run ubuntu on chromebook

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04. Run the kvm command line in ubuntu to install 64-bit ubuntu. & quot; Couldn & #39; t find hvm kernel for Ubuntu tree. & quot;, kvmhvm

04. Run the kvm command line in ubuntu to install 64-bit ubuntu and report "Couldn't find hvm kernel for Ubuntu tree.", kvmhvm 1. The configuration of virt-install used for ubuntu installation: virt-install \--name test4 \--ram 1024 \--disk path=/data/01_ubuntu/ubuntu4.img,s

Automatically run scripts and timed run scripts on Ubuntu

① Automatic start:First, write the test script. in/usr, trans. ShGedit/etc/init. d/rc. LocalAdd the script address to the end. ② Run the script regularly:The following parts are transferred from: Cron is a Linux scheduled execution tool that can run jobs without human intervention. 1. About crontab In ubuntu

Ubuntu Server Run JS, let JS run down

SSH connection Ubuntu,node xxx.js run JS, a close SSH connection, JS service is closed. Baidu has discovered a great God's answer here copy a big God answer, to recordlet Ghost always run the previous mentioned start Ghost using the NPM Start command. This is a good choice to start and test in development mode, but there is a downside to booting with this command

Ubuntu compile run Bitcoin run full node __ block chain

bit-code Linux environment configuration compile run BitcoinTime: 2017-03-04 Source: Linux Web site Author: mosen_huang Because of the recent learning block chain, need to learn the next Bitcoin source code, so try to compile in Windows and Linux environment, but Windows environment configuration is very cumbersome always in the time to install Qt error, the following post in the Linux environment Configuration and operation Steps (

Ubuntu Modify SSH remote host name, mac Boot Run command, silently start virtual box vm, silently execute run script

First, modify the host nameSSH LoginVi/etc/hostnameVi/etc/hostsHostname ulocalEnsure that the hostname of the is consistent with the above, do not use special symbols, examples:Ulocal, representing the local Ubuntu testing machineQDU125, representative of Qingdao ubuntu125 serverSecond, Mac Boot runAdd the instruction script file in the user login items to ensure that the command file has execute permissions.Third, silent mode script example

Coding Theano under remote ubuntu server from local mac (on local Mac machine, write, run, debug, see-Theano code on remote Ubuntu)

I am a wonderful, recently tinker a set on the MAC coding remote Ubuntu on the Theano code of East, in order to benefit posterity.Overview: It's my programming environment and network environmentI expect to be able to write, run, debug, view matplotlib images of remote Ubuntu Theano Server on the local Mac machine.Mac settings (see here )Given the local debugging

Run some extensions of the YII2 framework in Ubuntu. Ubuntu tutorial

Run some extensions of the YII2 framework in Ubuntu, ubuntuyii2. Run some extensions of the YII2 framework in Ubuntu. ubuntuyii2Intlextension (PHPintl is an international extension and is a package of the ICU Library .) Some extensions for running the YII2 framework in sudoapt-getinstallphp5-intlsudoser

Run Ubuntu 12.04 with a USB flash drive.

zone. After syslinux is ready, it cannot be started. Modify the syslinux/syslinuxfg file:Comment out the default vesamenu32 statement, that is:Set Default vesamenu32Change# Default vesamenu32 After modification, it can be started normally, but data cannot be read from the CD during operation. Copy your ubuntu-12.04-alternate-i386.iso to the u disk root directory, and then restart, wait until the error that could not find the CD-ROM appears, pres

[Point of View] Why do we need to run Ubuntu?

much and like its ecological environment. Its contribution to Linux installation simplification has promoted the development of Linux Desktop. Canonical is one of the few companies in the Linux field that have always regarded availability as a culture and practice.The Linux User Group is a group that pursues personalization, so some people have put forward various criticisms on Ubuntu. This is normal and is also the driving force for Ubuntu's develop

