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Using MVC thinking to understand the design structure of the Ruby on Rails framework, rubyrails

Using MVC thinking to understand the design structure of the Ruby on Rails framework, rubyrails In rails, the process of sending a request (/users) is as follows:1). the browser sends a request (/users)2) Rails routes requests to the index method of users_controller.3) users

[Ruby on Rails series]3, initial rails: Developing the first Web program using Rails

application is now complete. No code at all! The development efficiency of the rails framework is fully demonstrated.PostScriptBecause it was the first rails program, we didn't need to delve into Ruby's syntax details on rails, and we used the build tool provided by rails to quickly generate applications that containe

Several solutions to improve Ruby on Rails performance: rubyrails

Several solutions to improve Ruby on Rails performance: rubyrails Introduction The Ruby On Rails framework has received wide attention since it was proposed. Under the guidance of ideas such as "do not repeat yourself" and "convention is better than configuration, rails brin

[Ruby on Rails series] 4. Topics: Internationalization of Rails Applications [i18n]

1. What is internationalization (i18n )? I18n (International): According to Wikipedia, internationalization refers to the process of software design and decoupling from specific languages and regions. When the software is transplanted to different languages and regions, the software itself does not need to be changed or corrected in internal engineering. Of course, the official definition is always very tall. In fact, what we have to do today is not t

Several solutions to improve Ruby on Rails performance _ruby topics

Brief introduction The Ruby on Rails framework has been widely watched since its inception and, guided by ideas like "Don't repeat Yourself" and "contract is superior to configuration", rails gives Web developers a very high level of development efficiency. ActiveRecord's flexibility allows you to use a very easy-to-use Hibernate without cumbersome configuration

tutorial on using Java code with RJB in Ruby on Rails _ruby topics

created in your Rails application, just as you would with any Ruby object. If you want to reuse business logic that has already been implemented using Java code in a Rails application, RJB is useful and does not need to be implemented using Ruby. It also provides the benefits of

Tutorials on using Ruby on Rails to quickly develop Web applications _ruby topics

Ruby on Rails is shaking the whole Web development landscape. Let us first understand the underlying technology: Ruby is a free, simple, intuitive, extensible, portable, and interpreted scripting language for fast and simple object-oriented programming. Like Perl, it supports many of the features of working with text files and performing system administration ta

Use Ruby on Rails to quickly develop web applications.

most cases, it is "fits your brain" (which Ruby supporters like to talk about ). For example, if you design a framework from the ground up (at least if you think "Ruby"), these directory names and their organizations may be very close to your choice. Build a simple application There are some tutorials on the Ruby on

Ruby on Rails and J2EE: Can they coexist?

HTTP requests and responses, and a framework for convenient persistent storage of data to relational databases. By eliminating complex xml configuration files and using the dynamic nature of the Ruby language, rails helps minimize many of the common repeated code in a static type language, making development easier.Rails and typical J2EE Web StackFigure 1 compares the

How to Improve Ruby On Rails Performance

advice and avoid using Rails outside of its design capabilities, you will have less code to optimize. 2.1 avoid memory-intensive Rails features Some features of Rails consume a lot of memory, resulting in additional garbage collection. The list is as follows. 2.1.1 serialization Program A serialization program is a pr

Using Ruby on Rails on bluehost

Using Ruby On Rails on Bluehost: This is intended to be a brief introduction to developing ruby on rails applications on a bluehost account. at the bottom of this article you will find a number of resources to help you learn more about ruby on

Exploring some approaches to optimizing Ruby on Rails performance _ruby topics

reduced to 2, and the code was optimized. The Rails cache is also easy to implement. The block cache in Rails 4 is pretty good. The Rails documentation is an excellent source of information about caching. However, caching does not become the ultimate solution to performance problems compared with capacity expansion. If your code doesn't work as expected, you'll

Explore some methods to optimize Ruby on Rails performance, rubyrails

optimized the code. Rails cache is also easy to implement. The block cache in Rails 4 is very good. Rails documents are excellent materials on Cache knowledge. However, compared with resizing, caching cannot be the ultimate solution to performance problems. If your code cannot run properly, you will find that you will spend more and more resources on the cache u

Ruby Rails web Development environment--windows

Ruby on Rails is a framework that makes it easy for you to develop, deploy, and maintain Web applications. October 2015 programming language leaderboard Ruby entered the top 10 of the Tiobe leaderboard, which shows how popular it is. This article will help you open the door to Ruby on

Comparison between Ruby on Rails and J2EE

Reprinted: Ruby on Rails is a relatively new web application.ProgramFramework, built on the ruby language. It is promoted as an alternative to the existing enterprise framework, and its goal, in short, is to make life, at least web development, easier. In this article, Aaron rustad compares some key archite

Crossing boundaries: What is the secret of Ruby on rails?

Ruby on Rails (also known as rails) is a ruby framework for Internet applications that support databases. I've now used Rails for two different applications and involved two other associated programs. For the upcoming new book Java to Ru

Configure the Ruby on Rails environment in Windows

successful. For example: 5. Create a blank rails Project Run: rails new rubyprogram to create a rails project structure named rubyprogramm. Note: In the referenced references, it is to run rails rubyprogramm. It is not wrong, but different rails versions. Note that

What's the biggest advantage of Ruby on Rails

Ruby programming language is developed by the Japanese pine line, is a simple and fast object-oriented programming language, today mainly talk about the ruby framework--ruby on Rails (, Maybe some friends don't like

Ruby on Rails-highlights in details

was designed by senior web programmers ...... During their design, they considered many details that may be encountered in many web development projects ...... In addition, they have integrated their years of development experience into rails ...... Read the second part of the book ...... In order to realize how "convention over configuration convention is higher than configuration" and "dry-Don't repeat y

Explanation of Ruby on Rails's success tips (1)

The debate On Ruby On Rails in the Java Community is already fierce and there will be no signs of stopping in the future. Rails Supporters praised it for its amazing efficiency, which is about compared with Java development. As a Java programmer, your subconscious reaction is that you do not trust the high efficiency of any publicity, because you may have heard o

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