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100 learn sap dummies getting started-sales and distribution SD

100 learn sap dummies getting started-sales and distribution SD Sales and distributionThe background configuration is omitted, and the process is directly explained from the foreground.1. mm01 first maintains the sales view of the material master data of the product to be sold externally.2. Maintain the

12 basic skills that junior sales personnel must master to successfully build the mentality of marketing personnel-mentality

12 basic skills for junior sales Author: Cheng Lie   Cheng Lie mccate senior marketing consultantThe 12 sales capabilities listed in this article are the sales capabilities of many Fortune 500 companies. It is expected to help Chinese local enterprises improve their sales c

Six skills of "marketing" changing to "win Sales"

Skills Camp ", the interpretation of the Chinese Dictionary is" management, cooking, seeking, profit ", and the" win "explanation is" profit, profit, GET, get ". In contrast, it is not difficult to find that "marketing" emphasizes the process, while "win-sell" emphasizes the result. Or to put it another way, "marketing" is the basis of "winning sales", and "win-s

Annual retail sales in more than 2 million of the website and shop Precision Marketing model

June 6, in Hangzhou, the Beta coffee, held a fascinating experience of the mid-end network Exchange. Mid-end network, refers to the network last year retail sales in more than 2 million of the Web site and shop, about 100 or more such level of network operators gathered together to discuss each other's development experience and model. What impresses me most is that these mid-tier network operators are exploring a diversified and accurate

How to Develop product sales plans-Zen question and Marketing

the website need to provide 100 consultations per day? A: for every 50 traffic records and one consultation, it takes more than 5000 traffic records a day. Q 6: How can I get more than 5000 high-quality traffic records per day? 1. How to search for advertisements: I can easily use adwords to deliver advertisements. On average, I can reach 0.5 RMB for one click, so I only need 5000 RMB for advertising fee per day for 2000 clicks, if these advertising investment can bring 20 orders, that

Read "Data Mining Technology (third edition)"-Apply to marketing, sales and customer relationship management--data mining

Read "Data Mining Technology (third edition)"-Thoughts on marketing, sales and customer relationship management This book is not a purely data mining theory book, you can probably guess from the subtitle of this book. For a layman like me in the field of data mining, there is not much difficulty in reading this book. This book is not a pure technology book, but its understanding of technical theory is very

Do network marketing, not only to do the camp, sales is the ultimate goal

Although now the website is gaudy, but the site for everyone is still a cold thing, so there are a lot of people on the network of things there is a certain wariness, do network marketing, it can not just do the camp, but the lack of sales, because the sales is the ultimate goal, that to achieve the purpose of selling, Need to let others believe your website, how

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