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Oracle Query library for all table names, field names, field name descriptions, query table data bar number, table name, Chinese table name,

Query all table names: Select T.table_name from User_tables t; Query all field names: Select T.column_name from user_col_comments t; Query all field names for the specified table: Select T.column_name from user_col_comments t where T.table_name = ' biz_dict_xb '; Query

When you use a dataset to make a data source, the column names that the GridView displays are different from the field names in the database tables

Tags: show rate bind DataSet field View grid field name database tableThe original Published time: 2008-10-27--from my Baidu article [imported by moving tools]Make sure that the autogeneratecolumns of the GridView is set to false; Use the GridView Edit column to add a bound field: "BoundField", Add the name of the column of the table in the database that you want

Get information about the field names, field descriptions, data types, primary keys, and other tables of the MSSQLSERVER database table

SQL script:SELECTTableName= Case whenA.colorder=1 ThenD.nameElse "' End,---table nameTableshowsthat= Case whenA.colorder=1 Then IsNull(F.value,"')Else "' End,---Table DescriptionTheserialnumberfield=A.colorder,---Field,---field nameIdentification= Case when ColumnProperty(,,'isidentity')=1 Then '√'Else "' End, PrimaryKey= Case when e

Oracle uses a cursor to query a string that is a combination of all the field names of a specified data table

Application: Refer to all the field name codes of the data table on the web, use cursors to generate all field names of the specified single table followed by commas for the list of field names separated by the select comma from t

Data collection in. NET exported to Excel (supports generics and display field order, customizable display column names)

determined by the order of the values in the Listfiled collection, and the values in the collection are the fields in the incoming data collection Studentmodel class. Export data supports generics, note that the field collection to display must be a field in the incoming data

The Oracle Build query includes the field names specified in all data table record statements

Label: Application: Field name of all data tables contained in the query database for all data in a table with a known field nameHow to: Specify the field name, User database table, which can execute the following queryThe--oracle build query includes the

Python reads all the data in the table in the XML database and obtains the field names of all tables in the database.

In the work, you need to read the data in the specified XML database and the field names required for the table. Therefore, we can improve the implementation in the existing example: XML database xmldabase. xml: Obtain the data of a specified table: from xml.etree import ElementTreedef get_table_records( xmlfile = N

In Oracle, the cursor is used to obtain the string corresponding to all field names of a specified data table.

Operation Procedure: Open PLSQLDeveloper and execute the following statement to obtain the string declaremytablenameVARCHAR (255): STAFFDOC corresponding to all field names of the specified data table using a cursor in Oracle; -- defines the variable of the name of the data table to be queried. STAFFDOC is the name of

Use cursors in Oracle to get strings for all field names in the specified data table

Operation steps: After opening Plsql developer, directly execute the following statement can come outUse cursors in--oracle to get strings for all field names in the specified data tableDeclareMytablename VARCHAR (255): = ' Staffdoc '; --Define the data table name variable to query, staffdoc the

Sqlserver queries the strings that are combined by the common field names of two data tables through the cursor.

-- Sqlserver query the strings composed of the common field names of two data tables through the cursor -- Application Scenario: mostly include the current order data table and historical order data table, and query the association between the current valid user

When submitting a form, the Name property of the form and the field names of the data table are the same, so what's wrong with that?

When submitting a form, the Name property of the form and the field names of the data table are the same, so what's wrong with that? Reply content: When submitting a form, the Name property of the form and the field names of the dat

Querying the database for all (a) table field names, data types, descriptions, etc.

Label:--Query database allSELECT (case if A.colorder=1 then else null end) Table name,A.colorder field ordinal, field name,IsNull (G.[value], ") as [description]From Syscolumns ALeft join Systypes B on A.xtype=b.xusertypeINNER JOIN sysobjects D on and d.xtype= ' U ' and d.nameLeft join syscomments E on a.cdefault=e.idLeft joins Sys.extended_properties G on and a.colid

The Oracle build query contains all the data table record statements that correspond to the specified field names

Application: Known field name, querying all data tables in the database that contain the field nameAction: Specify the field name, database table user, execute the following query statement can--oracle Build query contains all data table record statements that correspond to

Excel data dictionary converted to PDM (with table name, field corresponding to Chinese description)

One of the problems encountered at work is converting an Excel data dictionary to PDM. But the conversion is completed in English, the original table name, the field name of the Chinese description is not.And for this problem can be done directly after the powerdesigner15.2, but their own 15.2 is not particularly familiar with, now the following is the use of VBS

Export MySQL table notes and field notes to do a data dictionary

Often check the data table do not know the meaning of the field, and then to look at the design table to see the meaning of the field, the database has been modified by many people, database design documents can not support the current table structure. Just want to make a data dict

How PHP Gets the field names and details of MySQL data tables

] = = [Default] = [6] = [Extra ] = [7] = select,insert,update,references [Privileges] = select,insert,update,references [8] = [Comment] =) ............ Additional Information: Of course you can also list the fields in MySQL results by mysql_list_fields-. Mysql_list_fields () Gets the information for the given table name, which is the database name and table name, and returns a result pointer. However, the Mysql_list_fields () function is obsolete. It is best to use mysql_query () to emit an SQL

Queries for column names in the data for a field in Oracle

Structure of the original tableQuery statements: Select Sno,sname,sum (language) language, sum (mathematics) Mathematics, SUM (English) English from (select Sno,sname,decode (subjiect, ' language ', grade) language, decode ( Subjiect, ' math ', grade) math, decode (subjiect, ' English ', grade) English from MYOBJECT) group by Sno,sname query resultsQueries for column names in the data for a

Querying MySQL data table for field names and table structures

Tags: table structure tables database name span field name com sele mysqlQuery the fields of the table: --Query the field name of the table SELECTcolumn_name--Group_concat (' A. ', column_name) as column_name--Add table aliases and connect with commas frominformation_schema. COLUMNSWHERETable_schema= 'Hera' --Database name andtable_name= 'Tbn_car' --Table name; Query table structure: --query Table Structu

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