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2005 Java Technology Annual review: integration and openness

2005 is the birth of JAVA10 10, the world's Java programmers in different ways to celebrate the birthday of Java, 10 years ago, a naïve little thing, today has become an important system of software industry. In the course of the development of the 1

Starting with the service component architecture

A considerable number of bloggers have been wanting to know about the standardization efforts of the Service Component Architecture (SCA). The SCA selection (pick-and-chose) specification style makes it easy to get lost in the SCA universe. Because

MYSQL-SMP3.0: IntegrationGatewaywithMySQLDatasource (Part3)

SMP3.0: IntegrationGatewaywithMySQLDatasource (Part3) Here we will see how to create a destination in Gateway cockpit and map it manually to deployed OData service and then how to perform CRUD operation on service document. Test the OData service

Basic concepts and design principles of SOA

 SOA is the abbreviation for the English word "service oriented Architecture", in which there are many translations, such as "service-oriented Architecture", "service-centric architecture" and "service-oriented Architecture", where "service-oriented

Use only the most suitable! Comprehensive comparison of mainstream. NET Report controls

ObjectiveWith the advent of the. NET platform, report-related development controls come with a number of mature products available to developers, and this article aims to compare the current 4 most popular models from different dimensions. NET

Lack of development space Java less than lamp and. NET? __mysql

Does Java have the ability to withstand lamp attacks? or lamp,. NET and Java will be three points in the world? is the former "cool" Java already become obsolete technology? With the rapid development of the Internet open source trend, the global IT

PHP5.6 compilation parameters in Linux

In Linux, PHP5.6 compilation parameters are explained in detail. during PHP compilation in Linux, there are quite a number of option parameters. today, I make up my mind./configure -- help> help.txt exports and translates a compilation option list

Linux PHP5.6 compilation parameters

There are quite a few options for compiling PHP under Linux, so make up your mind today./configure--help > Help.txt exports a list of compilation options and translates them for later review. SAPI modules (option for PHP SAPI interface module):

MySQL Design solution

Scale out: Scaling out, adding processing nodes to improve overall processing powerScale up: vertically scaled to improve the overall processing power by increasing the processing power of a single nodeReplicationMySQL's replication is asynchronous

Beware of it black holes

Beware of it black holesWhat is it black holeIt black hole refers to the enterprise in the use of information technology for business management, the large amount of hardware or software investment does not bring the expected management efficiency,

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