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"Old code said programming to play the Swift Lake" a book finally published

, look at the Word document constantly accumulate page book, we are in the swift chic Grammar, Subtle design and felt at the same time each other also teased each other: "Baelish, you do these broken code every day, you can improve the quality of your meal is not", even I mother are in the pure Leshan accent said: "Every night write that can change money not?" ”。 But we are all silently insisted, in fact, w

The book to be read-Bacon said: history makes people wise, poetry makes people smart, computing makes people sophisticated, philosophy makes people profound, ethics is solemn, logical rhetoric makes people debate.

is also a good model to learn.The "headhunting board middle office" is also relatively high-level, but this book focuses on headhunting, that is, human resources, and has learned a lot. At the same time, this book has a series, which is closely related to Shen Yu's "9 to 5". The sequence is "a spring dream in Guangzhou"-"headhunting Bureau"-"9 to 5". Among them, headhunting 2 is about to go public soon, an

Book Music said: Foreplay is the door technology live Adidas's explosion of magic

volume, but also to maintain hunger, while ensuring that the small circle is not saturated, for ADI can also be assured of stability.Let the explosion is no longer a popular commodity, and to meet the needs of different consumer single-person favorite, from the simple functional sneakers into a personalized fashion maker, is the game with rhythm, feelings and hunger and other foreplay to create the magic show, the final spoiler, but also Nike Battle magic.Of course, the choice of such tactics,

The book Le said: Takeoff is landing millet unmanned "Bomber" teaches us to say

, this toy although the function is very few, but at least a fly to do the selling point.Can stand on the tuyere, want to become flying flying pig millet drone it? Also compared to millet other without their own core technology, flying not too much of the product, directly with a "crash" to accelerate the bursting of the millet myth.or Live mode ...Zhang Shule TMT Industry observers, game industry, the first commentary: zsl13973399819 book has "pathfi

Book Music said: "Pokemon: Go" How is the fire of a mess?

is to say, if the player has "stamp collecting" hobby, want to collect all the dream can treasure, really want as Gao Xiaosong like to talk about the "life not only in front of the drift, there are poetry and faraway Fields", traveled around the world's rivers.    The reason why the fire is also a glance pull. This game, perhaps can let you familiar with no longer familiar with the place, there are surprises, even through the tens of thousands of times to work or school trails, may also pop out

Book Music said: "The collapse of money, who is to dig a hole for Moslian?"

segmentation. Company aims Yangzhou's normal temperature yogurt market is not its ultimate limit. In this market, we can fully follow the yogurt market has formed the degree of refinement, further achieve the vertical expansion of the category. In the Moslian operation, 2016 years before the pressure and market segmentation, it is clear that the window will be too short, not conducive to the resulting product trial and error.Third, the creation of new Moslian under the brand can really go to li

Book Music said: "Non-Legacy" into the super-IP, this is the rhythm of the seizure of paranoia?

not be known in the year with the use of the red kiln This IP is famous at home and abroad, Together with Yan Emperor to burn the kiln more prosperous.Word, to become super IP, first to the Emperor Yan please to our life, please come into our living room, please go to our daily consumption, rather than stay in Zhuzhou various can and text to create a homely industrial economy "spokesperson."Zhang Shule TMT Industry observers, game industry, the first commentary: zsl13973399819

Book Music said: Run the wrong track, "Black Technology" and more is in vain

the arcade of the popular game "Great King Kong", in the "transplant" to the red and white machine, despite the sales is also good, into the million sales list of the Top 40, but far less than the "jump" This "big King Kong" in the real protagonist "on their own" to become Mario as brilliant. 1994, the arcade game to "Super King Kong" and then fight red and white machine, in addition to adding new sets and plot, "jumping people" success to become the protagonist, only to calculate the salted fi

1-20 of two numbers and told a, the product told B,a said do not know how much, B also said do not know, at this time a said I know, B said I also know, please guess this two number and how much

1~20 Choose 2 numbers and tell b the two numbers and the product of the 2 numbers. Then ask a know how many of these two numbers are. A said do not know, ask B to know the two number is what? B also said not to know. Then a suddenly reasoned out how many of these two numbers were, and told B he knew the answer.B then also know how many of these two numbers are. May I ask how they reasoned, and what are the

SEOVIP is down right Baidu said accidental injury, who to grassroots said accidental injury

SEOVIP is now known as a well-known SEO industry site, the reason is this site "born with Wealth", behind the person standing high and famous--seo Liu Yibin. So this site in a short period of time can be SEO training this word to do Baidu first, but because of some circumstances this site was Baidu down the right, resulting in a traffic is not. When I heard the news, I judged that the site would be restored, only in terms of the length of time. A few days ago in Liu Yibin on the micro-blog to s

The boss asked: How long to finish? Development said 3 days, the test said 2 days, then ...