About Ubuntu Modifying the default run level

The first method: (Kernel level) sudo vi/etc/default/grub modify grub_cmdline_linux_default= "Quiet Splash" as: grub_cmdline_linux_ default= "Text" and then run under sudo update-grub2. The second method: (Based on the upstart "Orthodox" method) ubuntu upstart system,/etc/ INIT.D inside is basically connected to the/lib/init/upstart-job soft connection, so, initscripts request all converted to upstart even

Ubuntu mobile phones can run desktop software such as Office

Ubuntu officially announced its smartphone Edge yesterday and is expected to go public in May 2014. This mobile phone runs both Ubuntu and Android systems. For enterprise users, Ubuntu edge also provides a very useful function, that is, it can run Windows software such as Office. LeanneOgasaware, head of the

How to run Ubuntu Snappy Core in Raspberry Pi 2

How to run Ubuntu Snappy Core in Raspberry Pi 2 The Internet of Things (IoT) era is approaching. Soon, in a few years, we will ask ourselves how we were able to survive without the Internet of Things, just as we now suspect that there was no mobile phone in the past. Canonical is a fast-growing but open-market competitor of Iot. The company claims to place its bet on IoT, just as they have done on the cloud

Run the. NET Core RC2 program in Win10 and Ubuntu.

Run the. NET Core RC2 program in Win10 and Ubuntu. With the release of. NET Core RC2 (, let's try it out on local Windows 10 and Ubuntu. Let's briefly describe. net core. The dnx tool chain used in. net core rc1 can be referred to. net core rc2 is completely replaced by the dotnet tool chain. For details, see Dotnet new: initialize a

How can we make Ubuntu run fast on old devices!

How can we make Ubuntu run fast on old devices!GuideYour Ubuntu system can run so smoothly that you may wonder why some very slow desktop-loaded operating systems (such as Windows) have not been transferred. Ubuntu runs smoothly on most modern machines. Some older machines u

Go to Ubuntu and run the root permission commands-sudo and Su commands

Go to Ubuntu and run the root permission command-sudo and Su commands for Ubuntu user management Sudo refers to super-user do, which allows the current user to temporarily run this command as the administrator. Su is used to change the current user. Su root is used to switch the current user to the root user. After Su

Run WordPress on Ubuntu

can I perform the test after the change? I can't always modify them. Can I upload them for testing? If you make any changes and the traffic on your site is good, it will surely scare innocent people and negatively affect the website image, the best solution is to build a testing environment for WordPress under Ubuntu locally, so that the above problems can be solved. Let's get down to the point. Let's talk about how to

Let vmware workstation 5.5.3 run normally in Ubuntu 7.04 (feisty Fawn!

~] $ cd /lib/modules/2.6.17-11-generic/misc[xport@ubuntu misc] $ sudo ln -s vmmon.o vmmon.ko[xport@ubuntu misc] $ sudo ln -s vmnet.o vmnet.ko However, the network service running vmware fails. The prompt is: [xport@ubuntu ~] $ sudo /etc/init.d/vmware startvmware is installed, but it has not been (correctly) configuredfor this system. To (re-)c

New Ubuntu features allow Internet services to run like desktop applications

MarkShuttleworth, founder of Canonical, the parent company of UbuntuLinux, just announced at the open-source Conference (OSCon) that a new feature will be added to the Ubuntu Desktop version, allow popular Internet services such as GMail and Facebook to run as the website is like a desktop application. This feature will officially appear in the new version of Ubuntu12.10 (QuantalQuetzal) in February. Howeve

How to run a front-end test in Ubuntu without a monitor

How to run a front-end test in Ubuntu without a monitor A long time ago, I also used selenium for automated integration testing, using HtmlUnit webdriver, so no display is needed. However, HtmlUnit is always unsatisfactory. Recently, I found this article in my project to solve my long-standing problem: Running Firefox integration testing on servers without monitors. Selenium is a web automation testing fram

Canonical developers want Android programs to run on Ubuntu

Canonical, the developer of Ubuntu, an open-source linux release, has a very ambitious goal. To make Android programs run on Ubuntu, at the Ubuntu Developer Conference in Barcelona, canonical shows the Android program running environment on Ubuntu. Canonical's efforts will a

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