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"Book reviews" sap memory computing-Hana

from SAP. In fact, the biggest difficulty for Hana is how to understand what Hana is? I once thought that Hana was just a new database system developed by SAP based on Sybase and SAP's own MaxDB after the acquisition of Sybase, it took a lot of time to understand that it wa

SAP Hana Course

Hana is a combination of hardware and software and a common module in SAP. It is used to provide high-performance data query functions. Users can directly query and analyze a large amount of real-time business data, business data does not need to be modeled or aggregated. The data in the SAP memory database is not only stored in the memory, but also constantly wr

Why SAP HANA is a Better Choice than Oracle exalytics____oracle

market. He didn ' t win, the RACE:SAP launched HANA on Dec 1, 2010. The announcement explained that "SAP HANA is a integrated database and calculation layer that allows of MA Ssive quantities of real-time data in main memory to provide immediate the from results and analyses. This is business at the speed of thought–

On the feasibility of Big Data 3.0 replacing SAP HANA

, first used to replace BW, to support the data mart scene, to meet the enterprise's report statistics, query and market analysis needs. Three, Big Data 3.0 the feasibility of replacing Hana The launch of Hana is a sharp weapon in SAP's attempt to get rid of Oracle's dependence and to hit the database battlefield aggressively. Of course, its products, implementat

Goodbye oracle! Dell Resource Transfer tool starts to support SAP HANA

because of the two of them.Dell's new capabilities, coupled with the SAP project's no longer allowing its own ERP system to support Oracle or other brand repositories since 2025, have made the entire repository market more detrimental to Oracle.Shareplex was made in 2012 when Dell purchased Quest Software, where the product has been able to move the material between Oracle and the software SQL Server.Dell

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