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How about Samsung Galaxy Note7 mobile phone Galaxy Note7 mobile phone features

but also fast charging. s Change Machine assistant Ready to upgrade to Galaxy Note7? You can use the S-Switch assistant to transfer important data from your old phone to the Galaxy Note7. Or save all the data in the cloud and download only important data. Users of the Galaxy note model will find all the S-Pen relate

Samsung mobile phone Galaxy J7108 Samsung account how to cancel

Note: Delete Account we must have a mobile phone is available to the Internet Oh, or can not delete the account If you encounter a Samsung account can not delete the problem we need to check the time is not as good as the Samsung account can be normal login. Samsung mobile phone

What about Samsung Galaxy S6? Galaxy S6 mobile phone function and parameter introduction

consumption features may be used for a longer time than 4 hours. The specific charging effect varies depending on the equipment and operating environment. Wireless charging, unrestrained Change the way of charging, change the mood of life. The SAMSUNG Galaxy S6 fuselage has a wireless charging coil that eliminates the need for a dedicated wireless charging rear cover or adapter, simply by placing the

Samsung mobile phone Galaxy J7 (2016) Phone number blacklist how to set

Note: If the number in the blacklist tries to contact you, you will not receive a notification, but the call will be recorded in the call log.1. Under the Samsung mobile phone Galaxy J7 (2016) standby page, click on the "phone" effect as follows.2. Click on the "more" option, this in the upper right corner we click on

Samsung mobile phone Galaxy J7 How to change the input language of the Samsung keyboard (J7108)

1. In the Samsung mobile phone Galaxy J7 interface, we just slide to the main screen page, the effect is as shown in the screenshot below.2. Then in the switch to the next interface we click the "Settings" option to enter.3. Then in the Setup interface we click on the "Language and input" option.4. Then in the access to the language interface, we click on the "

How do Samsung Galaxy J7 run cards optimize? The method of J7 mobile phone optimization

One-key optimization feature for Intelligent Manager: (1) Identify excess power consumption applications and delete unwanted files.(2) Delete unwanted files and close the application running in the background.(3) Scanning malware and phishing attacks. The method of J7 mobile phone optimization 1. In the Samsung Galaxy J7 "Utilities" folder.2. Then, after enter

Samsung Galaxy A5 Mobile phone change desktop wallpaper diagram (A5100)

1. Under the Standby page, the long press Samsung Galaxy A5 main screen page blank, will eject the wallpaper replacement interface, as shown below. 2. Then in this interface we click on the "wallpaper" effect as shown below. 3. Click "from album" in our selection of photos, as shown below 4. Choose the wallpaper you like. 5. Then we click on "set to wallpaper" This is the

Samsung Galaxy A9 (2016) mobile phone screen cutting method? (A9000)

Samsung Galaxy A9 (2016) mobile phone screen cutting method There are many kinds of small set up here for you to organize 2 kinds of, the specific operation method as shown below. If you are intercepting the screen, follow these steps:method One: Shortcut key screen.Hold down the "main screen" key and the "power" button on the right side of the

Samsung Galaxy S5 4G mobile phone can not connect the computer how to do? Open the USB mode tutorial

If we have to connect to the computer, then we have to turn on the USB mode, because the Android phone must be USB mode to connect the computer, otherwise it is unable to connect the computer Oh, okay, let's take a look at the Open USB mode tutorial 1. In Samsung Galaxy S5 4G We clicked the "Apps" option, which is as follows.2. Click "Set".3. In the access inte

Samsung Galaxy S7 mobile phone to open the easy mute function method

Easy mute function means that when you have an incoming call or alarm clock, you can put the palm on the screen or flip the device to turn off the sound of calls and alarms, if you want to turn on the function, please follow these steps:1. In standard mode, slide the screen to the left.2. Click "Settings".3. Slide up the screen and select "Advanced Features".4. Slide the screen up and click "Easy Mute".5. Click on the "Off" right side "slider", show "open" Representative open.When you have an in

