAbout Ruby on Rails Ruby on Rails is an application stack t

Ruby on Rails Session 1: How to build a Ruby on Rails on the Ubuntu.

About Ruby on Rails Ruby on Rails is an application stack that provides developers with a framework to quickly create a variety of Web applications. ruby on Rails does take a little while to install on a virtual server, but luckil

Ruby on Rails development from scratch series of tutorials (with Ruby ebook download)

Keywords: Ruby on Rails, instantrails, windows, getting started, tutorial I always wanted to try Ruby on Rails, but I was not familiar with Apache and MySQL, and I was not confident in setting up the rails environment. So I never started. After learning about instantrails,

Get out of rails and see Ruby: Understand Ruby before you catch the rails bandwagon

Introduction: Ruby on Rails is just one aspect of making Ruby very powerful, just as EJB is part of the Java Enterprise platform. Andrew Glover reveals what Java developers can do with Ruby. Before I begin this article, I need to clarify a few things. First, it's not an article about

Ruby on rails development from scratch (windows) (1)-use InstantRails to quickly build a Ruby On Rails Development Environment

I have always been very interested in Ruby on Rails. I want to see something that has been praised by many people, but I have been working on windows development, it is still a headache to build the development environment of Ruby on Rails, Which is why Ruby on

Several solutions to improve Ruby on Rails performance: rubyrails

Several solutions to improve Ruby on Rails performance: rubyrails Introduction The Ruby On Rails framework has received wide attention since it was proposed. Under the guidance of ideas such as "do not repeat yourself" and "convention is better than configuration, rails brin

Ruby on Rails Tutorial Fourth of the Ruby strings behind rails

1. Auxiliary methods2. StringEnter "IRB" into the ruby command-line development environment, and the controller starts by executing "rails console" on the command line.(1) String connection>>"foo"+"bar"="foobar" (2) Interpolation by special syntax #{}>>first_name="Amy" ="Amy">>" #{first_name} Sun"+"Amy Sun "(3) The difference between a single-quote string and a double-quote string: Single-quote strings the

Use Ruby on Rails to quickly develop web applications.

/view/controller (model/view/controller, MVC) architecture. Although this technology is not unique to Rails-or even not unique to Web applications (compared to other programs), Rails has a very clear and specific MVC way of thinking. If you do not use the MVC method, Rails will be much less useful (compared to following its pattern ).Model The model of the

Build a Ruby on Rails native development environment with Ubuntu 12.04

Reprint, original link using Ubuntu to build a Ruby on Rails Local development environment Want to develop a Ruby on Rails app? Although there are already some (beginner) Ruby

Tutorials on using Ruby on Rails to quickly develop Web applications _ruby topics

application's app/models/directory can invoke multiple authentication methods for ActiveRecord. However, you can also leave the model code as a stub rather than relying on the constraints of the RDBMS that holds the data. For example, the application that I developed in this example contains only this skeleton model code (at least initially):Listing 1. Skeleton Model APP/MODELS/CONTACT.RB Class Con

[Ruby on Rails series] 4. Topics: Internationalization of Rails Applications [i18n]

the line to the following code: [3] app/views/memos/index.html. ERB file, Row 3 Change the line to the following code: [4] app/views/memos/index.html. ERB file: 27th rows Change the line to the following code: 2.6 modify the config/application. RB File Cancel the comments of row 20th and line 21st, change 'my to 'config', change de to: ZH, and add a line of code config. encoding = 'utf-8'. The Code is a

How to Improve Ruby On Rails Performance

How to Improve Ruby On Rails Performance 1 Introduction to Introduction It is always said that Rails is so slow that it has become a common issue in the Ruby and Rails communities. However, this statement is not true. As long as you use

Build RubyMine + Ruby On Rails + MySQL development environment in Windows

control. Open the CMD command window. Go to the www project directory and enter the command: rails generate controller say hello The following View File is displayed in the/project directory/app/views/say/hello.html. erb directory. Change to the following format: Say # hello The current time is: Note: Save the View File hello.html. erb as the UTF-8 encoding format; otherwise, garbled characters may appear

Using Ruby on Rails on bluehost

'Go ': Create table 'People '('Id' int (10) unsigned not null auto_increment,'Name' varchar (50) not null default '','Street1' varchar (70) not null default '','Street2' varchar (70) not null default '','City' varchar (70) not null default '','State' char (2) not null default '','Zip 'varchar (10) not null default '',Primary key ('id '),KEY 'name' ('name ')) TYPE = MyISAM AUTO_INCREMENT = 2; Now, click on the SQL tab one more time, and run this query: Insert into 'others' VALUES (1, 'Superman',

Explore some methods to optimize Ruby on Rails performance, rubyrails

)FROM empsalary; depname | empno | salary | rank -----------+-------+--------+------ develop | 6 | 6000 | 1 develop | 7 | 4500 | 2 develop | 5 | 4200 | 3 personnel | 2 | 3900 | 1 personnel | 4 | 3500 | 2 sales | 1 | 5000 | 1 sales | 3 | 4800 | 2 4 times of acceleration is impressive, and sometimes you get more, to 20 times. From my own experience, let's take an example. I have a three-dimensional OLAP multi-dimensional dataset with 600 k data rows. My program is sliced and aggregated.

Ruby Rails web Development environment--windows

under the C:\ruby directory, and the blog can be modified to the name of the app you want to create. For more help on commanding rails new, execute the command view: Rails new-hstart the Web service1, switch the command line to the application directory;2. Execution: Rails

Exploring some approaches to optimizing Ruby on Rails performance _ruby topics

window function to do the same work over 4 times times in 1.1 seconds. SELECT Depname, empno, salary, rank () over (PARTITION by depname order by salary DESC) from empsalary; Depname | Empno | Salary | Rank -----------+-------+--------+------ Develop | 6 | 6000 | 1 Develop | 7 | 4500 | 2 Develop | 5 | 4200 | 3 Personnel | 2 | 3900 | 1 Personnel | 4 | 3500 | 2 Sales | 1 | 5000 | 1 Sales | 3 | 4800 | 2 4 times times the acceleration has been impressive

Ruby on Rails installation Configuration tutorial detailed

"Pma_user: "Root"Pma_password: "Root"Volumes:Db:Driver:localGemfile Open the Services/rails/config/gemfile file and enter the contents: SOURCE ' 'Gem ' rails ', ' 'Dockerfile Open the Services/rails/dockerfile file and enter the contents: From ruby:2.3Maintainer Wanghao RUN apt-get up

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