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What is Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge privacy mode? How to use S6 private mode?

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge opens private mode 1. Under the Standby page, click "Application".2. Click "Set".3. Slide up the screen and select "Private mode".4. According to the Privacy Mode Wizard prompts the content, click "Next".5. After reading the privacy mode disclaimer, click "Next".6. After reading the application

What interfaces does Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge have?

  Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Interface Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge has two kinds of interfaces, one is 3.5mm headphone interface, the other is Micro

How does the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Connect to the computer?

Step 1. To Samsung to download and install Kies software for free Step 2. Connect computer 1. We now connect the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge mobile phone via USB cable to the computer, as follows2. If the computer does not automatically bounce out, we go to "My Computer" and th

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge photos move to private mode

Note: Photo Mobile privacy Mode We need to first open the private mode, specific reference: Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Privacy mode Open >>> 1. We need to move the photos to the private mode of entry to protect our "photo albums" that require access to our mobile desktop.2. In the entry to the album, we click on the upper

What about Samsung Galaxy S6? Samsung Galaxy S6 phone okay?

Functional characteristics Exquisite workmanship, the charm of the extraordinary inspiration from the glass blowing and metal crafts works, Samsung Galaxy S6 presents a glass casting and metal carving technology unique integration. The beautiful curves that reflect the prof

When does Samsung Galaxy S6 go public? Samsung S6 okay?

Gorilla Glass, has the Platinum blue black Four kinds of color choice. The machine has a 5.1-inch Super AMOLED screen , with a resolution of 2560*1440, with a 64-bit Orion 7420 processor in its own production, Composed of four core cortex-a53 and four core cortex-a57 chips, the memory has also been upgraded using 3GB (LPDDR4), the technology for the upgraded UFS2.0, the highest theoretical speed reached 1.2gb/s, twice the ddr3/ LPDDR3. Storage spa

What about Samsung Galaxy S6? Galaxy S6 mobile phone function and parameter introduction

consumption features may be used for a longer time than 4 hours. The specific charging effect varies depending on the equipment and operating environment. Wireless charging, unrestrained Change the way of charging, change the mood of life. The SAMSUNG Galaxy S6 fuselage has a wireless charging coil that eliminates the need for a dedicated wireless charging rea

Does Samsung S6 edge support fast charging? Can S6 charge quickly?

The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge G9250 is built with fast charging capabilities. Using this function, the original charger can be used to charge the battery more quickly when the screen is shut down or shutdown. Of course, the test results depend on the specific test environment. The time used in different environments varie

Best smartphone TOP4, Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Tops

intuitive operation, but also full of fashion temperament, Galaxy S7 edge design so that it scores a lot.Powerful cameraUsing "tough" to describe the performance of the Galaxy S7 Edge is not a bit too.On the surface, the rear 12 million megapixel camera + front 5 million me

How about Samsung N9150? Introduction of Samsung Galaxy Note Edge features

1. Side screen: Samsung GALAXY Note Edge absorbs the flow inspiration design essence, creates the innovative surface side screen, the independent side screen function, lets you customize the personalized side screen display, also can quickly access the dynamic side screen information flow, but also can conveniently use such as ruler, flashlight and so on side scr

Samsung S6 Edge Wireless charge How? What's the principle?

The Galaxy S6 Edge is built with a wireless charging coil that allows you to charge the device with a wireless charging board. The charging coil in the wireless charging board generates an electromagnetic field, which transmits the energy to the device's inductive coil through an inductive coupling, which is then converted to a power stored in the device battery.

Samsung S6 edge+ How to use oncircle to send live emoticons? (G9280)

Note: Using this feature, both the Galaxy S6 edge+ and the Oncircle feature are enabled on both sides. 1. Under the standby page, slide the surface side-screen touch button to the left.2. Select a contact person.3. Click the "Expression" icon under the personal data image of the contact.4. Slide to the left or right the expression page and select the emoticons

Samsung S6 edge+ Mobile Phone How to prevent the use of stealth traffic

The Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+ supports the ability to block background data, preventing applications running in the background from using data traffic, and if you want to block background data, follow these steps:1. In standard mode, slide to the left of the main screen page.2. Click "Set".3. Click on "Flow Monitoring".4

Samsung S6 edge+ How do i show/hide e-mail folders? (G9280)

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge + supports displaying or hiding mailbox folders. The specific method of operation is as follows:1. In standard mode, click "E-Mail".2. Select the type of mailbox you want to log on to, for example, "163".3. Enter your email account and password.4. Click "Next".5. Checking the receiving server set

Samsung S6 edge+ How to send an image or handwritten message using oncircle? (G9280)

Note: Using this feature, both the Galaxy S6 edge+ and the oncircle feature are enabled on both sides. 1. Under the standby page, slide the surface side-screen touch button to the left.2. Select a contact person.3. Click the "Camera" icon under the Contact profile image.4. If you want to send the image, click on the "Camera" icon to take pictures. (Note: Cli

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