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SCA (Service component architecture) programming pattern

This article transferred from: This article introduces the basic concepts in the SCA programming model and illustrates some of its basic uses in a simple example, expecting to be a catalyst

SOA Standards----SCA Architecture ideas

SOA Standards----SCA Architecture IdeasSOA has two sets of standards in the Java World: one is Sun's JBI (not recognized by BEA and IBM) and the other is the SCA and SDO standards introduced by companies such as IBM and BEA. JBI's focus on Java

Introduction to the SCA/SDO standard system of SOA

The Open CSA organization facilitates the creation and adoption of the Service Component Architecture (SCA) and Service data Object (SDO) specification series. Service Component Architecture (SCA) Service Component Architecture (SCA) is a set of

SCA of SOA standards

SCA (Service Component arichitecture) effect : the separation of business components and transport protocols enables the integration of various platform components to be handled. content: The specific implementation of SCA is the SCA Standard and

Designing and developing SCA components using the Spring framework, part 1th

Designing and developing SCA components using the Spring Framework, part 1th-Musketeers: Spring, SCA, and Apache Tuscany In the "using the Spring framework design and Development SCA Components" series, learn how to effectively combine the service

SOA/SCA: Let people who care about the technology go away!

I haven't come up with a proper title for a long time. This question seems to be a bit "title party", but it is also what I want to express: SCA is not a technical problem, just as a netizen posted a message to me, SCA has no technical knowledge!

Next, let's talk about osgi, SCA, and service framework.

Bluedavy, a new employee from brothers, was just an indirect mentor when I started osgi (I read his osgi Advanced Course and shared some practical experiences). I met bluedavy for the first time on the Internet at noon, after talking about it for a

Designing and developing SCA components using the Spring Framework, part 2nd

Designing and developing SCA components using the Spring Framework, part 2nd-Advanced techniques for using Apache Tuscany Brief introduction This series uses the Spring Framework to design and develop SCA components, part 1th: The Three Musketeers:

Discussion on the creation and invocation of SCA component from spring example

Services-Oriented Architecture (service Component Architecture,sca) is one of the most cutting-edge technology concepts in the industry at present. But for many developers, how to design and develop on the SCA architecture is relatively abstract.

Connection and difference between SCA and jbi

See: 1. What is SCA? Weakness of WSDL: WSDL improves the connectivity and interoperability between applications. however, WSDL only focuses on one service interface, excluding any information

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