sample cobol program to read and write file

Want to know sample cobol program to read and write file? we have a huge selection of sample cobol program to read and write file information on

Python read-Write file Operation sample program

File Operation Example The code is as follows: #输入文件f = open (R ' D:\Python27\pro\123.bak ')#输出文件FW = open (R ' D:\Python27\pro\123e.bak ', ' W ')#按行读出所有文本lines = F.readlines ()num =-1For line in lines:str = ' @SES/%i/'%numline = Line.replace (' @SES/1/', str)num = num + 1#写入文件Fw.writelines (line)#关闭文件句柄F.close ()Fw.close () Note that write files are commonly used with

Python read and Write file Operations sample program

In daily operation, without text processing, such as program input data preparation, Python by virtue of its simple and elegant syntax, in the text processing than C + + and other compiled language development efficiency of a large section, the following look at the codeThe sample file operation copies the code code as follows: #输入文件 f = open (R ' D:python27pro12

Python read and Write file Operation sample program _python

Example of a file operation Copy Code code as follows: #输入文件 f = open (R ' D:\Python27\pro\123.bak ') #输出文件 FW = open (R ' D:\Python27\pro\123e.bak ', ' W ') #按行读出所有文本 lines = F.readlines () num =-1 For line in lines: str = ' @SES/%i/'%num line = Line.replace (' @SES/1/', str) num = num + 1 #写入文件 Fw.writelines (line) #关闭文件句柄 F.close () Fw.close () Note that the two functions commonly used for wri

The contents of the known file A.txt file are "Bcdeadferwplkou", * Write a program to read the contents of the file and then output to the B.txt file in a natural order. * That is, the contents of the file in B.txt should be "ABCD ..." In this order.

+1];Arraylist[j+1]=temp;}}}}/*Turns the sorted array into a string and writes the string to the B.txt file through the stream.A. Use the string class's constructor to turn a character array into a string.B. Write the string to the B.txt file by FileWriter.*/private void outputstring (){BufferedWriter Bw=null;Try{FileWriter FW = new FileWriter ("D:\\zy\\b.txt");BW

JavaScript write txt and read TXT file sample _javascript Tips

1. Write FileSystemObject can translate files into a file stream. First step: Cases: Copy Code code as follows: Var fso=new ActiveXObject (Scripting.FileSystemObject); Creates an object that can be translated into a file stream. Step two: Use to create a TextStream object There are three attributes inside the brackets 1. Absolute pat

C + + implementation-by-line read the configuration file write memory sample _c language

Does not parse the configuration content, reads only the file content, cuts off the annotation and the trailing space after writes the cache: VectorThe code is written in an MFC gadget. ReadProtocol.h Copy Code code as follows: /** * Read the protocol content write cache from the file * For external metho

C language file Random Read and write detailed and sample code _c language

The file read and write functions described earlier are sequential read and write, that is, read and write files can only start from scratch, read

C #. Net:excel npoi Import and export operation tutorial Read and write an Excel file to a database table, sample sharing

numberedfor (int c = 1; c {//Add the value of each cell in each row with the Listcell collection//listcell. ADD (row. Getcell (c));//Add data for each cell of each row to para c-1 that is, start with 0 to record the parametersPARA[C-1]. Value = row. Getcell (c). ToString ();}//cyclic assignment to para//for (int i = 0; i //{//para[i]. Value = Listcell[i]. ToString (); //}//Execute ADD SQL statementII = sqlhelper.executenonquery (SQL, para);}if (ii > 0){Response.Write ("");}Else{Response.Write

Asp. NET read-write XML File Sample code

The public void Setxmlfilevalue (string xmlpath,string appkey,string appvalue)/write Xmlpath is the file path + filename, Appkey is Key name, Appvalue is value { XmlDocument xdoc = new XmlDocument (); Xdoc.load (Xmlpath); XmlNode XNode; XmlElement xElem1; XmlElement xElem2; XNode = Xdoc.selectsinglenode ("//appsettings"); XElem1 = (XmlElement) xnode.selectsinglenode ("//add[@key = '" + Appkey + "']");if (x

A very very very basic program, write bad, but the general file read and write operations and character processing functions are related to the. For beginners to learn

' Error handling' To add data, enter it in order! ' Connect each data into the text, and don't forget to add a separator in the middle.Open mpathname for Output as #1Print #1, Txtarr (0). Text ";" Txtarr (1). Text ";" Txtarr (2). Text ";" Txtarr (3). TextClose #1' Write it, test it!' How to feel a little bit less ... Yes, there is no information to suggest that our program does not tell the user, the

C language Program read and write files (file memory a decimal number, each read the value plus one)

1. Problem: C language Program to read and write a txt file, txt file store a decimal number, each read the value plus one.2. Implement: Create a new folder, build a OutputFileName.txt file

Lua read-Write file code sample _lua

mode of reading and writing files: Copy Code code as follows: R-Read mode W-write mode (overwrite existing content) A-attach mode (after existing content is attached) B-Binary mode r+-Read update mode (existing data retention) w+-Write update mode (existing data erasure) A +-Additional update m

WP7 independent storage IsolatedStorageFile file read and write file implementation program

The code is as follows Copy Code IsolatedStorageFile myisolatedstorage = Isolatedstoragefile.getuserstoreforapplication ();If it is a replication file, then it is best to delete the file before writing, otherwise, if the file size is written, less than the size of the file itself, then the data of the p

C ++ read/write file stream instance program description

C ++ read/write file stream instance program description This article describes how to read and write file stream instances in c ++. Methods for reading and writing text files

A simple Java program to the utility of excessive: binary file read and write

data output stream object3) write the data of the binary file using the method of the data output stream classOut.write (1);//writes the specified byte data to the binary file4) Turn off the data output streamOut.close ();C. Write a Java program to read the Win.ini

PHP program file lock, mutual exclusion lock, read and write lock using skill analysis, _php tutorial

PHP program in the file lock, mutex, read and write the use of skills analysis, File lockFull name advisory file lock, which is mentioned in the book. This type of lock is more common, such as MySQL, after php-fpm boot, there wil

A tutorial on file read and write operations in a Python program

This article mainly introduced in the Python program for file reading and writing operations tutorial, is the basic knowledge of Python learning, the need for friends can refer to the Reading and writing files is the most common IO operation. Python has built-in functions for reading and writing files, and the usage is compatible with C. Before reading and writing files, we must first understand that the

PHP fopen function read and write txt file Implementation Program

Below we use several examples to summarize the use of the php fopen function to implement file read and write operations. If you need to learn, refer. Simple reference to fopen Functions The fopen () function opens a file or URL. If opening fails, this function returns FALSE. SyntaxFopen (filename, mode, include_path,

C + + read-write file Flow instance program to explain _c language

How to master the reading and writing of text filesLearn how to read and write binary files C + + file Flow: Copy Code code as follows: FStream//File Flow Ifstream//input file stream Ofstream//Output file strea

WinForm Read and Write app. config file and restart program

""; } Catch { return ""; } } Public Static voidSetconfigvalue (stringAppKey,stringappvalue) {XmlDocument XDoc=NewXmlDocument (); Xdoc.load (System.Windows.Forms.Application.ExecutablePath+". config"); XmlNode XNode; XmlElement xElem1; XmlElement xElem2; XNode= Xdoc.selectsinglenode ("//appsettings"); XElem1= (XmlElement) Xnode.selectsinglenode ("//add[@key = '"+ AppKey +"']"); if(XElem1! =NULL) Xelem1.setattrib

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