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Oracle Query Test Sample Questions Count (*) from employees where last_name like ' _a% '; count (*) from Employeeswhere to_char (hire_date, ' YYYY ') =1998;select count (*) from employeeswhere hire_date like '%98 '; key:23select to_char (hire_date, ' YYYY ') from Employees; Job_title, max_salary-min_salary as "Sal_dief" from Jobsorder by Max_salary-min_salary Desc;select Job_title, (max_salary-min_salary) as "Sal_dief" from the Jobsorder by 2 desc;19 Row Records count (*) from Employeeswher

Code sample collection of knowledge Class API calls: Driving test Questions Library, ISBN number query, perpetual calendar query, etc.

The following sample code applies to the API under the Web site, and you need to request the appropriate API service before invoking the code sample using the interface mentioned in this article. Driving Test Questions Library: Get driving questions

Sample answers to top ten questions during the interview

Understanding and practicing answering a few difficult questions before the interview will help you prepare for answering other questions. There are many questions, but some are few, but they are the basis for answering other questions. 1. Why not talk about yourself? Analysis: this is an open question. You can talk

Ali 2018 School recruit written test programming questions

, right]" is likely to cause the destruction of the string after right to match, so that the problem no solution. Like what:s= "AAAABBCCAA" Dict=[aa, AABBCC, Aabbcca, BC], if according to the above problem-solving ideas, then will find no solution, that is, in the search process, encounter AABBCC and Aabbcca This situation, select the latter, and then lead to the last only a, Unable to match, the damage of AABBCC and AA matches.PS: See other people on the internet with this idea, you can pass Al

Independent sample T-test for python data analysis and python Data Analysis

Independent sample T-test for python data analysis and python Data Analysis First, obtain the output data of different corn in two minutes. Because python's pandas package is used, you need to introduce the pandas package before reading data. Figure 1 Different corn kernels are represented by a B. The first five rows of data are read below. Figure 2 The corn yield of both varieties A and B is assi

Depth Learning Face test questions _ machine learning

In order to prepare for the interview, so on the internet to collect some in-depth study interview questions, as well as their own interview process encountered some problems. I interviewed for myself: 1 SVM Derivation, SVM Multiple classification method (1 to 1, 1 to many, Many-to-many), LR loss funtion derivation, decision tree meaning.2 solve the fitting method. L1 L2 Detailed introduction to solve the gradient explosion/dispersion method3 common C

Blue Bridge Cup previous test questions network Seek Road

that satisfy the requirement. Sample Input 13 31 22 31 3 Example Output 16 sample input 24 41 22 33 11 4 Sample Output 2101#include 2#include 3#include 4#include 5#include 6 using namespacestd;7 #defineSize 100008 structedge{9 intTo,next,val;Ten }; OneEdge e[size*Ten+5]; A intH[size+5]; - intsum; - voidDfsintBintAintf) { the if(f==3){ -sum++; - r

Machine learning/Data mining/algorithms summary of post-test questions

1, How to judge over-fit and under-fitting, how to solve? A: It is possible to determine whether a fitting or a fit is done by training error and test error. Generally speaking, the training error is very low, but the test error is high, the probability of overfitting is large, if the training error and the test error are very high, it is generally less fitting.

Huawei Machine test questions train in the pit

Description: Given a positive integer n for the number of trains, 0 Input: There are several sets of test cases, the first line of each group enters a positive integer n (0 Output: Output serial number of the train in dictionary order, each number is separated by a space, each output sequence is wrapped, see sample for details.

Maximum sub-array of previous test questions

Problem description Given a n*m matrix A, a non-empty matrix in a, so that the element in this sub-matrix and the largest.Wherein, A's sub-matrix refers to a row and column in a continuous block. Input format the first line of input contains two integers n, m, each representing the number of rows and columns of matrix A.The next n rows, m integers per line, represent matrix A. The output format outputs a row that contains an integer representing the elements in the largest sub-matrix in a.

Written test questions

. Sample Input About380Sample OutputNo370 371AuthorLCYSourceC language Programming exercises (II.)recommendjgshiningTopic Description: In a given interval, to meet the problem conditions (Narcissus number) output! 1#include 2#include 3#include 4 using namespacestd;5 BOOLSXH (intN)6 {7 intK,r =0, M =N;8 9 while(N >0 )Ten { OneK = n%Ten; AR + = k*k*K; -N/=Ten; - } the returnr = =m; - } - intMain () - { + BOOLFlag; - intx, y,

Deletion of data values within nodes of a single-linked list (Ctrip written test questions)

) {//Delete a node with a value of x in the linked list -Node p=head;; in while(head!=NULL ) - { to + if( the value of the data in the node equals x, direct the node to the next node of the next node; the Else *p=head; $ Panax; - } the } + Public Static voidMain (string[] args) { A //TODO Auto-generated method stubs theScanner sca

Deletion of data values within nodes of a single-linked list (Ctrip written test questions)

Problem Description: Given a single linked list, the data stored in the linked list is an integer, given an integer x, to delete all elements of the single linked list that are equal to X.For example: single-linked list is (1,2,3,4,2,4), x=2, then the linked list is (1,3,4,4) after the node is deletedAnalysis: This is the basic operation of the list of problems, the specific Java code is as follows:Import Java.util.*;class The structure of the node{//linked list node int data; Node Next=null;} p

20161110-awk, sed test questions

1.The question:The sample text is as follows:AaaaabbbbbcccccdddAaaaabbbbbcccccThe following results are expected:Aaaaa|bbbbb|ccccc|dddAaaaa|bbbbb|cccccMatching requirements:I want a "|" to be inserted between every 5 characters, and if the number of characters in the line is exactly 5, the "|" is not inserted at the end of the line.Jie Yi:' s# (. { 5}) #\1| #g' t1shell.txt |sed 's#|$# #g'aaaaa|bbbbb|ccccc| DDDAAAAA|cdefg|bbbbc| ccccdddddSolution Two

Huawei apply for test questions-Find change (recursive solution)

Get change. We know that the renminbi has 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100 of these denominations. Now give you n (1≤n≤250) yuan, let you calculate for three ways to express 。 Topic Category: Cycle Difficulty: Primary Scores: Run time limit: Ten Sec Memory Limit: MByte Stage: Recruitment management input: input has multiple groups, Each group o

Download two programming questions for the csdn community 6 million user data design to test your. NET Programming Basics

In the garden, csdn-Chinese is the most discussed in the past two days.It communityThe spread of 6 million user data on the Internet, as a technician, has put aside their own ideas for the moment. From a technical perspective, we can analyze and test our programming basics. Release the downloaded compressed file to the hard disk to obtain the file SQL. As a technician, I am curious about this file and have an impulse to program it. The

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