sample of uppercase letter and lowercase letter

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Array-05. String Letter Case Conversion

Array-05. String Letter case conversion (10) time limit MS Memory limit 65536 KB code length limit 8000 B procedure StandardAuthor Zhang Tong Hongyu (Zhejiang University)Enter a string ending with #, which requires all lowercase letters to be

Array-05. String Letter case conversion (10)

Enter a string ending with #, which requires all lowercase letters to be converted to uppercase letters, all uppercase and lowercase, and the other characters unchanged.Input format:The input gives a non-empty string that has a length of not more

PHP function library 05: PHP implements correct uppercase letters for English titles

  Code highlighting produced by Actipro CodeHighlighter (freeware)>// Enable the title to be correctly capitalized // Except for a, an. the, bu, as if, and, or, nor, of, by, the first letter of all other words is

[Consolidate PHP Basics] PHP date function, consolidate phpdate Function

[Consolidate PHP Basics] PHP date function, consolidate phpdate Function Original article address Outline: 1. Introduction 2. Sample Code 3. References     1. Introduction   Today, I saw a piece of code. $ TimeNew = date ('n month j ', strtotime ($

GRETA regular expression template class library

This article briefly introduces the Regular Expression Libraries such as ATL CAtlRegExp, GRETA, Boost: regex, these Expression Libraries allow us to easily take advantage of the power of the Regular Expression Library and facilitate our

Daily collection and collation of PHP regular expressions (Hyper-common) _ Regular expressions

The following is about the small series for everyone to collect and organize the regular expression of PHP, the specific content please see below detailed $str = Preg_replace ("/() (. *?) ()/", ' \1\2\3 ', $str); It uses three sub

The development specification of Android Development notes

Preface Come to a new company, write code before, I usually find the leader to develop norms. However, many companies do not have any development specifications, or the development of specifications is really very simple, only to modify the

Visual Studio Regular Expression query and replacement

Find sample: {\ [Datamapping \ (\ ": A * \", dbtype. (int32 | string | decimaldatetime) \]} Match: [Datamapping ("ID", dbtype. int32)] [Datamapping ("amount", dbtype. decimal)] See: (vs.80, IDE). aspx

Sample code sharing for six text styles that are very useful in CSS

Previous words CSS text styles are style decorations that are relative to the content. Because in a cascading relationship, the content is higher than the background. So the text style is relatively more important. Some people don't know much about

Start 3 of VB

For example: The function process is defined as follows: Public Function f! (X !) F = x + x End Function The main program is as follows: Privme Sub Commandl_Click () Dim y % Y = 3 Print f (y) End Sub The preceding example shows that x is a

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