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SQL Server: Understanding BCM Pages

Original: SQL Server: Understanding BCM PagesLet's talk about it today.Bulk Change Mapping (Bulk Changed Map:Bcm) page, and how the bulk-logged Recovery model ( bulk logged recovery model ) works. bulk change mapping (Bulk Changed map:bcm): SQL Server uses BCM pages to track areas modified by bulk-logged operations since the last full backup. In the database file, the

SQL Server: Understanding BCM Pages

Label:Let's talk about it today.Bulk Change Mapping (Bulk Changed Map:Bcm) page, and how the bulk-logged Recovery model ( bulk logged recovery model ) works. bulk change mapping (Bulk Changed map:bcm): SQL Server uses BCM pages to track areas modified by bulk-logged operations since the last full backup. In the database file, the BCM page is page 7th. BCM has o

Differences between GAM, SGAM, Pam, Iam, DCM, and bcm in SQL Server

Gam, SGAM, Pam, Iam, DCM, and BCM are some special allocation ing tables used in SQL Server to manage space allocation. Understanding their differences and roles plays an important role in understanding the architecture of the SQL Server physical database. SQL Server zone management (GAM, SGAM) Global allocation ing table (GAM ):Unified Disk Area. The Gam page records allocated areas. Each gam contains 64,000 zones, which is equivalent to nearly 4

Wayos BCM extended multi-Wan port continued research, has been expanded to n wan ports, and successfully online

In the previous studies on the BCM version, the WAN port was extended but could not be online due to the lack of in-depth research. Due to the time relationship, the research was not continued. When I first came back yesterday, I began to study this item and successfully expanded bcm to N Wan. I cut a picture and set one of the four or more ports to online. In fact, B

The details and differences between GAM, SGAM, PAM, IAM, DCM, and BCM in SQL Server

GAM, SGAM, PAM, IAM, DCM, and BCM are some of the special allocation mapping tables used in SQL Server to manage spatial allocations. Understanding their differences and roles is very important for understanding the SQL Server Physical database architecture.Management of SQL Server area (gam,sgam)Global Allocation Mapping Table (GAM): Unified extents, GAM pages record allocated extents. Each GAM contains 64,000 extents, which is equivalent to nearly 4

Research on extended Wan port of wayos BCM

Recently there are several small networks that use small bandwidth access, so there are a lot of lines, but there are not many machines that he carries. In this case, the price is a bit high when using the PC version, whether it's hardware, authorization, or electricity! If you do not use the PC version, you can only use hard routing. At this time, BCM is the first choice. I will tell you my research experience on

BCM all-smart firmware update software TFTP, one-click refreshing routing and common firmware downloads

I believe everyone is familiar with TFTP, right? BCM-swiping machines: wayos, tomato, ddwrt, openwrt, and so on all need to be used. In earlier versions, you can only open one window, And Then ping to ping the route's TFTP server, when TTL = 100, click Update route! The TTL process is only about 2 seconds. Sometimes you just skip it when you are not careful. It is really hard to get a route! However, with this new version and the TFTP

BCM machines use ddwrt's built-in commands to refresh the detailed tutorial of CFE, saving the trouble of using JTAG or Programmer

In fact, the memory in the vro consists of three parts: the header is CFE, which is actually the BIOS we are talking about. The following is the NVRAM and firmware area (the two did not study before and after ). Many of my friends want to use the JTAG line to refresh CFE (for example, if you want to modify some default configurations, or activate memory or overclock). The speed of 8-bit transmission of this parallel port is really slow, In fact, if the machine has not changed bricks, you can use

Ubuntu 12 Installing BCM 43142 Wireless Card driver

Transferred from: the following terminal command:sudo apt-get install linux-headers-generic build-essential dkmssudo apt-get update (optional maybe)sudo apt-get install Linux-sourcesudo apt-get install--reinstall bcmwl-kernel-source (it may only be possible to perform this step successfully)sudo modprobe WLsudo dpkg-i wireless-bcm43142-dkms_6.20.55.19-1_amd64.debNote:BCMWL Drive Address:

