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Sap crm Project note (3)-Weakness of SAP consultants

October 25 ~ In May November 10, I was preparing to go to Hubei and Henan for a service system inspection. The reason why I was able to leave was that during this period, I mainly set up a testing platform and conducted basic sap CRM training for users, too many procedures and requirements have not been involved. On Sunday (October 22), we conducted basic knowledge training for sap crm. The speaker is the g

SAP Xi certification questions set 3 sap exchange infrastructure (XI)

1. Which of the following belong the Process Integration stack of SAP NetWeaver A) Integration Broker B) Business Process Management C) Multi Channel Access D) Collaboration 2. Loosely Coupled applications communicate A) FTP B) SMTP C) RFC D) XML messaging 3. The components of the Integration Builder A) integration Repository B) Exchange Profile C) Integration directory D) Deploym

Sap r/3 Testing [2]

6. No controls for promoting/transporting objects into production In batch SAP projects that I have consulted for, there are very little controls for promoting objects into a live production environment. other projects are very lax with their rules for promoting objects and have no means for auditing the approval process for transporting objects or do not include all the necessary stakeholders in transporting objects. ERP systems like

Sap r/3 testing [1]

Title: Lessons Learned from testing sap r/3 Sap r/3 is the market leader in ERP installations and ERP sales. sap has thousands of tables, multiple IndustrySpecific solutions, thousands of transactions, and connectivity to an unlimited number of legacy systems. furthermore

[Download] sap r/3 ides 4.71 Chinese Version

[Sap. R/3.ides.4.71. 文 700.0 MB [Sap. R/ 700.0 MB [Sap. R/ 700.0 MB [Sap. R/

Whether sap r/3 needs to be applied when being integrated with other heterogeneous systems

Whether sap r/3 needs to be applied when being integrated with other heterogeneous systems When you need to integrate sap r/3 with other heterogeneous systems, you are faced with two choices: one is simple and practical text (solution 1 ), systems Exchange data through the agreed public directory. Generally, each in

Sap r/3 basic financial concepts and integration-primary data

settings will also become simple and efficient, and the original "Pyramid" organizational structure will become a "flat" organizational structure. There is no doubt that the above advantages will allow enterprises that successfully implement ERP to gain great advantages in the fierce market competition. Specifically, this will reduce costs, increase the efficiency of capital utilization, provide accurate data for decision-making, and reduce opportunity costs. There are many management software

SQL Server 2005 combines with SAP R/3 to complete "TB-level" applications

Microsoft's worldwide operations run on SAP R/3, used by 57,000 employees and distributed in 89 countries. As the world's largest software company, Microsoft has a large number of data to be tracked, running 20 million SAP transactions per month on 1.8TB databases. Microsoft is delighted that the SAP deployment on Micr

Sap r/3 Overview

Sap r/3 is an integrated enterprise resource planning system based on the customer/service machine structure and open systems. Its functions cover the finance, logistics (engineering design, procurement, inventory, production, sales and quality), human resource management, SAP Business workflow system, and Internet application link functions of enterprises. R/

. Net connection to SAP system topic: C # Call RFC code (3)

This article describes how to write code in C # To Call The RFC function in SAP to obtain data. (Winform32) First, you must reference two nco3.0 DLL files. Then reference it on the program code page: Using SAP. Middleware. connector; Then all the code is as follows: Namespace sap_rfc { Public partial class form1: Form { String matnr = string. empty; Public form1 () { Initializecomponent (); } Public void NC

Talk about sap r/3 enhanced development

Types of SAP enhancements: 1. User Exit: SAP reserves an include file to allow abaper to directly modify the file content. 2. Customer enhancement: This method is basically the same as that produced by users. It enhances some management and has dedicated tables to store enhanced export features. View and implement enhancements through smod and cmod 3. Badi: de

SAP installation CJS-00095 return code 3 of executable E:/Oracle/ora92/bin/LSNRCTL indicates an error resolved