A friend asked:The boss asked how long it would take to fix this pile of things: Development said 3 days. The test says 2 days. Then the boss on the fifth day to ask for goods, the test has raised a bunch of bugs to develop ... Development continues to resolve bugs, tests continue to be measured until the end of recursion ...Is there any process that can solve this contradiction?Some of my suggestions:Does the team (including development and testing)

Mobile QQ space Voice said mobile phone QQ Space Voice said to publish the method

We open the mobile phone QQ space, enter after we click the "Add Application" button, as shown below. In the Add application interface we click on "Voice Camera" as shown in the following image. Into the application interface we add to the following plus. After adding success, we then click on "Voice Camera" as shown in the following image. For recording. Add a picture. When you fin

Huawei said that employee suicide was accidental. Experts said culture was flawed.

Department Release A 100-character announcement confirmed that Zhang liguo, an employee of the Shenzhen Central software department, fell down in the canteen and died after being rescued by 120 hospitals. The specific cause is under investigation. Huawei enterprise culture heated discussion Despite Huawei's low profile in dealing with the aftermath of the incident, there were discussions on Huawei's staff jumping from the building in various well-known forums and IT industry forums. Among

Said goodbye to March 2016, continued my security development, and said goodbye to development in May 2016

Said goodbye to March 2016, continued my security development, and said goodbye to development in May 2016 At the beginning of 16 years, I switched to a security-related company. since I joined the company, I have been solving various unimaginable problems and can no longer consult with my friends because they thought it was impossible, every day, I am immersed in research exploration and uncertainty. The

It is said that people who do not know how to program will be unable to move forward! __ Programming

"If a child does not program in the future, he loses the ability to interact with the machine world, and he loses the ability to create artificial intelligence, so in this case, a child who does not program after ten years may be as anxious as a child who is now unable to speak English." Zhangquanling, a former CCTV host, said in a sharing session. After all, the Cortine gods who changed the world began to start their own lives from the teenage progra

Book Counting machine, book Barcode Data Collector, efficient warehouse Management book barcode Solution

Book inventory plays an important key business data for warehouse management operations in books. Development at any age now promotes blood circulation in books, book types and update speed are just as fast rising.In order to ensure a foothold in the book industry, to ensure the correct purchase and inventory control and delivery. In order to avoid the backlog of

Beautiful said website SEO Analysis-Beautiful say why do Taobao guest so cattle

% traffic; Group page contains 6.2 million, to beautiful said that the site brings 10% traffic; Guang page contains 100,000, to beautiful said that the site brings 5% traffic; Topic page contains 4.1 million, to beautiful said that the site brings 15% traffic; Book page contains 10.5 million, to beautiful

The direction of the way is not the direction is blindfolded donkey in situ one year experience mixed ten years said is very good. You must paste the copy down article (Masaki)

section JquerY Easyui Intelligent Loading and individualization 4th section more directly manipulate UI instances 16th. MVVM 1th Section Current mainstream MVVM framework Introduction 2nd section Property Change Listener 3rd Section ViewModel 4th section Binding 5th Section Monitoring array and sub-template epilogue Reading order, in principle there is no requirement, but the 2nd Chapter, 6th Chapter, 14th Chapter, 16th Chapter is very challenging, we can postpone reading. If the foundation is

"My book" Unity Shader's book-Catalogue (2016.1.29 Update)

Write in frontThanks to all the friends who came in to see. Yes, I'm currently going to write a book about unity shader.The purpose of the book is to have the following several: Summarize my experience with unity Shader and give others a reference. I am very aware of the difficulties of learning shader, and I have seen many questions raised by people in the group. I think learning shader is still a

Trump elected US President Abe bet on the wrong treasure Singapore said it was terrible

. election on financial markets. Singapore: Overseas Americans think Trump's election is "terrible" U.S. presidential election results on the afternoon of 9th, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong in the face book issued to the election of the next president of the United States Republican candidate Trump to congratulate. He said in his face book

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