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Debug JavaScript on IE, Firefox, Safari, chrome, and operabrowsers

Javascript debug toolkit is an open-source and free Eclipse plug-in. Its official homepage is a browser reference table supported by the tool is provided. Tools/browsers IE Firefox Safari Chrome Opera Others Supported Microsoft Script De

Debug a page running on Iphone-safari through Chrome in Windows

/ios-webkit-debug-proxy-win32.Click the download link in the Binaries section.After downloading, complete the decompression and copy the Ios-webkit-debug-proxy-win32 directory to the C: \ disk.Add C:\ios-webkit-debug-proxy-win32to the system environment variable.Start proxyOpen the command line terminal and execute:Ios_webkit_debug_proxy-win32.exe-f chrome-devtoo

Debug a page running on Ios-safari with Chrome

debug the page to open to enter the debugging interface. At this point, you may have an error message such asNote:your Browser may block1,2 the above links with JavaScript console error: Not allowed to load local RESOURCE:CHR ome-devtools://... To open a Link:right-click on the link (Control-click on Mac), ' Copy link Address ', and paste it into Address bar.Prompts the browser to prevent the page from lo

Safari frontend Development Debug IOS Perfect solution

device to a computer and enabling the debuggerAfter you start safari in OS X, connect to your IOS device with a USB cable and launch safari on this mobile device. By clicking "Develop" on the Safari menu on your computer, you can see the name of your IOS device, which is a submenu of all of Safari's tabs on your mobile device, and click on any one to start debug

iOS Safari debug iOS App Web page

OverviewThe current mobile development process to use a lot of H5, JS and so on, and the debugging of these web pages in the Xcode console is not very clear, often our mobile app is the method of running, but can not show the effect of the response, this time may have been an error, But we don't see these errors in the Xcode console. At this point we can use the powerful Safari browser to open the development mode to connect the iphone to

Using Safari to debug a WebView

In the process of web development, it is very common to grab the package, debug the page style, and view the request header. In fact, in iOS development, these skills can also be used (whether the simulator or the real machine), but we need to use the Mac's own browser Safari. So, this article explains how to use Safari to de

Enable the Debug menu of Safari on Windows

Enable the safari Debug menu option on Windows To enable the safari Debug menu option, you need to find your preferences. plist file located in % appdata % \ Apple Computer \ Safari (% appdata is typically c: \ Documents ents and Settings \ your login name \ Application Dat

iOS dev Safari Debug WebView page

App Hybrid development is now the norm, but as an app developer, the use of H5 pages can not be easily limited to use, some simple debugging methods are necessary to understand.Here's a quick step on how to debug content within the Web using the WebView process.A true machine or simulator opens the Web Inspector, "Settings", "Safari", "Advanced"Second, open the computer

Use Safari to remotely debug an iOS device webpage

Recently in the HTML 5 game, published to the phone to visit the webpage is always puzzling problem, suffer from no remote debug function has not been found to find the problem.This blog details the debugging methods for iOS, Android, and Windows phone: How to useConnect to iphone under Mac It's really good to try.Environment:Mac OS 10.9 Maveri

Javascript: prevents links in iOSAPP from opening Safari _ javascript skills

This article mainly introduces how to implement javascript to prevent links in iOSAPP from opening the Safari browser. This IOSAPP is generally a WebAPP. Otherwise, the code in this article cannot be used, you can refer to the previous online tutorial to get a Web APP for your website, but it is very bad for users. Problem description: What's wrong? It turns out that when you open the web app and open the

Js Code to determine the browser type IE, FF, Opera, Safari, chrome, and version _ javascript skills

