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How to upgrade Samsung mobile phone system? Samsung Android Phone firmware upgrade method

FOTA-Air firmware upgrades guide Sudden 1. Overview and requirements. Overview: 1. FOTA represents an aerial firmware upgrade. 2. This is a program where end users can upgrade their mobile software "in the Air". 3. The connection to the PC system is not required. 4. This procedure is provided through 3G and Wi-Fi networks. However, if you upgrade over a 3G network, the download will generate additional costs. Requirements: 1. Stable network status (3G or Wi-Fi). 2. Adequate battery ca

Samsung Ativ Book 9 reviews

In general, the thermal performance of the Samsung Ativ Book 9 is generally the same, after watching the online HD video 15 minutes, the temperature between the laptop keyboard g and H reaches 38.8 degrees Celsius, and the back is 37.7 degrees Celsius, which is above the comfort level of 35 degrees Celsius. The temperature near the touchpad is still within normal range, at 30 degrees Celsius. Battery lif

Samsung Ativ 9 Reviews

abandon the touch screen, It may make people feel that it is just a defective, or an outdated product. This really makes Ativ book 9 less, because the 13.3-inch device is still relatively good in other ways. Its matte surface feels more than conventional glossy coatings and also has a 1,920x1,080 pixel resolution. and the screen brightness of the machine is very sufficient, its visual angle is also first-class. It is worth mentioning that Samsung's

Samsung mobile phone Galaxy J7108 Samsung account how to cancel

Note: Delete Account we must have a mobile phone is available to the Internet Oh, or can not delete the account If you encounter a Samsung account can not delete the problem we need to check the time is not as good as the Samsung account can be normal login. Samsung mobile phone

How do Samsung S6 take pictures? Samsung S6 mobile phone 4 kinds of photography skills introduction

S6 How to use the automatic Coke-chasing function? (G9208) Samsung mobile phone G9208 support automatic function, can track and automatically focus on shooting objects, use this function, you can easily shoot moving objects. Use the following methods: 1. Under the Standby page, click on "Camera". 2. Click the "Set" icon in the upper-left corner of the screen. 3. C

How does a Samsung mobile phone enter the rediscovery mode? How does one enter the rediscovery mode?

shutdown state, while holding down the volume key +home + power button, into the download mode.8, Samsung I9003Shutdown state, at the same time press the volume key +home + power button, the boot screen immediately let go, into the recovery mode.The shutdown state, while holding down the volume key +home + power button, into the download mode. 9, Samsung I9250Th

What about Samsung Series 9 2015?

Parameters, this super will be equipped with 12.2-inch super clear display, resolution of 2560x1600, brightness of 700nits, and can be adjusted according to the surrounding environment automatically; Intel Core m-5y10c Broadwell processor; 8G ram;256g solid-state Drive; The Windows 8.1 with update system is pre-installed. The biggest highlight of this super book is the battery's endurance. Samsung said the Series

How about vivo xvo Plus mobile phone evaluation details

158.40x80.10x6.85 172g Battery capacity 3000 mAh, cannot be changed freely Network standard Mobile/Unicom/telecom/2G/3G/4G LTE Special features Ultra-high proportion all-metal body design, 4 gb ram, dual-card dual-waiting full Netcom network support Listed Price Starting from RMB 2998 Design: more pure "all" metal

Apple September 9, 2014 content (iphone6, iphone 6 Plus, Apple Watch)

At 10 in the morning of this 2014/9/9, you can also watch live broadcasts on the Apple Web site, which you can see with Safari.650) this.width=650; "class=" Alignnone wp-image-5842 "src=" 2014/09/screen-shot-2014-09-09-at-09.58.25.jpg "alt=" screen Shot 2014-09-09 at 09.58.25 "width=" 560 "height=" 317 "/ >Tim Cook's lead came out,650) this.width=650; "cl

Samsung mobile phone to download the application when prompted error what to do

This error message occurs when you download an application that is less than the operating system version supported by the download application. At this point, you need to check the application support version of the operating system and the phone operating system version is the same, if different, you need to upgrade the phone before you can download.Note: Different models of mobile phones, due to hardware

