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Olympic baby name list

Olympic male baby name Daquan: Junxi (Jun: Gao Wei Meng; XI: Bright Future)Jia Yi (Jia: Beautiful; Jia: Beautiful)Sunshine City)Xuan (beautiful; xuan: Qi Yu Xuan Ang)Yao Hua ye: GuangyaoXiao Qi: shining Qi: auspiciousWisdom: The power of ancient

How can I determine whether a string is a double fight?

For example, alie is aliex, olai is olain, oupai is onpai, eiyuan is eilo, yolai is yoei, and of course I have a single list. The question is how to filter. People who do not know programming have no idea, but do not know how to do it. They can pay

ASP converts Chinese to pinyin automatically

'**************************************************' Function name: Chtoeng' function: convert Chinese into pinyin automatically' Parameters: Zh_str-----The Chinese to convert' return value: converted Pinyin'******************************************

Optimized the PHPin_array () function to increase the efficiency by 50 times.

The first article of the year, working the day after tomorrow, is being adjusted. My roommate asked me a piece of program efficiency question a year ago. I just came to study it! This function is used to determine whether a domain name string is a

Chapter 1 and Xi Yi He Shuyong (1)

  Beijing, a famous government. "Hu mazifeng, Hanqi snow, Yun cloud and vomit, a broken photograph. Gu Mu is connected to the air, and the mountains are in disorder ......" In the flower Hall of Xuanfu Si Xiyuan, A geji server sat down and played

PHP Kanji to Pinyin

PHPchinese_to_abc.class.phpclassChinesespell {//Note Support only: GBK, so the pass-through code must be transferred before the parameter /** * @var array $chineseSpellList phonetic encoding corresponding table * @access private*/ Private

Idioms to English

Attackers can send bad news to them quickly. Wise do not confuse a wise man is free from perplexities. There is no smoke without free (where there is smoke, there is fire) To act as guide to a tiger. Paint the lily. A. Fantastic garb. Put all one's

Excel VBA get Pinyin

Function PinYin2 (Hz As String) Dim Pinma As String Dim Mypinma As Variant Dim Temp As Integer, I As Integer, J as Integer Pinma="a,20319,ai,20317,an,20304,ang,20295,ao,20292,"Pinma= Pinma &"Ba,20283,bai,20265,ban,20257,bang,20242,bao,20230,bei,20051

Python converts Chinese characters into Pinyin implementation program

Python to convert Chinese characters into Pinyin implementation program article a concise dry Chinese character to Pinyin program, copy download can be directly used, the students need to refer to the next.#coding: Utf-8#基于python2.6Table = ' a,-20319

PHP converts Chinese characters to pinyin

PHP converts Chinese characters to Pinyin is one of the tasks that programmers often need to operate, although this small function can play a great role, the following is the correct pinyin method of Chinese characters, we can learn from. network

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