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Microsoft Windows 10 will support 8-inch ARM tablet devices

January 24, 2015, 9:32 pm-Microsoft this week showed new changes to the Windows 101 series, including the first public display of the Windows 10 Mobile version, but the ARM tablet did not get much mention.and Microsoft officially confirms that the Windows RT operating system that drives the ARM

How does a Samsung tablet close one of the applications in multiple windows?

1. Select the application to be closed. Here, the [memorandum] is used as an example.2. Now the "memo" is selected, and click the dot between the two applications ].3. In the pop-up options, click the close icon in item 4, as shown in the following figure:4. The "memo" window is closed, and only the "music" application is displayed, as shown in the following figure:If you want to close a large number of applications, we c

First Windows 8 tablet experience

Hello everyone, I was lucky to have met the first Windows 8 tablet in China yesterday. I don't know the brand (Laugh ), I will share my experiences with you. First, the phase should be: First, the metro UI is introduced in Windows 8. This is an interface designed for touch.

Advantages of Windows 8 in the fiercely competitive tablet market

, you can also display two applications side by side. If you do not have a touch screen, the above operations can still be achieved through the keyboard, and the operation is also very simple and fast, Microsoft specifically demonstrated how to use the standard keyboard for multi-task switching. According to the summary, Microsoft's competitive advantages in tablet computers are as follows. 1. Unified expe

Windows 8 tablet Dell wants to compete first with apple

Steve Felice, Chief COO of Dell, told the media in March That Dell was confident in challenging the dominant position of the iPad in the tablet market, and he was so confident that, that is, the Dell Win8 pad computer with the Windows 8 operating system. When talking about tablets, Michael Dell, CEO, said that if you want to get a

The difference between a Windows 8 tablet and a notebook

Q: What is the difference between a Windows 8 tablet and a laptop? The Windows 8 tablet, in fact, is a different kind of laptop, and it has no intrinsic difference to the laptop or morph that has a touch screen, and the differenc

MarkShuttleworth: Ubuntu on the tablet may be much better than Windows 8.

, and TVs. It is obvious that Shuttleworth was not the first space tourist to reject the challenge, so he had the courage to step by step look at his platform on smartphones and tablets. Ubuntu on the tablet may be much better than Windows 8. Q: Before the MWC conference, I had a lot of discussions about Ubuntu and Its device strategy. Is there any other news to

Nokia's LUMIA tablet with Windows 8 system pre-installed real-machine exposure-application Station

Recently, a video about the Nokia tablet is released on a foreign video website, showing the model as the Nokia Lumia Coffee Tab. The outside world agrees that this is Nokia's upcoming win8 tablet concept machine, it looks like a magnified version of Lumia 800. The novogene tablet will use a 10 inch-inch CBD screen with a resolution of up to 2048x1536 pixels and

Deployment and debugging of Windows 8 real machine (tablet or Ultrabook)

This operation is remote debugging and only applicable to lan. Of course, it is not limited to ultrabodes and tablets. A common computer can also be used, but it is generally not used in this way. 1. Install the remote debugging tool on the tablet or ultraboo. X: Id = 29911 Download files as needed. Click Install after the download. 2. Run remote d

Samsung installs Windows 8 system computer installed Windows 7 system cannot boot via USB

1. When the Samsung screen appears, press the "F2" button to enter the Bois. 2. Select "Boot". 3. Select "Secure Boot" and press "enter". 4. Select "Disabled" and press "enter". 5. Select "OS Mode Selection" and press "enter". 6. Select "CSM OS" and press "enter". 7. Choose "Advanced". 8. Select "Fast BIOS Mode" and press "enter". 9

Getting Started with Windows 8 Development (12) file Management for Windows 8 1

File creation and string Stream buffer method Read and write In this article, we'll learn about file creation and multiple ways to read and write in Windows 8, and set access to document library access and file types. Of course we need to do the following preparatory work: First: Set the program to allow access to the file location is: "Library \ Document", set the method: Click "Package.appxmanifest", a

Install Ubuntu 14.04 and Windows 8/8. 1 In UEFI Mode

Install Ubuntu 14.04 and Windows 8/8. 1 In UEFI Mode UEFI is used to replace BIOS in Windows 8 or 8.1 pre-installed systems. This makes the installation of Dual-boot a little different from the conventional method. In this tutoria

Windows 8/8. 1 enter the welcome & amp; black screen before login interface and wait for too long & amp; login false dead solution, windows8.1

Windows 8/8. 1 black screen before the welcome and login interface and long wait time login false dead solution, windows8.1 This problem occurs on both the laptop and the company's computer, and has nothing to do with sleep. Even if the company did not care about HDD, and the laptop SSD was black, it was incredibl

Windows 8/8. 1 boot into the system no boot music solution

Cause analysisWe selected "playing windows startup sound" under the control panel sound, but there was still no sound, this is because a new upgrade of the win8 system is the shutdown action of the Win8/8.1 system. By default, the system performs deep sleep instead of full shutdown. Therefore, we need to set another option,Solution:1. Right-click "battery" on the desktop and click "

Windows 8 Hands-on Experiment Tutorial Experiment 1: Creating a Windows App Store application

Contoso Cookbook is a series of hands-on tutorials designed to immerse you in the development of Windows application store applications. When you have completed this experiment, you will create a beautiful and practical real-world application. The application will use some of the key new features in Window8. Through this series of experiments, you will learn a lot about creating excellent Windows applicatio

Windows 8 release preview is released on April 9, June 1

On the Microsoft hardware and driver developer blog, Chuck Chan, vice president of Microsoft and head of the Windows Development Department, announced what we all want:Windows 8RP, but don't be too happy. This is just an entry address. Now we click CP instead of RP. The real download has not started yet, it is said that the time is on January 1, May 31, that is, tomorrow of Beijing Time: January

Development of Windows 8 Metro sample based on visualstudio11 (1) MessageBox

) # Define idclose 8 # Define idhelp 9 Next, let's practice MessageBox in Windows 8. Check the program initialization code. #include "pch.h"#include "MainPage.xaml.h"#include "App.xaml.h"using namespace Windows::UI::Xaml;using namespace Windows::UI::Xaml::Controls;using nam

Mgen street RT (street side windows 8 client) early preview 1

, including the background, can be set. Of course, this initial version does not have time to write the setting options.CodeTherefore, the early preview version selects a background image from the Internet, and the color is the default solution. The whole program is driven by a variety of animations, while paying attention to the interface response. We need to know that all the time-consuming operations of the winrt framework in Windows

Design and Development of Windows 8 Metro-search and sharing (1)

.1Displayed,Windows 8 SDKThe sharing target sample application of receivedContosocookbookShared recipe content. Figure1 Share target example show shared recipes 8.ReturnVisual StudioAnd stop debugging. Task3-Achieve recipe Image Sharing Contoso cookbookYou can now share text recipe data, but since each recipe has images attached, it should be able

Windows 8 game development tutorial-1. Metro UI and drawing

After thinking carefully, it seems inappropriate to call the tutorial. It should be regarded as a discussion. Windows 8 has been around for a while and I believe everyone is familiar with Metro UI. The introduction of Metro UI can be easily introduced. The first is the layout method, which adopts the XAML layout. Although the appearance looks simple, it is a style inherited from Zune and WP7. The

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