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Several reasons for liking Ruby

Here I will not describe the history of the Ruby language. If you're not familiar with Ruby, the official website is the best place to go. For those who already know Ruby, I am here to give my reasons for falling in love with this (

[Zhuan] JavaScript trim Functions

The W3C team's head was kicked off until javascript1.8.1 supported the trim function (with trimleft and trimright). Unfortunately, only firefox3.5 supported it now. Since the blank spaces on both sides of the string are too common, all major types

IE 7/8 solutions that do not support the properties of trim _javascript tips

In IE 7 8 browsers, if you use the trim () property to remove spaces, it can cause an error. The solution to this problem is therefore as follows: var AA = $ ("#id"). Val (). Trim ()---cannot resolve the trim () method in IE Solution: [var AA =

View the performance of js Regular Expressions by using trim prototype functions

Generally, the regular expression is as follows: [Ctrl + A select all Note: If you need to introduce external Js, You need to refresh it to execute]If you encounter a variable-length string of big data, you will find that this is resource-consuming.

String Writing in Ruby sample _ruby topic

Use string interpolation instead of string concatenation. # bad email_with_name = + ' ' # good email_with_name = ' #{} " # good email_with_name = Format ('%s ', User.Name, Consider

The specific implementation code of the trim function in jquery

Because of the previous version of JavaScript 1.8.1, there is no built-in trim function, so JQuery has its own implementation. In different versions of jquery, the TRIM function is implemented differently.Read this article to master the use of

The performance _javascript of JS regular expression by trim prototype function

In general, the regular wording is: [Ctrl + A All SELECT Note: If the need to introduce external JS need to refresh to perform] If you encounter a variable-length string of large data, you will find that this is a resource

Prototype String object Learning

Copy codeThe Code is as follows:// Static method of String objectObject. extend (String ,{Interpret: function (value ){Return value = null? '': String (value );},SpecialChar :{'\ B': '\ B ','\ T':' \ t ','\ N':' \ n ','\ F':' \ F ','\ R':' \ R ','\\'

Prototype String object Learning

Copy codeThe Code is as follows: // static method of String object Object. extend (String ,{ Interpret: function (value ){ Return value = null? '': String (value ); }, SpecialChar :{ '\ B': '\ B ', '\ T':' \ t ', '\ N':' \ n ', '\ F':' \ F ', '\ R':'

Fourth Chapter Language Module

1. Extension and repair of stringsLanguage scripts are particularly concerned with strings, and there are three main types of methods:First Class: Tag-independent implementations :

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