How to view CAD drawings on Samsung Galaxy A9 star mobile phone

Brilliance Yu endorsement of Samsung Galaxy A9 Star is a fire to explode, enjoy multiple benefits heard the chance to get a Mars concert limited tickets, is not particularly like, then on the business trip you, how to view the CAD drawings on the Samsung phone? Here's how to share with you!1. First take out our

Samsung Galaxy A7 (2016) mobile phone installation SIM card tutorial? (A7100)

If you need to install the SIM card for the Samsung Galaxy A7 (2016), follow these steps:1. Insert the Kari into the small hole on the SIM card to eject the Cato. (Note: Make sure that the pin is perpendicular to the small hole, otherwise it may damage the device.) )2. Gently pull the sim card out of the SIM card slot.3. The golden contact of the Sim/usim or UIM card is lowered into the tray.4. Reinsert the

Samsung Galaxy S5 4G (5.0) Phone memo where to create? (g9008w)

1. On the Samsung Galaxy S5 4G (5.0) standby page, click the "Apps" icon at the bottom of the screen, as shown below. 2. Then enter and then find the following "Memo" option. 3. Enter my memo and then click on the "+" icon, the option, the effect is as follows. 4. OK now can start to create a memo, as we fill out the title of the memo, the effect i

Samsung Galaxy A9 (2016) mobile phone back to factory setup steps? (A9000)

1. In the Samsung Galaxy A9 (2016) We just need to slide the screen to the left as shown in the red box below.2. After entering, we will find the "settings" option in the interface, as shown in the details below.3. Slide up the screen and click on the "Backup and reset" effect as shown below4. We then find the "Reset settings" option in the interface, as shown in the details below.5. Click "Reset Settings"

Samsung Galaxy A9 (2016) mobile phone settings Notification Reminder method

Notice settings in the Samsung mobile phone desktop sliding can be set up, the specific notice to set up the steps are about 7 step, I would like to give you a demonstration of it, the specific as shown below. 1. In Samsung Galaxy A9 (2016) We slide the main screen page with our hands to the left.2. Click the "Settin

Samsung mobile phone Galaxy sm-c5000 (6.0.1) How to format the SD memory card?

When you need to format SD card, the contents of the cell phone SD card are all cleared away, so do the data backup in advance 1. In Samsung mobile phone Galaxy sm-c5000 (6.0.1) "Set".2. Locate "Battery and storage" in the Settings list.3. Then click "Store" in the storage and battery.4. Locate the "SD card" in th

Samsung Galaxy On5 mobile phone to set the number of calls to the graphics and text tutorial

Call Bell is still very useful for our cell phone calls with the ring, which we need to set up to be able to, the following together to see a set of steps on the caller ring, as shown below. 1. Under the Standby page, click "Application".2. Click the "Set" option and click on it to open the entry, as shown in the details below.3. Click "Sound and Notice".4. Click on "Ringtones and beep tones".5. Click "Ringtones".6. Select the SIM card where you want

How does Samsung Galaxy S6 import contacts from SIM cards to mobile phones? S6 mobile phone import tutorial

1. After entering the mobile phone, click [application] on the Samsung Galaxy S6 desktop, and then click [set]-[contact] as follows.2. Click import/export in the contact and find a device in import from SIM card.3. Select the contacts to be imported, click select all, and click finish.

Samsung Galaxy On7 Mobile phone How to adjust the keyboard size of input? (G6000)

To adjust the input keyboard size, follow these steps:1. Under the Standby page, click "Application".2. Click "Set".3. Slide up the screen and click on "Language and input".4. Click on "Samsung Chinese Input Method".5. Slide the screen up and click "Adjust keyboard size".6. Adjust the keyboard size by dragging the touch button at the top of the keyboard up or down. In fact, this adjustment is very simple, we just press the above operation can be, OK

When does Samsung Galaxy S6 go public? Samsung S6 okay?

When does Samsung Galaxy S6 go public? According to official sources, Samsung Electronics in Barcelona, Spain, held a new product launch, the release of the new smart phone Galaxy S6 will be on the global sale on April 10 . The machine national line release time is not anno

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