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Some samba skills and troubleshooting methods

Some samba skills and troubleshooting methods-Linux Enterprise Application-Linux server application information. The following is a detailed description. 1. Set disable spoolss = yes "Printer" can be hidden" Ii. When Windows switches off all shared files and directories Enter net use */delete/y in cmd Mode You can log on to samba as another user without logging

After setting up a Samba service on Linux, you can't access the shared directory on WinDOS. troubleshooting

password:Domain=[workgroup] Os=[unix] Server=[samba 3.6.23-24.el6_7]Server not using the user level security and no password supplied.SMB: \> lsnt_status_access_denied Listing \*Workaround: According to the error prompt: Nt_status_access_denied listing \*, look at the firewall status SELinux, with Getenforce view, if you open enforcing, use Setenforce 0 off [email protected] ~]# GetenforceEnforcing[email protected] ~]# Setenforce 0[email protected] ~

Samba common troubleshooting

Samba common troubleshooting-Linux Enterprise Application-Linux server application information. For details, refer to the following section. 1. Actions on the SMB server 1) run the following command to check whether the configuration is incorrect. /Usr/bin/testparm/etc/smb. conf 2). Run the ping command on the server and the client to check whether the TCP/IP works properly. 3). Use the/usr/bin/smbclient

Samba Advanced Configuration

file to confirm the problem. Many service software packages now have their own configuration file check tools. We can use these tools to check the configuration file ~(3) log filesIf there is a problem with the service, we can also use the tail command to dynamically monitor log files (in the CLI state, we can use CTRL + ALT + F1 ~ F6 switch to another CLI text terminal ).Tail-F/var/log/messages2) SAMBA service t

Common commands of Samba Server

exist in the/etc/psswd file. The smbpsswd command can only change your smb password like the passwd program. Iii. Samba troubleshooting The Troubleshooting of Samba can be completed through commands on the SMB server and the SMB client.1. Actions on the SMB server1) run the following command to check whether the confi

Set up static IP address, Samba server, and SSH service in Ubuntu

following with your own shared directory: ========================================================== ==============Common samaba troubleshooting 1. Restrict invalid user accessThe Administrator limits that only user1 can access the shared directory/sharedoc. During the test, it is found that user2 can also be accessed, and even all users can access it! This is an error-prone problem. Let's look at the corresponding setting segments in the

Build the samba ora9 Samba Server

1. Install samba [Root @ localhost ~] # Yum-y install Samba plugin install Samba over the network 2. Add a samba user (named "Samba ") [Root @ localhost ~] # Adduser Samba plugin Add User Sam

General thread: Samba introduction part 2

correct link in the section next to the \ "Download \" title in the middle of the page. This is because it is easy for people to miss this section, so they do not know which link to click.    Installation instructions: To compile Samba from the beginning, you can choose to install Samba from a binary package (for example, RPM provided together with the Linux release. Of course. But as I mentioned in the pr

Samba Server installation and configuration, samba Server Configuration

Samba Server installation and configuration, samba Server Configuration As a background developer, during code development, the development process is generally local development-> synchronize to server compilation-> svn submission. How to efficiently process these steps in team development is a basic problem. Generally, most of our local environments are Windows, and we remotely connect to the server throu

First, master the configuration principle of samba service; Ii. Configuring Samba Shared services under Linux

I. Mastering the configuration principle of samba servicesIi. Configuring Samba Shared services under Linux (anonymous sharing, authentication, account mapping, access control)About Samba:Samba is the software that runs on Linux and Unix for free, is a typical server/client mode, it has two processes, one is SMBD, is mainly used to manage the process of sharing files, and the other is NMBD, which is used to

Samba complete basic settings for Samba Server

Samba-about the basic settings of the Samba server-Linux Enterprise Application-Linux server application information. The following is a detailed description. Samba protocol Basics After NetBIOS appeared, Microsoft implemented a network file/print service system using NetBIOS. This system sets a file sharing protocol based on NetBIOS, which Microsoft calls Serve

Samba oralinux system Samba Server SETUP

Article Title: Samba oralinux system Samba server setup. Linux is a technology channel of the IT lab in China. Includes basic categories such as desktop applications, Linux system management, kernel research, embedded systems, and open source. System Environment: Windows xp sp3, IP: Virtual Machine with Fedora-8-i386 IP: installed 1. Check whether

Samba ora13 Samba Configuration

The Samba server can share files between Windows and Linux. the SMB protocol is an application protocol built on the NetBIOS protocol. It is a service based on the tcp138 and 139 ports. When NetBIOS appears, microsoft uses NetBIOS to implement a network file/print service system. This system sets a file sharing protocol based on NETBIOS, which Microsoft calls SMB (Server Message Block) protocol. This protocol is used in LAN Manager and Windows Server

Samba ora 7 Samba sharing

Add Samba users:Run smbpasswd-a username with root permissionHere, username is an existing user name in the/etc/passwd file. Set the password to username for logging on to the system (other passwords can also be used) Finally, runService SMB startService nmb start (host name supported)Start sharing service Configuration file: ######################################## ##################### This is the main Samba

SAMBA service construction and samba Construction

SAMBA service construction and samba Construction1. Introduction 1. Understanding Samba is a set of applications that use the SMB (Server Message Block) protocol. By supporting this protocol, Samba allows communication between Linux servers and Windows systems, make cross-platform mutual access possible.

[Draft] Samba, draft samba

[Draft] Samba, draft samba Samba user management:Add samba users:Pdbedit-a usernameDelete samba users:Pdbedit-x usernameView samba users:Pdbedit-L Samba skills:Share the soft connection

Linux Samba installation configuration Summary

following command to re-load the configuration every time you modify the samba configuration using a graphical tool. -- Overload Samba configuration:/etc/rc. d/init. d/smbd reload-- Restart the samba service:/etc/rc. d/init. d/smbd restart 4. smb. conf syntax-- 1. The parameters defined in [Global] are used to control the overall features of

Build RAID5, LVM, and SAMBA server (5) on CentOS 7 -- set up SAMBA Server

Build RAID5, LVM, and SAMBA server (5) on CentOS 7 -- set up SAMBA Server Build RAID5, LVM, and SAMBA server (5) on CentOS 7 -- set up SAMBA Server 6. Set up a SAMBA Server6.1. PreparationsThe task in this section is to configure the SAM

SOLAIRS11 Configuring the Samba file service process (installation of SOLAIRS11 system, network configuration, installation and configuration of samba)

DAOBecause of the many documents produced in the project, in order to centralize storage, decide to set up a server to run Samba. Do not know how the original thought, decided to use the UNIX system, the middle from FreeBSD to Solairs is really a toss ah! (otherwise this article will not be ^_^). In fact, the installation of Windows or Linux is very convenient to configure, the choice of Unix because of its stability, relatively safe. In the beginning

Samba service configuration tutorial and samba configuration tutorial

Samba service configuration tutorial and samba configuration tutorial I. Install samba Disconnect the shared connection in the window: net use */d/y. Do not use win8 as the client. [Root @ localhost ~] # Service iptables stop [Root @ localhost ~] # Vi/etc/sysconfig/selinux SELINUX = disabled \ restart the system Or [Root @ localhost ~] # Setenforce 0 \ restart no

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