(userAgent );Var fIEVersion = parseFloat (RegExp ["$1"]);IE55 = fIEVersion = 5.5;IE6 = fIEVersion = 6.0;IE7 = fIEVersion = 7.0;IE 8 = fIEVersion = 8.0;If (IE55 ){Return "IE55 ";}If (IE6 ){Return "IE6 ";}If (IE7 ){Return "IE7 ";}If (IE8 ){Return "IE8 ";}} // IsIE endIf (isFF ){Return "FF ";}If (isOpera ){Return "Opera ";}} // MyBrowser () end// The following is a call to the above functionIf (myBrowser () = "FF "){Alert ("I am Firefox ");}If (myBrowser () = "Opera "){Alert ("My name is Opera ");

The pitfall encountered by date functions such as new date in JavaScript in safari, datesafari

The pitfall encountered by date functions such as new date in JavaScript in safari, datesafari Recently, when I was working on mobile Web, Chrome debugging was successful on the PC, but a strange problem occurred when I tested the iPhone. After a series of debugging, it is found that there is a problem with the date. At first it was suspected that it was a problem in the production environment, but the sam

Js ios/iPhone Safari is not compatible with Date () in Javascript. How can this problem be solved?

Js ios/iPhone Safari is not compatible with Date () in Javascript. How can this problem be solved? Var date = new Date ('2017-11-11 11:11:11 '); document. write (date ); Recently, when writing a time judgment script, you need to convert a fixed string time to a timestamp for comparison. When doing this, I am used to using chrome as a debugging tool. After the code is basically complete, everything is norm

Safari has been exposed to have a serious JavaScript vulnerability.

According to appleinsider, Safari in iOS 6 contains a severe JavaScript vulnerability, which may cause security and privacy problems. The latest iOS 6 includes the "smart App Banner" feature, which allows developers to recommend apps to users on their websites. Smart App banners can detect whether recommended apps are installed on your system, and provide you with options to enable or view them in the App S

The pitfall of date functions such as newdate in JavaScript in safari

The pitfalls encountered by date functions such as newdate in JavaScript in safari have been successfully debugged using Chrome on the PC during mobile Web development, however, the iPhone encountered a strange problem when it was tested. After a series of debugging, it is found that there is a problem with the date. At first it was suspected that it was a problem in the production environment, but the same

The new date function of JavaScript The pit _javascript techniques encountered in Safari

Recently, when I was doing mobile web, I was successful with chrome debugging on my PC, but there were strange problems with the real machine on the iphone. After a series of debugging found that the date is related to the problem. It was initially suspected to be a production environment problem, but the same problem has arisen with the Mac version of Safari debugging locally. Looking at some of the data, it turns out that Safari's support for the ne

JS Ios/iphone's Safari browser is not compatible with the date () problem in JavaScript How to solve _javascript skills

HH:mm:ss, and browsers such as Google Firefox have extended the format Safari in the iphone format supported by YYYY,MM, DD,HH,MM,SS, this problem tangled me for a long time, really good want to pull out the Apple programmer to shoot 10 minutes, too TM Maverick. Irritating The above is a small set to introduce the JS Ios/iphone safari incompatible JavaScript d

Javascript Debug Toolkit (Eclipse Debug JS) __ Large data

1. Javascript Debug Toolkit Introduction JSDT (JavaScript debug Toolkit) is an Eclipse plug-in for JavaScript debugging that is used to debug JavaScript. JSDT can be debugged across br

JavaScript------> Debug JavaScript code------> Use the developer tools in your browser to debug

1. How to open the "developer Tools" in the browser*360 Secure Browser* Method One, open the Web page you want to debug, such as Index.html, the top right corner of the browser---tools----developer tools* Method Two, press the shortcut key F12 directly to open the browser developer tools        2. Using the developer Tools 2.1 in the browser, use theConsole PanelConsole Panel Overview:      You can enter JavaScrip

Simple Javascript Debug Package Debug Package _javascript Tips

Take a look at a simple Javascript Debug package: Jscript.debug.js, which contains two functions, the first to traverse each property of the object, and the second is a generic debug function (actually say ' object ' comparison '). Precise ', hehe ', used to specify a variety of error levels and their various prompts, the format of the error message display, or "

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