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How does Samsung A5 screen? Samsung A5100 how to cut screen

This article introduces the method of a shortcut key screen is actually an Android phone with the screen-cutting method, and method Two of the screen method is a Samsung A5 mobile phone with a cut-screen method, in fact, regardless of the kind of screenshots we can refer to

Samsung S6 How to intercept the screen of Samsung S6 Two kinds of screen-cutting methods

Method One, the Android system has its own screen-cutting mode While holding down the phone's "power button" + "Home button" two seconds, you can complete the screenshot. (pictured below) Method Two, Palm wipe screenshot Click "Application"-"set"-"My Device"-"action and gesture"-"palm action" open it "palm action"-"intercept screen" option. Set, when you want to screenshot, directly with the side of t

Samsung Note3 How to cut the screen? Samsung Note3 Screen Cutting method

One, the gesture to intercept the screen1. We must first turn on this function before we hand the gesture screen and click "Application" on the mobile phone. 2. As shown above, we then click on the "Settings" menu. 3. Then we click on "Control}" in the setting of "palm action" Oh, this is the function we are looking for. 4. Then we click on the "Palm action" hit it open, the open method is

Samsung g9009d How to cut screen? Samsung S5 g9009d Screen Cutting method

Assistant Menu screen cut 1. First I look at the Assistant screenshot method, we want to use the Assistant screen to open it before we can, we click on the phone "application." 2. Find "Set". 3. Then find "Accessibility" click on it. 4. Find "Agility and interactivity" here. 5. Good will shield to have an "assistant menu" and click

Samsung Note4 How to adjust the brightness of the screen? Samsung note4 Adjust screen brightness

Method One: 1. On the Samsung Note4 desktop we slide the top sliding slider to the left and right with our fingers to adjust the brightness of the screen as shown in the following figure. Method Two: 1. Back to Note4 Mobile Desktop we find "Application"-"set"-"Device"-"show"-"brightness" and then enter the adjustment after the same click "OK" on it oh. This article describes the two ways to adjust t

How does Samsung Mega plus screen? Samsung i9158p Screenshots/Screenshots Tutorial (1/2)

A screenshot of Palm wiping1. This kind of screenshot is relatively new, many mobile phones do not have this function, only Samsung mobile phone, we first click on the phone "application."2. Then find the "set" click.3. Click on "My Device" as shown in the red box below, we click on it to open.4. Into my device we click "Action and Gestures" into the following image. 5. Now we can see that there is a "palm action" now we can turn it on.

Samsung G7106 How to cut screen? G7106 How to cut the screen?

First, the key to cut screen. 1. This screenshot is the same as the traditional mobile phone, as long as the phone "home" + "power" will flash a screenshot so that the screenshots succeeded. 2. "Saving screenshots ..." is shown in the following figure. Second, the Palm wipe screenshots. 1. This feature is a unique feature of the Samsung mobile phone itself, we first need t

Samsung mobile phone S5 How to screen/screenshot? S5 Screen/screenshot method

First, this is the S4 series of mobile phones since some features, Samsung S5 also have, on the palm of the screenshot method.1. Enter the universal "application" of Samsung mobile phone, click on the lower right corner button as shown in the following figure. 2. Then we go into the all-purpose "settings" menu as shown in the picture. 3. Then in the Open panel we cli

Samsung mobile phone G7109 How to cut screen? G7109 How to screen/screenshot?

