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(turn) A brief talk on salt-adding value in MD5 encryption Algorithm (SALT)

We know that if the password is hashed directly, then the hacker can get a hash value by obtaining this password, and then by checking the hash value dictionary (for example, MD5 password cracking site), the password of a user.Adding salt can solve

Web application have you added salt? --on salt value in MD5 encryption algorithm

Transferred from: know that if the password is hashed directly, then the hacker can get a hash value by obtaining this password, and then by checking the hash value dictionary (for example, MD5

PHP Login Encryption Add salt

1 backgroundThe system involved in authentication needs to store the user's authentication information, the commonly used user authentication method mainly is the user name and the password way, in order to be safe, the user input password needs to

Use Nodejs's crypto module to add salt to your password hash

This article will explain to you how to use Node.js the Crypto module to add salt to your password hash . Here, we will not make a detailed comparison of the password storage methods that we do not understand. What we are going to do is to know the

A Simple Algorithm for adding salt to MD5

Currently, the MD5 password database has a huge amount of data, and most common passwords can reverse query the plaintext of the password through the MD5 Digest. To prevent internal personnel (persons who can access database or database backup files)

Add salt to MD5 (add some salt to make it salty !)

If the password is hashed directly, the hacker can obtain the password of a user by querying the hash dictionary (for example, MD5 password cracking website. After adding the salt, it will be much more difficult. even if you have obtained the salt

About Salt-value encryption

The first time I heard about the value of salt encryption, it always feels strange. Because it is always associated with salty, the association of the password is fact, the salt mentioned here, simply said, is a set of safe random numbers.

Use Salt + Hash to encrypt passwords and store them in database _ Practical Tips

(a) Why do I use hash functions to encrypt passwords If you need to save a password (such as a website user's password), you should consider how to protect the password data, and it is extremely unsafe to write the password directly to the database

How to add salt random salt value to MD5-related tips

How to add salt? In order to enhance the safety of MD5, in addition to the new algorithm to add a part of the value of salt, salt value is a randomly generated set of strings, can include random uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, characters,

Certified user details by modifying Laravel auth using salt and password

This article mainly introduces to you by modifying Laravel auth to use salt and password to authenticate users of the relevant information, the text through the sample code introduced in very detailed, to everyone's study or work has a certain

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