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SAAS series 13: Architecture of SAAS System

. Taking the STS system as an example, the design of the business logic layer is related to the sales tracking logic. It encapsulates operations on the data access layer in the structure. This layer is mainly composed of classes that implement specific business logic. Presentation layer (webui): it is the UI part of the system and is responsible for the interaction between users and the entire system. In this layer, the ideal state should not include

SaaS Series Introduction 13: SaaS System Architecture

physical and processing views: processing views pay particular attention to the dynamic execution of the target program, while the physical view attaches importance to the static location of the target program; The physical view is an architectural view that takes into account the interaction between the software system and the entire IT system.7 SummaryThis paper introduces the architecture design method of SaaS

New SOA business language new system architecture-SOA and SaaS

Document directory New SOA business language new system architecture-SOA and SaaS New business language and new system architecture of SOA-SOA and SaaS begin to introduce some new obfuscation with the increasing popularity of SaaS and the deepening of SOA, more and more

Software revolution in the Internet Age: SaaS Architecture Design

then described some programming security issues and offline applications, Finally, the implementation of cloud computing and the open API. There is no technical depth to speak of. Many software companies are moving away from the traditional software industry to SaaS, and the book's target audience is the developers of these traditional software companies, who have to spend a lot of time and effort on their own, if only on their own, And the author of

SaaS System Architecture Experience Summary

The 2 B SaaS system has been very hot in recent years. Many start-up companies are trying to create enterprise-grade CRM, HR, sales, and Desk SaaS systems. Many SaaS startups are also taking large VCs. After all, the advantages of SaaS relative to traditional software are obvious.In the last year, we have had the privi

Enterprise Architecture in the cloud service era: using mixed software as a service (SaaS)

intermediary, make up Provider service and add value to it Cloud Carrier (cloud operator), capable of providing transport services connected to Cloud service Provider As you can see, Provider (supplier) and Consumer (consumer) are core roles. Although the vendor's business and IT models are very similar to the traditional outsourcing model, consumers are the ones who make the most of the cloud innovation capabilities. Back to IBM Cloud Reference architec

SAAS Architecture Design

Ideal for SaaS application Scalability: as the number of users increases, the system architecture does not need to be adjusted, but only needs to increase/enhance the corresponding hardware devices (application servers and database servers) you can. Generally, the application architecture is scalable. It generally refers to the implementation of "scale out", that

Software architecture Introduction and use case diagram, activity diagram, Sequence diagram top-down design

interaction between different objects. This interaction typically manifests itself as a series of messages between different objects.Component diagrams help visualize the high-level structure of a software system.A class diagram describes an object in an application system. This description does not refer to any particular implementation of the system itself.A hierarchy diagram is used to describe the logi

Java exception architecture diagram and several interview questions, java architecture diagram questions

Java exception architecture diagram and several interview questions, java architecture diagram questions 1. java exception Architecture The pink ones are checked exceptions, which must be captured by the try {} catch Block or declared by the throws clause in the method sign

Java Technical Architecture Diagram

)JMS (Java Information Service) and WebService (Web Service)JCA (Java Connection System) and JMS (Java Management System) Application Server (jbossas/WebLogic/WebSphere) 5. Javaee System Architect Cloud-Oriented Architecture (COA)COA, SAAS, grid computing, cluster computing, distributed computing, and cloud computing Resource-Oriented Architecture (ROA)ROA and Re

Java Technology Architecture Diagram

Management System)Application Server (Jbossas/weblogic/websphere)Java EE System ArchitectCloud-based (COA) COA, SaaS, Grid computing, cluster computing, distributed computing, cloud-oriented resource architecture (ROA) Roa, RESI Web Service Architecture (SOA) WebService, SOA, SCA, ESB, OSGI, EAI Java Design Patterns Creation Mode: Abstract Factory/Builder/factor

How to read the system architecture diagram of a Web service

unacceptable.Expansion of CPU capacityCPU load dispersion is easier because the CPU's calculation does not have a dependency, that is, the result of the current request does not depend on the result of the last request. The stateless of the HTTP protocol is a good example. This CPU can not hold, I directly clone a few completely together, and the cloned service is generally referred to as the application server.The boundaries between the application

Why do I need architecture diagram, how to draw?

listens to me can quickly enter my role, ask a specific question, and understand my requirements.So how can you draw a high-quality architecture diagram?First you need to understand that the purpose of your drawing is to show whether it is business or technology, whether it is a whole or a part, whether it is completed or pending.After determining the purpose, it is necessary to determine what the key fact

Linux architecture and kernel structure diagram

1. When asked about the Linux architecture (which is how the Linux system is structured), we can refer to the answer: in large terms, the Linux architecture can be divided into two pieces:(1 User Space: User space is also included in the user's application, C Library(2 kernel space: Kernel space includes, system call, kernel, and platform architecture-related cod

Primary Site architecture Diagram

application, get content and cache for the next visit. Squid servers can be either one or an array organized by a certain set of rules.PHP application can also be one or an array, the situation of a single server is relatively simple, array words need to consider the client session to answer the problem, the solution has two:1, Array server sharing session reply, such as unified use memcached storage session;2, the front-end server can determine which PHP server the client is processing, and al

[Camcoco] [C #] My system Architecture general diagram

Before the feeling a little bit confused, the structure of the design diagram first put up, compared to say.Models that the CAMCOCO architecture can support:1, b/s procedures, such as CRM and so on, and access to ordinary sites are no different, are from the Web server to operate;2, the app's server-side program. The app can be native, or it can be HTML5. The app has access to rest data through the Web serv

HBase Learning (16) system architecture diagram

Transferred from: system Architecture diagram  Constituent Parts DescriptionClient:Communicating with Hmaster and hregionserver using the hbase RPC mechanismClient communicates with Hmaster to manage class operationsClient and Hregionserver data read and write class operationZookeeper:Zookeeper Quorum storage-root-table address, Hmaster addressHregionserve

Enterprise Application Common Architecture diagram

In the evening, the application of the architecture of the previous research to comb the next, organized an architectural plan, posted here to back upHere are a few key points for a personal understanding of the architecture:1. System securityThis is the first consideration, taking this picture as an example, the network is divided into 3 zones:A) The DMZ can be

HBase Learning (16) system architecture diagram

HBase system Architecture diagram  Constituent Parts DescriptionClient:Communicating with Hmaster and hregionserver using the hbase RPC mechanismClient communicates with Hmaster to manage class operationsClient and Hregionserver data read and write class operationZookeeper:Zookeeper Quorum storage-root-table address, Hmaster addressHregionserver the Ephedral way to zookeeper, Hmaster feel the health of each

CDN Service Technology Architecture Diagram

to obtainCaching technologyThe pursuit of faster, although from the nearest server to get the resources is fast enough, but also can be through the cache technology can be faster, I work in contact with varnish and squid two kinds of technology. About Squid Introduction can see squid operation practiceLoad BalancingAs the name implies is used to distribute the task, if our server is a group of more than one, then through the load Balancer software to balance the distribution of tasksSummarizeI

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