Samsung mobile phone How to add contact person J7 (2016)

1. In J7 (2016) Standby mode, click "Contact" as shown below.2. Click the "+" icon in the contacts to the mobile interface.3. Here we take "equipment" to save as an example.4. Enter "name" and "mobile number" according to the prompts.5. OK now click on "Save", but this is not finished oh, concrete and then look down.6. The new contact was successfully added at this time.7. Of course, if it is through the telephone, we can click "Add to Contact" to add in the call interface.8. You can also click

Samsung A7 (2016) How to set up the phone ringtones

Here we introduce the phone built-in ringtones set to the phone ringtone if we want to use a third party also have a lot of ways in the last small part of the article will be simple to introduce you. Built-in ringtone settings 1. In the standby mode of the Samsung A7 (2016) phone, we click on the following.2. Click t

Samsung A9000 Mobile Phone Add fingerprint method diagram

1. In the Samsung A9000 we just click on Standard mode again, and then after we get into the interface, we find the left sliding screen effect as follows.2. After entering later we click on the "Settings" option, the effect is shown below.3. In the entry to the interface we found the following "fingerprint" option, the effect is as shown below.4. Click "Add fingerprint".5. Read "Disclaimer" and click "Confirm".6. Place the finger on the main screen ke

Samsung A9000 Mobile Phone How to add fingerprints?

GALAXY A9 Fingerprint effect Fingerprint identification can be used for screen locking, Web login, verification of Samsung accounts, and mobile payments. Here we go and have a look. Samsung A9000 Phone How to add fingerprints 1. When we just use the fingers to slide the screen effect as follows.2. Click the "Settings" option button after we click on it to ente

Apple 6s Plus led eight new mobile phone recommendations for September

people's enthusiasm to buy it, but this is not necessarily, after all, the iOS 9+force touch is attractive enough, the other 2GB RAM LPDDR4 running memory use, It's going to be a huge change for the iphone, and it's still the iphone. Huawei Mate S Huawei Mate S is one of IFA2015 's star products, and because Huawei Mate 7 has reached a high level in all respects, it is clear that people are more looking forward to Huawei mate S. From the

Samsung G9098 How to import the phone's contacts into the SIM card?

If you want to import contacts from your phone into your SIM card, you can follow these steps:1. Click the "Application" button to return to the table in the middle of the cell phone.2. There will be many icons in the open application we find "contact". 3. After entering the contact, press the "menu" button below the phone.4. Then click "Import/Export" in the pop

Samsung ON7 mobile phone audio photography skills detailed

1 We go to the Samsung ON7 interface, and then click the "Camera" open into the interface after the "mode" we find the "sound shooting" click to open it into the details as shown below. 2 Then we now aim at the picture to be taken, and then we press the "camera icon", after the phone will carry out a 9-second recording, you can also press the screen in advan

Samsung smart phone storage space management view Tutorial

Here we take the Samsung GalaxyJ7 (2016) sm-j7109 (5.1.1) mobile phone For example, as long as the high version of smart Samsung mobile phones have this function. 1. In Samsung GalaxyJ7 "Utilities" folder.2. Click on the "Smart Manager" option, as shown in the following figure we click.3. Then in the open interface we

Samsung A8000 Mobile Phone SOS information function where?

1. Use your fingers to slide the screen to the left while the Samsung A8000 phone is waiting.2. After entering the switch interface, we click on the "Settings" option, as shown in the following figure.3. Then after entering our "Privacy and security" option, open it into the following image below.4. Then, under the Privacy and security interface, click "Send SOS Message" to enter.5. In the access to the SOS

Samsung Galaxy S5 4G (5.0) Phone memo where to create? (g9008w)

1. On the Samsung Galaxy S5 4G (5.0) standby page, click the "Apps" icon at the bottom of the screen, as shown below. 2. Then enter and then find the following "Memo" option. 3. Enter my memo and then click on the "+" icon, the option, the effect is as follows. 4. OK now can start to create a memo, as we fill out the title of the memo, the effect is as follows. 5. If you w

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