Method One: Key screenthis method as long as the use of Samsung mobile phone friends know, directly press the phone's "home" and "power" button can be cut screen.method Two: Palm wipe screenshot This method needs to open and try again1. In the mobile phone we first click "Application" to enter.2. Then we click on the "Set" function.3. Then we find "control" click on it to enter.4. OK, now we'll click on "Palm Action".5. Click on "Palm Action" on the r

Samsung S3 neo+ How to use the button screen? Illustration of S3 i9300i screen cutting method

First, i9300i screen cutting method We are in the mobile phone at the same time the "main screen" key and the phone on the right side of the "power" about 3 seconds or so will see the screenshot hint. where is the picture file saved after the screenshot? 1. Under the Standby page, click "App-" samsung-"My Files-all files-pictures-screenshots into this ar

Samsung S3 i9300i How to cancel the screen pattern lock? Cancel Screen Pattern Lock method

Know the lock screen password cancellation method 1. Under the Standby page, click "Application".2. Click "Set". 3. Click "Equipment". 4. Click on "Lock Screen". 5. Click on "Screen lock". 6. Enter the pattern of the lock screen setting. 7. S

How does Samsung g9006v screen? g9006v Screen Cutting method

." 2. Find the following "settings" again. 3. Then find "accessibility" in this area and click on it to open it. 4. This will see a "agility and interactivity" We click on it to enter. 5. Then you will see an "assistant menu" in the same way we open it. 6. Now with this we can directly use the screen of the white box screenshot of Oh, such as click on "scre

Samsung W2016 mobile Phone How to cut screen? W2016 Screen Cutting method

1. The screenshot of this phone is very simple. We just need to get into the screen and then hold down the home key and lock the screen key.2. At this point if you see the cell phone notification bar Prompt "captured screen capture" icon, the representative screenshot succeeded.3. If you want to see just screenshot of the picture, pull down the

Samsung S6 mobile Phone How to set the screen fingerprint lock? S6 Screen fingerprint lock setting method

Samsung mobile phone G9208 support fingerprint identification sensor function, which can improve the safety and convenience of the device, no longer need to worry about security. To set this feature, follow these steps: 1. Under the Standby page, click "Application". 2. Click "Set". 3. Click "Lock screen and security". 4. Click on "screen

Samsung S5 g9008v how to screen? 3 Methods of g9008v screen cutting

1. This screenshot is also a new feature of Samsung mobile phones, other mobile phones do not but also need to open it first, in the mobile phone "application." 2. Click "Set". 3. Below the red box icon we click on it. 4. After that we find "agility and interactivity" by clicking it into the details as shown in the picture. 5. Okay, here's an "assistant menu." We need to o

Samsung 15-inch Win 8 touch screen This evaluation

Book 6 is equipped with a 15-inch touchscreen, and its resolution is 1920x1080 pixels. At this resolution, the text appears very clear, the image and video also appear lifelike and very moving, I believe that the performance and clarity of the display screen is absolutely the most users of the important condition of the notebook. The notebook is equipped with a full-size Chiclet-style keyboard, and the right-hand side of the overall keyb

Samsung S6 Edge mobile phone how to cut screen?

First, Samsung mobile phone Palm wipe screenshot: This screenshot function we need to open before we can use, if not open is certainly not available oh, the following is a look at it. 1. In standby state, click "Application"-"Settings-" My Device "" action and gesture "then we then the" Palm action "option to the right side of the rectangular slider, show the green representative has been turned on, and then click" Palm Action "; Afte

Samsung Galaxy A7 (A7009) Multiple Windows full screen mode to floating window mode tutorial

Note: Multiple windows will be full screen mode to the floating window mode is mobile support and applications to support, if there are some applications do not support the window, then our settings are not valid. Here we take the "Samsung application Store" as an example. 1. As shown in the following illustration, we drag a corner of the screen along the diago

How does Samsung A5 screen? Tutorials for A5100 Screenshots

"Settings". 3. Slide up the screen and click "Accessibility". 4. Click on "Agility and interactivity". 5. Click on "Assistant Menu". 6. Click the "Off" right slider to show "on" on behalf of the feature has been turned on. 7. After the opening, the screen can appear assistant menu icon, c

Samsung Galaxy A9 (2016) mobile phone screen cutting method? (A9000)

Samsung Galaxy A9 (2016) mobile phone screen cutting method There are many kinds of small set up here for you to organize 2 kinds of, the specific operation method as shown below. If you are intercepting the screen, follow these steps:method One: Shortcut key screen.Hold down the "main screen" key and the "power" bu

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