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Windows Phone 8 Beginner's Tutorial (ii) Install Windows Phone SDK 8.

Original address: Part-2-installing-windows-phone-sdk-80 Series Address: Http://

Windows Phone 8 Beginner's tutorial (ix) Windows Phone 8 emulator overview

Original address: Part-9-overview-of-the-windows-phone-8-emulator Source code: HTTP://AKA.MS/ABSBEGINNERDEVWP8 PDF version: Http://

Windows Phone 8 Beginner's Tutorial (iii) Writing the first Windows Phone 8 application

Original address: Part-3-writing-your-first-windows-phone-8-app Series Address: Http://

How to see if the hardware drivers in Windows 8 are installed properly

The hardware driver in Windows 8 is normal, and we can see if the device is properly installed through Device Manager. If you do not see an icon for an unknown device in Device Manager, your Windows 8 computer or device is currently in a normal state of drive, and if it exists, your computer or device now needs

How Windows 8 updates a device's drivers

The WIN8 system updates the driver for a device as follows: 1, right click on the desktop space, under the desktop pop-up "All applications" option, left click "All applications." 2, left click "Control Panel". 3, the second way into the "Control Panel" method. Press the Windows and X keys on the keyboard simultaneously, and click Control Panel. 4, left click "Hardware and sound." 5, left click Devi

Overview of Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8 development technologies

For now, the developers of Windows Phone 8 are all going to be fighting in a tech friend, and I believe that while you're doing Windows Phone 8 development, you're also looking at Windows

Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8 Development Technology Overview

Currently, developers of Windows Phone 8 are fighting for technical friends. I believe that while developing Windows Phone 8, we are also focusing on Windows

Build applications for Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8

Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 tend to merge. At the same time, developers who are interested in building applications for these two platforms must understand the important similarities and differences between the two. Understanding the current common functionality of the

Share code between Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8 applications

Visual Studio 2012 provides an excellent set of tools for building Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 applications. Therefore, it is appropriate to explore how much code can be shared between the version of the application's Windows st

Samsung installs Windows 8 system computer installed Windows 7 system cannot boot via USB

1. When the Samsung screen appears, press the "F2" button to enter the Bois. 2. Select "Boot". 3. Select "Secure Boot" and press "enter". 4. Select "Disabled" and press "enter". 5. Select "OS Mode Selection" and press "enter". 6. Select "CSM OS" and press "enter". 7. Choose "Advanced". 8. Select "Fast BIOS Mode" and press "enter". 9. Select "Disabled" and press "enter". 10

How to start a third-party application and pass parameters in Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8

Third-party applications that need to be started by other applications need to register Protocol association, and when an application initiates a special URI, the program that registers the protocol automatically starts, and the parameter can be passed to a Third-party application through this particular URI. Third-party Application Registration Protocol Association steps There are some differences in how Windows

Windows Phone 8 APP porting to Windows Phone 8.1 FAQ Summary

() { Hardwaretoken token = Hardwareidentification.getpackagespecifictoken (null); IBuffer HardwareID = token. Id; Hashalgorithmprovider hasher = Hashalgorithmprovider.openalgorithm ("MD5"); IBuffer hashed = Hasher. Hashdata (HardwareID); String hashedstring = Cryptographicbuffer.encodetohexstring (hashed); return hashedstring; }The Deployment.Current.Dispatcher.BeginInvoke used to perform UI process tasks in a backg

Submit your Windows Phone 8 app in the Windows Phone store

Some of the questions you have recently reported are focused on how to submit a new WP8 application on the new Windows Phone Dev center, in particular, is it necessary to create a new application or update the original WP8 application on the basis of the original WP7 application? Here I will explain it to you. First, let us know that in one of our latest Windows

Build Windows Phone 8 development environment and phone

Build Windows Phone 8 development environment and phoneTwo tools are required to develop Windows Phone: Windows Phone SDK 8.0 and Visual Studio. The Visual Studio Ultimate 2012 we purch

Windows Phone & Windows 8 push notification from Windows azure

ping the tile of our application to the desktop. After inserting a piece of data, check that the tile icon has pushed a message. In fact, the above is a quick guide on the windowsazure website. I want to summarize it for you, but I believe that you can not only use tile to push messages, but also use mobile to push messages on toast. Mobile service not only supports Windows Phone, but alsoMes

Windows phone 8 study notes (8) location map navigation

Document directory 1. Get the current location immediately 2. Continuous tracking location information 3. Continuous tracking in the background 1. Introduce map controls 2. Set the drawing mode 3. Set the color mode 4. specify the location of the new view 5. Locate my location and Mark 6. Get the route Windows phone 8 does not use its own bing map. T

8 days, 8 USD registration for Windows Phone Personal Development Account

Dear Windows Phone developers, Hello everyone! As Windows Phone 8 debuted, our Windows Phone Developer Center also launched a special offer8 daysUSD

Windows Phone 8 Learning Note (8) Positioning map navigation

Windows Phone 8 does not already use its own Bing maps, and the new map controls can specify cartographic modes, views, and so on. Bing Maps has a large positioning error, and it seems ideal to test the new map in the simulator. This section focuses on the location services and the use of new map controls.Quick navigation:First, location servicesSecond, map and n

Can Samsung I9100 transmit mobile phone content through Windows Media Player?

Follow these steps to connect to apsaravideo player:1. Connect your phone to your computer. When a prompt appears, select synchronize digital media files to your device ].2. Open the Windows Media Player, and the message on the left of the phone shows the project of each driver.3. Click synchronize to view the mobile phone

Microsoft releases Windows 7 platform Windows Phone 8 sync and mobile management terminal

Given that not many people have been upgraded to Windows 8 systems, and that most of the WP8 phones are still on the PC side of the WP8 device through the Windows 7 system, Microsoft is officially releasing the WP8 Sync and cell phone management terminal on the Windows 7 pla

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