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Ruby on rails development from scratch (windows) (1)-use InstantRails to quickly build a Ruby On Rails Development Environment

I have always been very interested in Ruby on Rails. I want to see something that has been praised by many people, but I have been working on windows development, it is still a headache to build the development environment of Ruby on Rai

Ruby on Rails development from scratch series of tutorials (with Ruby ebook download)

Keywords: Ruby on Rails, instantrails, windows, getting started, tutorial I always wanted to try Ruby on Rails, but I was not familiar with Apache and MySQL, and I was not confident in setting up the rails environment. So I never started. After learning about instantrails,

Windows Ruby on Rails development Environment installation configuration graphics and text tutorials _ruby topics

This article details how to configure Ruby on Rails development environment in Windows, and hopefully it will help ror beginners. First, download and install Ruby The best choice to install Ruby under Windows is Rubyinstaller (one-click installation package).Download Addre

Ruby on rails different development experiences

Ruby on Rails is a relatively new framework for WEB applications, and its goal is to provide an easy path for application development. In short, it makes life, or at least Web development, easier. In fact, proponents of the framework claim that the productivity of Ruby on

Build a Ruby on Rails native development environment with Ubuntu 12.04

Reprint, original link using Ubuntu to build a Ruby on Rails Local development environment Want to develop a Ruby on Rails app? Although there are already some (beginner) Ruby

Ruby on Rails development from scratch (Windows) (32)-Rails configuration file

The Run-time configuration of rails is controlled by the files in the Config directory. 1. Runtime Environment (Runtime environment) When developers write code, the requirements are many and varied. In development you may need a lot of logins to load the changed code. When testing, you need to separate the systems from each other. Before publishing, you may need to optimize performance and keep users away

Build RubyMine + Ruby On Rails + MySQL development environment in Windows

Build RubyMine + Ruby On Rails + MySQL development environment in Windows I recently took over a mobile phone project. Some problems have been encountered during the environment setup process. We have recorded the problems in the following article and offered our solutions. Development Environment: Windows 2003; JetBra

Build a ruby development platform based on vagrant (the first of the Ruby and Rails learning notes)

machineInitialization completeStart the environment execution vagrant Halt shutdown environment by executing vagrant up in the appropriate directory when usedOther points of attentionAfter successful initialization, a configuration file named Vagrantfile is generated in the appropriate directory, which can be set for network, memory size, and other content.This article is from the "7692323" blog, please be sure to keep this source a

Ruby Rails web Development environment--windows

Ruby on Rails is a framework that makes it easy for you to develop, deploy, and maintain Web applications. October 2015 programming language leaderboard Ruby entered the top 10 of the Tiobe leaderboard, which shows how popular it is. This article will help you open the door to Ruby on

How to configure the Ruby on Rails development environment under the Ubuntu system

The use of Ruby on Rails in Linux can make it easier to maintain and develop Web applications, allow developers to focus more on the logical structure of the system, and configure the Ruby on Rails development environment before use, and the following small series will intro

Start Ruby on Rails development experience (1)

At first, I saw a lot of attractive applications about Ruby on Rails. Like many more eager programmers, I learned Ruby syntax and plunged into the beautiful palace of Rails, experience the sense of accomplishment of rapid Web application development, but I have to always be

Ruby on Rails development from scratch (Windows) (27)-Test-driven development

In the practice of agile development, the test drive is indispensable. This article looks at a test-driven development example in rails. Before we wrote and conducted some unit tests and functional tests, our customers suddenly asked to add a feature: Each user of the system could query the product. We first sketched some sketches to sort out our ideas and desi

Ruby on Rails development from scratch (Windows) (i)

Use Instantrails to quickly build ruby on rails development environment There's been a lot of interest in Ruby on Rails to see what's been praised by many people, but the development that has been done under Windows is a headache

Ruby on Rails Development Environment Construction

Development Environment Construction in Windows This article describes how to build an RoR development environment in a Windows operating system. 1. Remote Installation A. Step 1: download and install the Ruby one-click installation package Download the latest Ruby 1.8.6 one-click installation package for http://rubyfo

2--windows: RubyMine + Ruby on Rails + MySQL build development environment

the cmd window, enter D, enter command: Rails new work--database Mysql, create the Rails project structure named work in the D disk.2) The Libmysql.dll library must be copied to the Bin directory of the Ruby installation directory (D:\Ruby\Bin). Otherwise, you will be prompted when you start the server: "LIBMYSQL.dll

Under Windows: RubyMine + Ruby on Rails build development environment

: "LIBMYSQL.dll was not found, so the application failed to start." Reinstalling the application may fix the problem. ”: download here, unzip, in the Lib directory inside the Libmysql.dll is what we are looking for.3) Modify the configuration information for the database. In the/project directory/config/database.yml file, respectively, corresponding to the "development

Build Ruby on Rails development environment on Mac OS X

This article is where I read Hugh wrote "Build Ruby on Rails development environment on Mac OS X", followed his steps and sorted it out. The content is basically consistent, adding some graphs. If you want to see the original content, look at the Hugh blog here. To install Ruby on

Learn the new features of NetBeans 6 by example part 5th: Ruby on Rails development environment

The improved Ruby development environment in NetBeans 6.1 The NetBeans 6.1 Chinese version, released early this month, offers a number of new and extended features such as high-performance, JavaScript Editor extensions, Spring framework unification, and Easy-to-use MySQL support. For more information about new and extended features of NetBeans 6.1, see the following: NetBeans IDE 6.1 Information: http://w

Ruby on Rails development practice command reference

: sockets: Clear# Clear all ruby_sess. * files in the tmp/sessions directory 1.4 scripts script/about # output current Environment Information script/breakpointer # Start the breakpoint server script /console # Start the exchange-type rails console script/destroy # delete files created by generators script/generate #-> generators script/plugin #-> plugins script/runner # execute a task in the rail

Getting started with Ruby on Rails development using radrails

Over the past few days, according to the book "using rails to develop agile Web Applications", I have also learned some Ruby on Rails knowledge, which is quite interesting, but not as fun as I imagined, for example, I encountered some problems when using ide To develop the ROR application. It took me half a day to understand it. I checked some documents at night

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