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Introduction to IDE, SATA, SCSI, SAS, FC, SSD drive types [ZZ]

150mb/s, which is higher than the fastest parallel ATA (that is, ata/133) that can achieve 133mb/s maximum data transfer rate, while in Serial ATA The data transfer rate of 2.0 reaches 300mb/s, and eventually SATA will achieve the highest data transfer rate of 600mb/s.In the purchase of motherboards, there is no need to be too concerned about the IDE interface transmission standard how fast, in fact, the A

Motherboard SATA connector does not recognize the hard drive how to do

have built-in RAID features or has been in the BIOS to turn off RAID features, you can not load the driver, directly install the system. Scenario four: Some motherboards from the IDE to the SATA transition period, SATA is turned off by default in the BIOS. You need to manually enable the line. SATA interface: Serial

Graphical IDE hard disk interface diagram SATA hard disk interface diagram SCSI hard drive interface

hard Disk Interface The current hard disk interface type is not much, mainly IDE, SCSI, SATA three kinds. Many times the IDE replaces the Ultra ATA, many people are accustomed to the Ultra ATA hard disk is called IDE hard disk, but need to explain that the concept of the IDE

Guide to SATA hard drive setup [an article useful to friends who use SATA]

convenient.Generally, a drive floppy disk is attached to the motherboard, but only the drive disc of the motherboard is provided. Copy the SATA drive file to the floppy disk. Some also need to use a specific program of the

Introduction to IDE, SATA, SCSI, SAS, FC, SSD drive types

Reference: main types of hard disk interfaces currently available are IDE, SATA, SCSI, SAS, FC, and so on.The IDE is commonly known as the port, SATA is commonly known as the serial port, both of the hard disk is the PC and low-end server common hard disk.S

SATA hard drive usage settings and system installation considerations

One, BIOS setup section Because each motherboard's BIOS is not the same, but the principle is basically consistent, here only a few more typical BIOS settings, I believe that readers can refer to the actual situation of the motherboard BIOS to solve the problem. 1. The South Bridge is the ICH5 motherboard Let's take Asus ' p4c800 as an example, the motherboard

SATA hard drive usage settings and system installation

menu under main. Under the onboard ide operate mode, you can select two ide operation modes: compatible mode and enhanced mode (compatible mode and enhanced mode ). The compatibility mode is compatible mode, which can be understood as ing the SATA hard disk port to the corresponding port of the parallel port ide chann

How to enable the USB flash drive on the MSI motherboard, how to enable the USB flash drive on the MSI motherboard Bios, and how to enable the USB flash drive on the MSI motherboard bios

How to enable the USB flash drive on the MSI motherboard, how to enable the USB flash drive on the MSI motherboard Bios, and how to enable the USB flash drive on the MSI motherboard bios Press the Delete key on the keyboard repea

How to Use ghost on SATA hard drive

Many friends have previously asked if the SATA hard drive can use ghost. When using ghost to back up the system, they may have encountered this situation, After the system is started with a floppy disk or a CD, the system is black after the ghost. EXE command is used. Does ghost not support SATA devices? Can't we back up the system after using a

How to Use ghost for serial port (SATA) Hard Drive

Many catchers have asked if they can use ghost for SATA hard disks. When using ghost to back up the system, they may have encountered such a situation. After starting the system with a floppy disk or a CD, when using ghost. after the EXE command, the system is black and crashes. Does ghost not support SATA devices? Can't we back up the system after using a SATA h

What is the difference between SATA and the IDE?

SATA hard disk with a new design structure, fast data transfer, space-saving, compared to the IDE hard disk has many advantages: 1. SATA drives are faster than IDE hard drives. SATA can now provide peak transmission rates for 150mb/s. The future will be up to MB/s and MB/s.

The difference between a SAS hard drive and a SATA hard drive

prices are too expensive. The actual transmission speed changes little. Users to pursue mature, stable products. This column more highlights: http://www.bianceng.cn SATA hard disk, serial connection, Serial ATA bus using embedded always signal, with stronger error correction capability, improve the reliability of data transmission. It also has the advantages of simple structure and hot plug. The main

No reload system from Ide/sata modified to AHCI mode

Open AHCI No reload system Now provides a tool for you to update AHCI drives directly under Windows, and reboot the AHCI hard drive mode in the BIOS to get it done. First download the Skyiar v0.5 software in the Windows family, click Run. You can see that the software automatically recognizes the Windows operating system and is automatically checked for Ide/sata

Differences between hard disk SCSI (SAS), IDE, and SATA

Hard Disks include SSD, HDD, and HHD. SSD uses flash memory particles for storage, HDD uses magnetic discs for storage, and hybrid hard disks (HHD: hybrid hard disk) is a hard disk that integrates the magnetic hard disk and flash memory. HDD: hard disk drive is one of the main storage media of a computer. It consists of one or more aluminum or glass-based discs. These discs are covered with magnetic materials. The vast majority of hard disks are fix

Introduction and Evaluation of sata sas ssd hard drive

SATA The full name of Sata is serial Advanced Technology Attachment,Proposed by Intel, IBM, Dell, APT, maxtor, and SeagateHard Disk InterfaceSpecification. The SATA hard drive adopts a new design structure, which features fast data transmission and space saving. It has many advantages over the

SATA hard Drive cause ghost blue screen What should I do?

After entering the DOS, the operation of the Ghost machine will stop not moving, into a false panic phenomenon. If you enter the PE run ghost will be blue screen. The main reason for this is that the ghost version is too low (version less than 11) and does not recognize Sata's optical drives and hard drives. When the ghost starts, it detects whether the IDE hard disk exists, if there is no IDE device, it w

How to install sas hard drive and sata serial hard drive win2003 on the server

interfaces. Among them, scsi raid is mainly used for servers/workstations that require high performance and high reliability, while the desktop mainly uses ide raid and sata raid.In the past, raid functions were implemented mainly by inserting raid control cards on the main board. Now more and more boards have added onboard raid chips for direct implementation.Q: What is the raid level? What does raid grad

Computer Bois IDE How to convert SATA

1, we restart the boot press the motherboard Bois key (here to note that because each motherboard to enter the BIOS button is different from the general, such as F2,f8,f12,del, such as these several more commonly used buttons) 2, then in the BIOS using the keyboard to move around the choice of advanced. 3, then under the advanced using the keyboard up and down to select "Local bus

The system does not recognize the SATA hard drive

When using the SATA interface hard disk to install XP system, there is a panic, blue screen situation, show "Unknown Hard errorsystemrootsystem32ntdll.ll" error. Since the SATA interface appears later than the XP system, the SATA driver needs to be invoked when the system is installed, and an unrecognized hard drive

Install Linux on SATA hard drive (earlier versions)

Install Linux on SATA hard disk (earlier versions)-General Linux technology-Linux technology and application information. For details, refer to the following section. You do not need to read the latest version. Sata hard drive In the BIOS of the motherboard, you must set the SA

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