Recently installed sap ides4.71, the installation process has been smooth, until this step to the Oracle pre-load actions, began to report "CJS-00095 return code 3 of executable E: the error "/Oracle/ora92/bin/LSNRCTL indicates an error" cannot be deleted or reinstalled. Therefore, you should carefully study the error log and learn from it online, oracle's listening service cannot be started. However, the

Bapi/RFC with Delphi (Series 3) -- use tsaplogoncontrol (login to the Delphi source code of SAP without a dialog box)

1. Create a new form and add the following controls on the form Component Function Saplogoncontrol1 SAP ActiveX-component to logon to the system Button1 Button to start the procedure 2,Source codeAs follows: Unit s_logon; Interface UsesWindows, messages, sysutils, classes, graphics, controls, forms, dialogs,Extctrls, olectrls, saplogonctrl_tlb, stdctrls, grids; TypeTform1 = Class

SAP Sybase Training Note 3

/.log/iq/store Path after completion, go to the slave node path: dbbackup-c "UID=DBA;PWD=SQL;ENG=T2;"-d-y. >dbbackup-c "uid=dba;pwd=sql;eng=mpx_n1;links=tcpip{port=2765}"-d-y. >dblog-r-T mpx_n1.log mpx_n1.db >start_iq-n mpx_sec-x "tcpip{port=2689}" @params. CFG mpx_n1.db Connect to a node dbisql-c ""-X "tcpip{}" alter tablespace iq_system_temp add FILE mpx_node_temp ' temp_file.iqtmp ' size Sp_iqmpxinfo View the master-slave interface information. DBLog the data mining function inside the IQ, e

Algorithm template--SAP Network maximum stream 3 (recursive + adjacency table)

,l:longint;p:point; - begin - ifX=t Thenexit (flow); -dfs:=0;p: =A[x]; - whilePNil Do - begin in if(p^.w>0) and(D[x]= (d[p^.g]+1)) Then - begin toK:=dfs (P^.g,min (flow-dfs,p^.w)); + Dec (p^.w,k); - Inc (P^.ANTI^.W,K); the Inc (DFS,K); * ifDfs=flow Thenexit; $ End;Panax Notoginsengp:=P^.next; - End; the

Algorithm template--SAP Network maximum stream 3 (recursive + adjacency matrix)

Implementation features: Same as beforeCan see is a lot of beautiful program, code short more than one times, but the speed is and the original adjacency table A level (in the codevs above the grassland drainage that the running time comparison, but obviously the data is very big should be slower than that), the principle is similar, feel DFS inside the back and forth variable is amazing1 var2 S,t,i,j,k,l,m,n,ans:longint;3A:Array[0.. +,0.. +] ofLongint;4D,DV:Array[0..10000] ofLongint;5 functionm

Sap r/3 often used t-code

external operating system commands, maintain Sp00 SpoolSp01 Spool Control Sp02 display output requestsSP11 temse (temporary sequential objects) Contents Sp12 temse AdministrationS3spool Administration (printer setup) Spam sap Patch ManagerSpau intersection sap transport/customer modifications Spcc spool; consistency checkSpdd intersection sap transport/c

Sap r/3 material master record

1. Accounting --- SAP system administrator defines centrally in CustomizingEnterprise Structure(In define valuation level) whether the accounting data for a material is managed at company code level or plant level. When you create accounting data, you must therefore enter either a company code or a plant The most important information is that the valuation type, you can manage different stocks separately and therefore valuate them differently. so fo

Duet enterprise for Microsoft SharePoint and SAP

environment, the duet enterprise SAP add-on provides the preceding services for SAP Business applications (such as SAP Business Suite) interoperability with end-user platforms (such as Microsoft Office client applications and SharePoint websites. Note that duet enterprise does not need to install any content on the client computer by default. All interactions wi

SAP-how to learn sap basis

the introduction of SAP products and their system architecture. Never look down on the non-technical aspects of SAP. 3. Self-answer:Teaching is the law of any knowledge, especially in the world of SAP for new changes. No one can be proficient in all basis projects. Therefore, no matter you are a beginner or an old s

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