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On F8000 LCD TV, how does one set the voice of an external audio device?

Using the digital audio output (optical fiber) interface to connect the need to use digital fiber audio cable, the appearance of the following image refer to:through the "audio output" interface to connect the need to use 1 minutes 2 audio lines, the appearance of the following figure refer to:here, for example, to connect Samsung Home Theater ht-f9750w, demonstrate how to set up sound:1. Connect the prepar

How does F8000 series LCD TV automatically set the clock?

This reminds you that no power storage device is set in the TV. After the power is down for about 1 minute, the set date and time will be automatically reset to zero.The procedure for automatically setting the clock is as follows:1. Press the more key of the TV remote control, select project, and click the TouchPad. Th

How does F8000 LCD TV connect to the set-top box through AV?

Three AV cables are yellow, red, and white. The yellow line represents the video, the red line represents the right channel, and the white line represents the left channel, as shown in the following figure:To connect a set-top box through AV, follow these steps:1. Connect one end of the AV cable to the AV adapter by color.2. Connect the AV adapter to the [avinput 1/component input] or [avinput 2] interface behind the

Samsung digital King TDX-328B satellite TV set-top box repair notes

Samsung digital King TDX-328B satellite TV set-top box repair notes Author: idle Blog: I Time:Thursday Statement: I am neither an electronic specialist nor an electronic enthusiast. I just accumulated a little superficial electronic knowledge in my daily life. Personal happiness research, good hands-on everything you love will go deep in

TV Home 2.0 How to set default quality

TV Home 2.0 How do I set the default quality? TV home default quality change HD? Many small partners updated the TV Home 2.0 will not modify the default quality, the

Samsung F591 series Monitor How to set up the signal source automatic detection?

Samsung F591 series Monitor How to set up the signal source automatic detection? The operation method is as follows: 1. Press the "Power" button on the back of the monitor. (The following "power" key action, all refers to this key.) ) 2. There are 5 small icons appearing at the bottom right of the screen. 3. Move the "p

Set the source code to the default software after installation

After we often use the source code to install a software program, the system will prompt that the software does not exist when entering the software program. This is because it is not associated with the system by default. Such as MySQL and JDK. The following is the default method associated with the system. Take JDK as an Example (The sudo VI/etc/environm

How to set the Java source file in Eclipse to UTF-8 default encoding

To have a Java source file open with the encoded format UTF-8, there are 2 things to do:1) Set the default encoding format for Java source files to UTF-8;2) Set the workspace encoding format to UTF-8.The corresponding settings are as follows:set the

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