sap grc process control

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SAP EDI Architecture (Inbound and Outbound process)

database repository. This IDOC document must is passed down to the operating system layer for processing by the EDI subsystem. Now the IDOC are transferred to the operating system as a text file. The document is still in an IDOC format. The only difference is the medium of storage.The IDOC is converted to EDI standards. The IDOC format is a SAP proprietary format. For EDI purposes, the document in IDOC format have to is converted into a EDI standard

Best practices for integrating IBM Business Process Management with SAP systems (i)

Part 1th: BPM integration with the SAP system through WebSphere Adapter for SAP Background information BPM (Business process Management, business process Management) is used to model and automate solutions for business processes, provide strong connectivity to the interface features of various application systems, an

How does BPM business process management and SAP better integrate and integrate?

Shenzhen City Technology Co., Ltd. is a well-focused on the internet of Things wireless communication products and services of national high-tech enterprises. Science and technology focus on wireless application needs of the mining and implementation, with product planning, industrial design, structure, hardware, software, testing, ID, logistics and other complete research and development and design system, the company currently employs more than 500, research and development and other engineeri

Data archiving process in SAP BW

This document explains the steps on how to create a DAP in sap bw, more information on what is archiving is covered in my archiving blog How to create data archiving process based on adk Method Step 1:Go to transaction rsa1 and right click on the info provider you want to archive and select "create data archiving process" Step 2:In the 'general settings' ta

Description of the role of 16 fields in the sap sd Pricing Process, sapsd

Description of the role of 16 fields in the sap sd Pricing Process, sapsd Description of the functions of 16 fields in the Pricing ProcessDefine Pricing ProcedureSelect the pricing procedure which is the standard and copy it andcreate our own pricing procedure.Highlight it and double click the Control icon in the LHSscreen.We can see that there are 16 columns in

Real estate development, how to change the marketing team to the Front team-fit the full cycle of project development and achieve full-process Marketing Control

established an integrated management platform with high integration and collaboration thanks to its continuous innovation and massive upgrade of management information, thus creating a full-cycle marketing control model. The Marketing Management pre-concept is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, and the entire marketing process control has demonstrated re

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