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Samsung Ativ Q Evaluation

dual system Android System interface Of course, Samsung Ativ Q has a bigger role to play under the Windows 8.1 system, and you can easily exit dual system mode without restarting to return to Windows 8.1 systems. The machine is also equipped with Sidesync software that allows you to connect your

Samsung Ativ Book 9 reviews

Samsung recently has its own Windows PC products all renamed to Ativ series, in order to achieve a more unified product positioning. Among them, Samsung to the Ativ Book 9 ultra-Polar (previous series 9 Series) for a number of updates, the screen resolution of the previous 1

Samsung Ativ 9 Reviews

hours and 05 minutes. This may be a part of the satisfaction of some people, but in terms of this life expectancy, a year ago can be called a disappointing result. As we all know, we've seen a Windows device that's very easy to run for 8 hours, while air is up to 14 hours of life in the same test. Maybe 5 hours of battery life is acceptable to some users, but if the price is combined, is it a bit too far-

Samsung Ativ One 5 demo

Samsung Electronics in Beijing time June 21, 2013 in London held a new product launch, the launch of the Galaxy S4 Active, Galaxy S4 Mini, Galaxy S4 Zoom, such as three new mobile phones; ATIV Book 9 Plus, ATIV Book 9 Lite, ATIV one 5, ATIV Q and

Samsung installs Windows 8 system computer installed Windows 7 system cannot boot via USB

1. When the Samsung screen appears, press the "F2" button to enter the Bois. 2. Select "Boot". 3. Select "Secure Boot" and press "enter". 4. Select "Disabled" and press "enter". 5. Select "OS Mode Selection" and press "enter". 6. Select "CSM OS" and press "enter". 7. Choose "Advanced". 8. Select "Fast BIOS Mode" and press "enter". 9. Select "Disabled" and press "enter". 10

Samsung 15-inch Win 8 touch screen This evaluation

Windows notebook, the original use of glass touch pad is very few, and for such a high-end notebook, users must be very high expectations of it. In terms of device interface, the interface distribution of Samsung Ativ Book 6 is very scientific. On the left side of the fuselage you can see the Ethernet interface, VGA interface, HDMI interface, 2 USB3

Samsung win 8 Book 6 Price how Much

Samsung has quietly exposed the new notebook computer Ativ Book 6 will be listed in the United States, the price is expected to be 1199.99 U.S. dollars (about 7430 yuan). Ativ Book 6 is equipped with a Windows 8 system with a 15.6-inch 1920x1080 resolution Full HD display w

Windows 8 You have to know the 10 point

electronic Times also said that Microsoft even plans to launch its own tablet brand, just like the Xbox. On July 8, Engadget reported that Dell will launch a flat that runs Windows 8 by the end of the year. Windows 8 tablet manufacturer The New York Times mentions Dell a

What kind of Windows 8 device is best for you

Today, computer equipment has a wide variety of variants, including tablets, hand-held, and flat-panel hand-held two-hop. These devices all have their own characteristics, so be careful when choosing the equipment. If you are afraid to pick a beautiful device, but it does not meet your needs, or you pick the wrong piece of equipment, its characteristics and your life habits and work way out of tune. Well, you'd better look at the following analysis and suggestions. As you all know, the

tutorial on using printer settings in Windows 8 systems

support Windows 8 System support page, listed below, some of the other can go to the official website Download Support Center view. HP: Epson: Http:// Samsung: Http:// As

How the Windows 8 operating system changes the display language

Note: 1. At present, Samsung pre-installed Win8 operating system notebook is the Chinese version of Windows 8, this version temporarily only support the display of Chinese, can not replace other display language.2. Verify that the Windows 8 installed by your notebook support

Install Windows 8 on a handheld Terminal

Two days ago, I found a wonderful thing in # jiushu's warehouse #. (In fact, many people have already said that jiushu's warehouse is a treasure chest .) It is called UMPC. Simply put, it is a computer with a small screen. The most amazing thing about a computer with a touch or Bluetooth or a wireless keyboard is fingerprint recognition. The price of such a wonderful thing is still very expensive. In fact, there are already many such solutions, such as super books. However, a few years ago, UMPC

IOS 6,ios 7,android and Windows Phone 8 user Experience Comparison

Technology consultancy Pfeiffer conducted a mobile operating system user experience study designed to collect and compare Apple iOS 6, a newly designed iOS 7, and Microsoft's Windows Phone 8, the user experience can be quantified between the Android system used by Samsung smartphones and the BlackBerry 10 system. According to Pfeiffer, test methods try to elimin

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