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SAP NetWeaver BW: bw layered Scalable Architecture (LSA) Building Blocks

Welcome to my second blog about the BW layered Scalable Architecture (LSA) the reference architecture for large scale BW dwhs/edws. in this blog we will have a look at the LSA building blocks, the cornerstones of your future BW architecture.What we discussed so far In my blog 'sap NetWeaver

Sap bw basic knowledge)

BW is short for business information warehouse. Sap bw can provide trusted data and information so that managers and business personnel can make quick decisions on this basis. Sap bw provides an integrated and independent EB policy management solution.

Sap bw Study Notes (1)

Sap bw stands for business information warehouse, which is also known as SAP Business Intelligence after version 3.5.The information integration layer in the overall architecture of SAP NetWeaver is tied to master data management and knowledge management. This layer is called information integration, it is the analysis

Note 1049712-applying SPS/patches for SAP NetWeaver bw/Bi frontend

You are facing a problem in the Bi 3.50 \ 7.00 \ 7.x frontend and you want to apply a patch on an installation server or on a workstation. Other terms FEP, SP, patches for NetWeaver 2004 s business explorer frontend. Reason and prerequisites Due to an error in the business explorer frontend tools, the application of the latest bw/Bi frontend patch (FEP) or support packages (SP) from the sap service

What is the difference between BW and Bo in sap?

Very different ~ BW is the data part (equivalent to Data Modeling and storage). Bo is used to display the data front-end in BW (that is, the report part. Bo has multiple report implementation tools) 1. sap bw refers to SAP Business Warehouse, that is,

Sap bw Server Installation (2)

Sap bw Server Installation (2) Extraction of BW package Sap bw Server Installation (2) Extraction of BW package The SAP package is in proprietary compression format with the suffix of

Overview of sap bw Problems

1. After several years of work, how many complete projects have you done? A: "I have worked on a complete project and now I am working as an internal consultant or external consultant in this company. 2. Which one do you mainly take charge? A: I am mainly responsible for the FI and HR modules above BW and have some knowledge about other modules. 3. What is the Delta mechanism? A: After the first data load, Delta allows you to load only the data that

Sap bw: Web User Switching

itsIn the EP, you can create a system object to connect to a third-party system, for example, SAP Bi and R3. One of them is set to its, this function can be used to display the transaction code of the expires after BW in HTML format. I can't talk much about it, but I can't talk much about it directly. 1. Activate the corresponding service T-code: sicf. The root router activates the following services:/

SAP BW Transaction Code

Learning SAP BW For some time, the bw commonly used in the business code collation as follows, constantly updated, welcome to add.L RSA1 Data Warehouse console, including modeling, transmission, meta-data and so on;L RSA3 Data source analog extractor, generally used in the source R/3 system;L RSA5 the inactive data source in the source system;L RSA6 the active da

About sap bw lo extraction-global setting

posted to the BW system will be transferred there from the sap r/3 system. this prevents line items being transferredSeveral times from various sap r/3 system. Did not understand, for help. Deltimest With this parameter, you can set the retention period of entries that are no longer required in time stamp table bwom2_timest. the default setting for

Sap bw User-Defined Functions

". 9. Select int4. Check and return. 10. As shown in the following figure, I am not quite sure what this is for. It is estimated that we should choose the proper length. 11. The default value is 0. 12. Define B in the same way. 13. Final Result 14. Define the output result, which is defined at the export. 15. The input and output parameters are defined, and the specific implementation code is defined in the source code. 16. check whether it is correct. Activate it. 17. Call this functio

Data archiving process in SAP BW

This document explains the steps on how to create a DAP in sap bw, more information on what is archiving is covered in my archiving blog How to create data archiving process based on adk Method Step 1:Go to transaction rsa1 and right click on the info provider you want to archive and select "create data archiving process" Step 2:In the 'general settings' tab, check the box 'adk-based archiving '. syst

Sap bw mail sending monitoring policy

SAP BWEmailSendMonitoringPolicy In the past, when an email was submitted to the BW mail queue, we thought we had finished our work. In fact, we are not, and we are always confused, because emails may be wrong, dragged, waited, or stuck, and all the children may make mistakes, but we don't know why. Our plan is to include email sending in a controllable range, so we can know whether there are any errors,

Implement SAP link external database and read routines using transaction code DBCO

Wa_hr01.COMMIT work.ENDIF.Endloop.ENDIF.* * Close ConnectionEXEC SQL.Disconnect:cns_ygjkEndexec.* * Get exceptionCATCH Cx_sy_native_sql_error into Cl_exec_ref.EXIT.CATCH cx_sql_exception into Cl_sqlerr_ref.EXIT.Endtry.*---------------------------------------------------------------------** Form Pf_get_zz*---------------------------------------------------------------------** Organize incremental data*----------------------------------------------------------------------*FORM Pf_get_zz.APPEND Wa

Use the transaction code DBCO to implement SAP connection to external databases and read routines, dbcosap

Use the transaction code DBCO to implement SAP connection to external databases and read routines, dbcosap 1. Link to the SQLServer Database Execute the transaction code DBCO. Click the new entry button and fill in the information shown in The connection information here is very similar to the connection string of SQL Server, but the parameter name is slightly different. Specify the Host IP address and da

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