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Samsung Galaxy S4 Problem solving and quick action

on the computer ...How to resolve:Install Samsung USB driver for mobile phone only with download. [Service Support]Installation instructions for the install Device driver software will appear when you insert a Samsung phone.Note:1. Assuming that there is no such hint, it is very likely that your data line is broken and a try is replaced.2. This is not the download of bulky kies management software.Phi Blog

Samsung Galaxy S4 (i9505) Get the perfect root access tutorial

Samsung Galaxy S4 (i9505) perfect for root access tutorialForum on the bar on the Samsung S4 i9505 root Introduction There are a lot of methods, various. Today's small series to introduce a use of root software to achieve the Samsung

Samsung Galaxy S4 sold more than 80 million units this year

Samsung Galaxy S4 sold more than 80 million units this year May 31, 2013 Sina Technology Weibo I have something to say ( 374 Participants) Samsung GalaxyS4 mobile phone Sina technology news Beijing Time on May 31 Morning News, Royal Bank of Canada capital market analyst Mark sue (Mark Sue) published a r

Samsung Galaxy S4 (i9505) perfect root permission tutorial

Samsung Galaxy S4 (i9505) perfect root permission tutorial There are many introductions on the Samsung S4 i9505 root on the Forum and there are a variety of methods. Today, I will introduce a one-click root Method for Samsung i950

Samsung S4 not enough memory to do? Samsung S4 Memory Optimization Tutorial

Samsung Galaxy S4, although it is equipped with 16GB of memory, but because the system files occupy a lot of storage space, if more decorate game application, it is very easy to lack of memory of the phone. This article describes how to optimize the Samsung S4 mobile phone m

How does Galaxy S4 zoom transmit photos via Bluetooth? (C101)

Samsung mobile phone Galaxy S4 Zoom supports the transmission of photos via Bluetooth, as follows:1. Under the Standby page, click "Application". 2. Click on "album". 3. Click on the "Camera" folder. 4. Select and open a photo in this folder. 5. Click on the "Share" icon at the top right of the screen. 6. Select "Bluetooth". 7. If the phone does not turn on Bluet

Samsung S4 Promo movie color with surprise

Samsung S4 Promo movie color with surpriseIt is understood that a week ago, Samsung has released the new flagship mobile phone Galaxy S4 promotional video, but the video contains only the S4 invitation letter. Recently, Samsung's

Samsung S4 mobile phones cannot be recognized by computers in the flash mode

First start the Odin Brush Machine tool, and then put the normal use of the brushless mode of the state of the Samsung Galaxy S4 mobile phone and computer connection, then Odin Brush Machine tool will recognize the COM interface, immediately unplug the USB cable. Then restart the phone, at the same time long by the volume of the key, the home key and the power bu

In-depth analysis: Samsung Galaxy KNOX Remote Code Execution Vulnerability

In-depth analysis: Samsung Galaxy KNOX Remote Code Execution Vulnerability This article details the latest Remote Execution Vulnerability Detected by Samsung Galaxy S5. Attackers can exploit this vulnerability to intrude into the system. Currently, Samsung has fixed this vul

Technical analysis: lockscreen bypass, Samsung Galaxy series phones can also be called out

that when a mobile phone is connected to another Linux system via USB, generally, you can use the virtual USB serial port of the Linux system (mainly/dev/ttyACM0 device) to communicate with the mobile phone device.According to the test, when connected to a USB controller (such as a normal laptop), a serial interface is exposed for Samsung Galaxy mobile phones, by using this interface, we can communicate wi

How does Samsung Galaxy Alpha activate developer options? (g8508s)

1. Click "Apps" under the desktop before we connect to the computer. 2. Then enter the "Settings" panel. 3. Looking for the mobile interface under the "about the device" as shown in the picture. 4. Here with S4 Mobile phone we will see a "build number", we click 7 consecutive times, will prompt "developer mode is enabled." 5. Click on the " Friendship tips, a friend will ask to turn on USB debuggin

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