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Android about screenshot save picture to album function

Iv_photo.builddrawingcache ();Iv_photo.setbackgroundcolor (Mcontext.getresources (). GetColor (R.color.textcolorwhite));Iv_photo.setdrawingcacheenabled (TRUE);Bitmap Bitmap = Iv_photo.getdrawingcache ();SimpleDateFormat formatter = new SimpleDateFormat ("yyyy mm month DD Day HH:mm:ss");Date curdate = new Date (System.currenttimemillis ());//Get current timeString str = Formatter.format (curdate);MediaStore.Images.Media.insertImage (Mcontext.getcontentresolver (), Bitmap, str, "");UpdateUserPhoto

Android screenshot: Save a view of the contents of the picture and put it on the SD card

The project will occasionally use screenshots to share, so there is the following screenshot of the method ~The following SaveImage () method is to save the screen of all the contents of the current activity.private void SaveImage () {SD Card Save pathString Savepath = environment.getexternalstoragedirectory () + "/temp.png";ShowProgress ("Please Wait", "saving p

The Android screenshot save location is not in the selected SD card

Saveimageinbackgroundtask method to modify String Imagedir = Environment.getexternalstoragepublicdirectory (environment.directory_pictures). GetAbsolutePath ();1, JB2 modified to: String Imagedir = Storagemanager.getdefaultpath () + '/' + environment.directory_pictures; 2, JB3. TDD modified to: Import is also required;String Imagedir = Storagemanagerex.getdefaultpath () + '/' + environment.directory_pictures; 3, KK modified to: (1) Imp

Android screenshot Save instance code for PNG picture _android

Copy Code code as follows: Import; Import; Import; Import;Import;Import;Import Android.util.Log;Import Android.view.View; public class Screenshot {Gets the screenshot of the specified activity and saves it to the PNG fileprivate static Bitmap Takescreensh

Android custom screenshot function, similar to QQ screenshot, android screenshot

Android custom screenshot function, similar to QQ screenshot, android screenshot Because the company's business needs to take screenshots of a screen, but the built-in screenshot function is far from the functional requirements of

VC ++ screenshot code, and save it as the desired format (BMP, JPG, PNG, GIF, etc.), screenshot png

VC ++ screenshot code, and save it as the desired format (BMP, JPG, PNG, GIF, etc.), screenshot png Void CCaptionScreenDlg: Screen (char * filename) {HDC hdcSrc =: GetDC (NULL); int nBitPerPixel = GetDeviceCaps (hdcSrc, BITSPIXEL); int nWidth = GetDeviceCaps (hdcSrc, HORZRES); int nHeight = GetDeviceCaps (hdcSrc, VERTRES); CImage image; image. create (nWidth, nH

Win10 can't screenshot How to do? Win10 screenshot failed to save the solution of the picture

Many friends often use the Win10 screenshot function, however, the recent emergence of the situation can not be screenshots, the specific performance of Windows Screenshot tool will sometimes appear after the screenshot can not save the picture of the problem, click the Screenshot

Screenshot function extraction in Android and screenshot extraction in android

Screenshot function extraction in Android and screenshot extraction in android Android 4.0 and later versions can capture the current screen by pressing the power key and volume key at the same time, and then there will be a transitional animation effect. Here we extract the

Samsung NOTE4 How to save smart multiple screenshots? Note4 Save Intelligent Multi-screenshot method

To save a smart multiple screenshot, follow these steps: 1. Hover the S pen to the top of the screen, press the S Pen button to open the Floating Window command, and click on the "Smart multiple screenshot" icon. (Floating Window command Open method: set-S pen-Floating window command-open) 2. Use S pen to select the screen area to collect or

Android implements the rectangular area screenshot method and android screenshot

Android implements the rectangular area screenshot method and android screenshot There are two ways to take screenshots and crop the screenshots: early and late. Early is to take a full screen first, and then let the user modify the captured image. In contrast, late is to let the user draw a area on the screen before a

Android screenshot--desktop simultaneously hold power and volume-screenshot-screenshot no Sound

Problem Description:"Test Steps" 1, the desktop simultaneously press and hold power and volume-"Test Result" no sound"Expected result" should not have no soundThis is a Google common problem for the following reasons:Decode does not complete when first capture.Solution:for Audio Sound pool case, skip EOS delay time-to-faster to send-out EOS.Modified Location: Frameworks/av/media/libstagefright/awesomeplayer.cppvoid Awesomeplayer::p ostcheckaudiostatusevent (int64_t delayus) { mutex::autolock

Implementation of screenshot capture in Android system (with code included) and screenshot capture in android system

Implementation of screenshot capture in Android system (with code included) and screenshot capture in android system1. I have been writing a blog on the background for almost two years. I have written more than 100 articles. The most popular article is how to achieve screenshots of the

Android screenshot and android screenshot shortcut

Shortcut Keys for Android and android Android provides a good implementation. From the development documentation, you can see that the View has an interface getDrawingCache (), which can obtain the Bitmap image of the View when calling this interface. It captures the image of a View at a certain time point, including the image of all the sub-views from addView to

In Win8, how does one use the "Save screenshot" function?

Function usage:1. The win8 system application store went to find this tool. We searched "Save screenshot" to find the software and then downloaded and installed it;2. Then, we only need to open the screenshot tool game or the application interface, the effect is as follows;3. Select the left-hand corner and click "

Apple Mac How to set the screenshot save location?

Apple Mac OS x how to set the screenshot save location? We all know that through shift+command+3 or 4 can be screenshots in the Mac system, the screenshot is completed by default on the desktop, but if more screenshots, the desktop will become very messy, So how do we set the default save location for Mac screenshots?

Win8 System "Save screenshot" function how to use correctly

Screenshot is the operation of the computer more commonly used functions, and screenshots of the function of a number of ways, such as Win7 64-bit flagship screenshot software, system with screenshots, and so on, in the WINDOWS8 system can actually download in the application store "Save screenshot" tool, you can more

Unity3d call external camera, save picture, do not use screenshot mode

click the Save button to save the picture to the specified path: Note that the path can be modified, but it does not create itself, will be error. Look at the resultsWhat is the benefit of doing this compared to the screenshot, I think:1, the screen coordinates need your own adjustment, Unity3d the default coordinate origin and the screen when the coordinate ori

MAC OS no screenshot tool? Save it, the system is ready for you.

OS X There are many such as skitch, voila, such as excellent screenshot software, but for the disk space can save the province I am still accustomed to the system with the screenshot function, convenient, fast and practical. Below share some tips for taking screenshots with the system. Basic shortcuts (+ for simultaneous operations,-to indicate step-

Watir-webdriver screenshot save to Excel feature

1.watir-webdriver self-bringing functionBrowser.driver.save_screenshot ' Screenshot.png 'This method can be used to capture images of the entire Web page. Powerful, but the downside is that the truncated images are blurry and the resolution is not high. Especially in Excel, the effect is poor.2.win32 screenshot functionYou need to install the gem install Win32screenshot firstWhen executing:Require ' win32/screensh

Allow Win8 to automatically save pictures to the specified directory with the screenshot tool

Under the WIN8 system, many users prefer to use the PRTSC button to quickly get the graph, the user is using the PRTSC button, the system will automatically capture the contents of the current desktop display, but using the method screenshot, the captured pictures will be saved as a clipboard, rather than as a picture stored as local, If you want to file in the form of the file automatically saved to the local, then we need to make the

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