BCM Drive Analysis

The DHD driver layer dhd_xxx.c calls the bus Sdio drive layer bcmsdh_sdio_xxx.c and then calls the Fifo,buf,reg of the controller layer and other TX RX operations. In this series of calls, memory, IO,DMA, interrupts and other operations will use some of the OS interface and structure.Like a generic network driver, the process of the BCM driver, TX data, is to write the Skb_buff data on the hardware header to the TX FIFO or Reg, write to the data Len,

Wayos extended Wan port tool 1.4 was released, and BCM embedded three-day smart restart Super Terminal debugging diagram was released

Although it is very easy to extend the WAN port of wayos, sometimes it is too troublesome to modify the script because the WAN port is extended and copied in the whole batch, sometimes I want to change something and try again. It's too tired! After a while, I suddenly wanted to use the network card. This would be a problem, but don't worry. You can use 1.4 to restore the default function. It's also software for lazy people, haha : 1 The smart restart tool was compiled under the

A Preliminary Study on the Implementation of SAP NetWeaver: The difference between SAP NetWeaver and traditional sap Products

Today, SAP NetWeaver is a platform technology that has gradually become familiar to the industry, and there are more enterprises that have implemented or are implementing this platform in China. In my opinion, SAP's NetWeaver platform is indeed quite different from traditional products (such as R/3 and CRM and APO) in implementation:1. NetWeaver focuses more on TechnologyAlthough sap is focusing on the pres

SAP-how to learn sap basis

Below is a reference to a blog Article : How to Learn sap basis: Four tips: Hand-brain, extensive learning, self-answer, and forward-looking: Many people think that they want to learn sap basis from the beginning to learn the installation, and learn other SAP basis technologies and work after the installation. In fact,

SAP Direct Browsing URLs for Pentesting

List of sap http Resources to hack.../Rep/build_info.html/Rep/build_info.jsp/Run/build_info.html/Run/build_info.jsp/Rwb/version.html/Sap/bc/bsp/esh_ OS _service/favicon.gif/Sap/bc/bsp/sap/Sap/bc/bsp/sap/alertinbox/

Duet enterprise for Microsoft SharePoint and SAP

Document directory How sap information is displayed on SharePoint Server and Microsoft Outlook 2010 Preset Functions Template and other construction Blocks Monitoring and Troubleshooting Security Duet enterprise for Microsoft SharePoint and SAP is a new product jointly developed by SAP and Microsoft to implement interoperability between

Invoke functions in the ABAP on-premise system using the JAVA+SAP cloud Platform +SAP Cloud Connector

Recently, Jerry received a prototype development task that required some functions in the ABAP on Premise system (SAP CRM on-premise) to be called. The scenario is similar to the scenario described by my previous public article Cloud for customer and the integration series tutorials.The difference is that cloud for Customer (C4C) is a cloud solution whose OData service/web Service can be consumed directly by other applications on the Internet network.

Integration of SAP Mobile documents and SAP MDM Afaria

See Afaria Administrator's Manual/Mobile documents Help: 1. Deploy SAP Mobile documents client through SAP MDM (Afaria) distribution 2. Remote removal of SAP Mobile documents client via SAP MDM (Afaria) 3. Configure SAP Mobile documents client through

SAP bi7.0 and SAP bw3.5

My friends sent me an email saying that most of my first tutorials were based on the SAP bw3.5 software environment. Most of the new sap bw systems are SAP bi7.0. It seems that sap Bi 7.0 has some adjustments to the software interface in a few places. How nice is your tutorial Based on

Do you want to know the secrets of one-click SAP deployment ?, Sap deployment

Do you want to know the secrets of one-click SAP deployment ?, Sap deployment Enterprise applications such as SAP have become a popular trend. Considering the characteristics of different industries and needs, the selected platform must be able to provide flexible capacity requirements for users and various IT activities at different levels. At this time, cloud m

Python easy tutorial for SAP with SAP GUI script

As we all know, if you want to use Python to do some desktop WIN32 application automation work, you need to use the famous Pywin32 especially the Win32com.client module, PYWIN32 installation can not be directly through the Pip install method, On Pywin32 's official GitHub link: Select the version that corresponds to the desktop system version and Python version to install:If everything is OK, the module will not be reported in Ipython when it is impo

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