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Using MVC thinking to understand the design structure of the Ruby on Rails framework, rubyrails

Using MVC thinking to understand the design structure of the Ruby on Rails framework, rubyrails In rails, the process of sending a request (/users) is as follows:1). the browser sends a request (/users)2) Rails routes requests to the index method of users_controller.3) users

Ruby rails Design Philosophy

Rails calls the Java method XML sit-ups ). Rails is a complete, open-source web development framework with more happiness and lessCode. The entire framework runs through the dry (do not repeat) principle. For example, after a database table is defined, the class name and object attribute name are automatically determined. Friends who have used hibernate know what I'm talking about (You may say XDoclet,

To understand the design structure of the Ruby on Rails Framework _ruby topic in the way of MVC thinking

In rails, the process of sending a request (/users) is as follows:1), Browser send request (/users)2), rails routes will route the request to the Users_controller index method3), Users_controller callback use user model to get all user4, user model will be from the database all the user read out,5, user model to read from the database all user package for the list returned to User_controller6), User_control

[Ruby on Rails series]3, initial rails: Developing the first Web program using Rails

application is now complete. No code at all! The development efficiency of the rails framework is fully demonstrated.PostScriptBecause it was the first rails program, we didn't need to delve into Ruby's syntax details on rails, and we used the build tool provided by rails to quickly generate applications that containe

Ruby on Rails Session 1: How to Build a Ruby on Rails on the Ubuntu., railsubuntu

Ruby on Rails Session 1: How to Build a Ruby on Rails on the Ubuntu., railsubuntuAbout Ruby on Rails Ruby on Rails is an application stack t

[Ruby on Rails series] 2. Development Environment preparation: Ruby on Rails Development Environment Configuration

Past Review Last time I talked about the installation configuration of vmwarevm and the installation of scientific Linux 6. x system. This time, our main task is to complete the configuration of the Ruby on Rails development environment on the Linux operating system. Before configuring the environment, you must first explain scientific Linux 6.x. this Linux release is similar to the management mechanism of

Ruby on Rails Session 1: How to build a Ruby on Rails on the Ubuntu.

About Ruby on Rails Ruby on Rails is an application stack that provides developers with a framework to quickly create a variety of Web applications. ruby on Rails does take a little while to install on a virtual server, but luckil

Get out of rails and see Ruby: Understand Ruby before you catch the rails bandwagon

Introduction: Ruby on Rails is just one aspect of making Ruby very powerful, just as EJB is part of the Java Enterprise platform. Andrew Glover reveals what Java developers can do with Ruby. Before I begin this article, I need to clarify a few things. First, it's not an article about

Ruby on Rails development from scratch series of tutorials (with Ruby ebook download)

Keywords: Ruby on Rails, instantrails, windows, getting started, tutorial I always wanted to try Ruby on Rails, but I was not familiar with Apache and MySQL, and I was not confident in setting up the rails environment. So I never started. After learning about instantrails,

Ruby on rails development from scratch (windows) (1)-use InstantRails to quickly build a Ruby On Rails Development Environment

I have always been very interested in Ruby on Rails. I want to see something that has been praised by many people, but I have been working on windows development, it is still a headache to build the development environment of Ruby on Rails, Which is why Ruby on

Several solutions to improve Ruby on Rails performance: rubyrails

Several solutions to improve Ruby on Rails performance: rubyrails Introduction The Ruby On Rails framework has received wide attention since it was proposed. Under the guidance of ideas such as "do not repeat yourself" and "convention is better than configuration, rails brin

Several solutions to improve Ruby on Rails performance _ruby topics

Brief introduction The Ruby on Rails framework has been widely watched since its inception and, guided by ideas like "Don't repeat Yourself" and "contract is superior to configuration", rails gives Web developers a very high level of development efficiency. ActiveRecord's flexibility allows you to use a very easy-to-use Hibernate without cumbersome configuration

Ruby on Rails Tutorial fourth the other data types of ruby behind Rails

][:email]= 12***[email protected]**.comEach method of hash>> user={Success:"It worked!", Danger:"It failed." }= {:success=>"It worked!",:d anger=>"It failed."}user.each Do|key,value|puts"Key #{key.inspect} has value #{value.inspect}"End#Results#key:success has value "It worked!"#key:failed has value "It failed."Where the inspect method returns the string literal representation of the called object, for example:>> puts (1..5) to_a.inspect[1,2,3,4,5]>> puts:name,:name.inspectname:name " It worked!

Ruby on Rails Tutorial fourth the ruby behind Rails

Ruby, like other object-oriented languages, uses classes to organize methods, and then instantiate classes to create objects.1. Construction methodUsing double quotation marks is the literal construction method of a string, or you can use the named constructor method, which is called the new method on the class name>> s="Foobar">> S.class=String>> ("Foobar")>> s=="Foobar"=true>> ([a])= = []>> {}>>H[:foo]=Nil>> h=ha

Ruby on Rails Tutorial Fourth of the Ruby strings behind rails

1. Auxiliary methods2. StringEnter "IRB" into the ruby command-line development environment, and the controller starts by executing "rails console" on the command line.(1) String connection>>"foo"+"bar"="foobar" (2) Interpolation by special syntax #{}>>first_name="Amy" ="Amy">>" #{first_name} Sun"+"Amy Sun "(3) The difference between a single-quote string and a double-quote string: Single-quote strings the

[Ruby on Rails series] 4. Topics: Internationalization of Rails Applications [i18n]

1. What is internationalization (i18n )? I18n (International): According to Wikipedia, internationalization refers to the process of software design and decoupling from specific languages and regions. When the software is transplanted to different languages and regions, the software itself does not need to be changed or corrected in internal engineering. Of course, the official definition is always very tall. In fact, what we have to do today is not t

Android Material Design-Creating Apps with Material Design (use Material Design to Design Apps)-(0), materialandroid

Android Material Design-Creating Apps with Material Design (use Material Design to Design Apps)-(0), materialandroid Reprinted please indicate the source:

Oracle Application of Ruby on Rails (1)

Rails is an easy-to-use framework, but like any technology, it takes some time to master it. You may have heard of Ruby on Rails. This new application framework is sweeping the Web development community, especially in the J2EE and PHP programming circles. Rails is a powerful Web application platform, which won the favo

Tutorials on using Ruby on Rails to quickly develop Web applications _ruby topics

Ruby on Rails is shaking the whole Web development landscape. Let us first understand the underlying technology: Ruby is a free, simple, intuitive, extensible, portable, and interpreted scripting language for fast and simple object-oriented programming. Like Perl, it supports many of the features of working with text files and performing system administration ta

Ruby on Rails and J2EE: Can they coexist?

HTTP requests and responses, and a framework for convenient persistent storage of data to relational databases. By eliminating complex xml configuration files and using the dynamic nature of the Ruby language, rails helps minimize many of the common repeated code in a static type language, making development easier.Rails and typical J2EE Web StackFigure 1 compares the

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