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/* Linux/ARCH/ARM/Plat-Samsung/dev-uart.c* Originally from arch/ARM/plat-s3c24xx/Devs. c* X* Copyright (c) 2004 simtec Electronics* Ben dooks ** Base s3c24xx platform device Definitions** This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify* It under the terms of the GNU General Public License version 2

GNU cross tool chain (ARM-Linux-GCC 3.4.4)

- @ Ubuntu :~ /Dev_home/kernel $ CD linux- @ Ubuntu :~ /Dev_home/kernel/linux- $ cp arch/ARM/configs/smdk2410_defconfig. configI use S3C2410 as the CPU and select a configuration file smdk2410_defconfig. You can selectArm @ Ubuntu :~ /Dev_home/kernel/

Prebuilt/linux-x86/toolchain/arm-eabi-4.4.3/bin/ARM-Eabi-GCC:/lib/libc. so.6: Version 'glibc _ 2.11

Recently, we have repeatedly set up the android2.3 compiling environment using cyanogenmod for Samsung captivate. Error during my manual initial build phase I: prebuilt/linux-x86/toolchain/arm-eabi-4.4.3/bin/ARM-Eabi-GCC:/lib/libc. so.6: Version 'glibc _ 2.11 'not found After Google for a long time, I found the answer

DIRECTFB porting (GUI arm Linux DIRECTFB GTK tslib) __linux

, why became 1.0, I do not know, how to compile is not difficult, difficult in how to configure, related documents please read my other document "Arm-linux Tslib", of course, which document may not help you to fix, you need to use your intelligence, You may need to read the kernel-screen-driven source code. My Development suite Touch-screen controller is the CPU itself with the ad converter, kernel driver i

What are the differences between x86 and arm under Linux?

Tags: issues other window ACE co-operation AMD more convenientProblem:Recently, with a Samsung i5 processor, the Windows tablet, and the ipad, as well as other mobile phones using arm processors, compared to a lot more heat, and even need to use a fan to cool, a lot of power consumption.Then it is very strange, in the case that the frequency difference is not big, and the actual implementation of the same s

Get arm's cross-compiler tool chain under Linux

-compiler tool is released earlier, From 2005 onwards until now. Linaro is a non-profit company that is jointly developed by ARM, Freescale, IBM, Samsung, St-ericsson, and ti to develop common software for a single chip (SoC) platform for different semiconductor systems. Linaro was established in 2010, and in November released the first edition of Arm cortex-a as

Debug one of exynos4412-ARM embedded Linux-LEDS/GPIO drivers, exynos4412leds

networks in the schematic diagram and connect them to the section above 4412, as shown in. 2.3GPIO configuration functions and Parameters In Linux, the configuration functions and parameters of GPIO have been integrated into the Samsung board-level development kit. Let's take a look at the configuration function, as shown in. Use the command in the source code directory. "Vim arch/

Embedded ARM transplantation 3: porting linux-2.6.26 Kernel

Host:Kubuntu 8.04 (linux-2.6.24-19)Gcc-4.2.3Target machine:S3C2440Cross Compiler (made by crosstool-0.43 ):Arm-linux-gcc-4.1.0Kernel version to be transplanted:Linux-2.6.26File System:CramfsBytes ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Prerequisites:Linux supports multiple platform architectures. Under th

Full explanation of ARM Linux bootloader

Many articles about Linux bootloader, but most of them are about Vivi, blob and other large programs. It is not easy to read and the compiled files are large, in addition, it is more development-oriented guiding code that needs to be reduced when made into a product, which affects the development speed to a certain extent, and has a relatively high learning overhead for beginners, here we analyze a simple bootloader, which is the result of a slight mo

Wireless Home Gateway Based on Embedded Linux and arm

ARM microprocessor b0x: b0x is the SOC of the ARM7 kernel produced by Samsung. It is suitable for handheld devices and common embedded applications by expanding a series of general peripheral devices based on ARM7TDMI content. Flash memory interface circuit: Flash chips are used to store embedded operating systems, home network servers, CGI gateway applications, and file systems required to support various

My first trip to ARM-LINUX

My first trip to ARM-LINUX-Linux general technology-Linux programming and kernel information, which is detailed below. Recently, I was asked by my friends to develop a handheld System Based on arm9-samsung ARM 2440. Because it is

Linked alarm system based on ARM Cortex-a8 and Android 4.x (Android, A8, Linux, Drive, NDK)

· Course Lecturer: the teacher· Course Category:Android· Suitable for people: advanced· Number of lessons:( + ) hours· Update level: Complete· Type of service: ClassC (General Service class course)· Technology: Android,A8,Linux,Drive,NDK , Alarm· Related projects: Linkage alarm systemInterested in this course can add to my qq27481657931. Curriculum development EnvironmentThis course covers Java applications, C-language drivers, NDK (app call drivers

What Should embedded linux do in the early stage of arm?

What Should embedded linux do in the early stage of arm-general Linux technology-Linux programming and kernel information? The following is a detailed description. Advanced portable solution for TEK-2410 Bootloader: vivi Features: 1. Support nandflash startup; Support partition hw ecc writing. You can use the ECC func

Arm-Linux S3C2440 UART Analysis (2)

. Therefore, for a specific platform, we only need to implement the underlying driver, this is what we are most concerned about. In s3c2440a, it is mainly implemented by S3C2440. C and Samsung. c Under dirivers/serial. The UART driver is mainly centered on three key data structures (defined in include/Linux/serial_core.h ): UART-specific driver structure definition: struct uart_driver s3c24xx_uart_drv; UAR

Linux kernel porting (eight)-porting a Samsung-ported kernel

8.211: Prepare for the transplantGet Samsung ported kernel, create Si project, add to virtual machine, modify makefile Arch and cross_compile modify results as followsARCH = ArmCross_compile =/usr/local/arm/arm-2009q3/bin/arm-none-linux-gnueabi-Then try to configure, (in arc

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