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Lean agile outsourcing development-Thinking

Preface: This article mainly describes the main thinking behind lean agile outsourcing development? This article: Many IT departments of enterprises outsource software development and software testing in order to have more and more elastic human resources due to human cost considerations? However, when the IT departmen

Lean Kanban Management and agile software development

Recently, I've seen Infoq's article on the practice and application of lean kanban in software development, and agile software development draws on many of the ideas of TPs lean production, although the concept of kanban is not fully mentioned, but Kanban is necessary in the

Project development process-------Agile Development--Lean overview

release Plan2 demand decomposition3 Row PeriodNine Test acceptanceTen release1 Development Server2 Test Server3 Production ServerAgile development--Lean overviewThe Agile Manifesto: We are looking for better software development methods through our own practice and helping

Lean agile outsourcing development-Information Delivery

Preface: This article is mainly about lean agile outsourcing development. Why should we discard "overly-heavy documents" and change to "Visual Kanban" to effectively integrate different enterprises, can software outsourcing personnel located in different office areas complete high-quality delivery together efficiently? This article: The IT department of an enter

Lean software development and lean management: from a closed car factory re-energizing youth speaking

proven ideas.Lean thought HouseIn his book, "A large application guide for lean and agile development", Canadians have developed a lean thought House model based on the interior of Toyota's earlier version of TPS. :The House-shape chart clarifies the two pillars of lean thi

Fix bugs and solve problems: from agile to lean

There are many definitions of lean, but one of the most encouraging is that the Lean Enterprise Research Institute chairman John Shooke in his book, "Management Lean", described in the passage: lean by improving the level of staff to ensure product development. On the basis

Agile Production-Lean Production in the Toyota Model

The software industry has been developing for decades, and the development process has changed from generation to generation. It is estimated that the next generation will be agile soon. Since I started to contact agile development, I have a question in my mind: is agile

Lean and agile collaboration

?Lean and agile collaborationMainly expectations ...... Through Visual dashboards and lightweight documents, the solution team responsible for developing solutions and the development implementation team can work more closely together? This allows the solution team to efficiently develop feature release plans and more efficiently transfer the scenarios of various

Analyzing Lean Product Development: Kanban Development method

Kanban (Kanban) Development method is the hottest agile and lean development method in recent years. A growing number of cases show that it can improve collaboration, optimize management, and significantly improve delivery speed, quality, and flexibility. The rule of Kanban develop

Lean development practice: using dashboards to manage large projects

to manage large projects is suitable for project team leaders, managers, and other change owners in software development organizations. It is also suitable for all people interested in Agile development. Agile terms such as lean, kanban, and scrum are very fashionable, but

Lean Software Development

Lean (Agile) is a word I think cannot be translated very well, it wants to express the basic meaning: at the lowest cost, the highest efficiency, the highest quality, timely and rapid response and meet customer needs. The core of the word to express is: timely and rapid response to meet customer needs. Lean has another meaning: the scope of application is

View self-similarity of agile development from continuous delivery (heartbeat of Agile Development)

that are temporarily unavailable. According to the concept of lean production, documents are just an intermediate product, which is not only difficult to write but also difficult to review. Even if you see a perfect requirement document in the early stage, it is also difficult to ensure that the perfect software can be seen at the end. Therefore, agile development

Brief introduction of Agile software development

Because I read Xin Zou Teacher's "construction Method: Modern Software Engineering (second edition)", so the Agile software development has a relatively large interest. So I found some papers on the Internet, such as requirements Engineering and agile Software Development, A decade of

Analysis of Lean product development: value-oriented visualization

User Story map and task Kanban, version and Iteration Burndown charts, visualization has become a necessary practice for agile and lean product development. Is visualization really important? We'll start with a real team practice, explore the role of visualization, and how to make visualization work. 1. A team example This is a 50-person team that makes enterpr

The comparison between agile development and traditional development mode

phaseAfter each module has passed its own unit test, the developer integrates all the modules together for testing. This will allow you to find out the problems with each module in the last change and avoid some compatibility issues at the same time. It's much easier to change a little bit at a time than to wait until the last time you set up all the problems.Agile development EcosystemAgile development mo

--scrum Agile Development

, waterfall patterns seem powerless. For example, the user gave a demand, we follow its implementation, delivery to the customer, once the customer changes the requirements, and the changes in many places even with the original requirements completely inconsistent. Then we would not have wasted our energies. And the agile method satisfies the demand the way mainly through iteration. At the end of each iteration cycle (typically one to two weeks), the

Several concepts related to the development model-Waterfall Model, eXtreme Programming, and agile development

development mode. Here we will not detail the Ruby on Rails framework.The Internet Development Model of aoyuan group is gradually changing to this development model. For example, we used this development model in the website project of ganjing sub-Education Commission: ① The Devel

The goal of agile development is not to deliver fast!

%E7%82%BA%E4% bd%95%e6%9c%83%e6%af%94%e8%bc%83%e5%bf%ab/Related reading: The power of Seeing – (I) Thinking of solving problems Power of Seeing – (II) Impact map User story-driven agile development –2. Create a backlog User story-driven agile development –1. Planning Chapter Analyzing the five

Agile Software Development Model scrum Handouts

database techniques Agile modeling, am/agile Modeling Adaptive software development, ASD/adaptive Software Development Crystal method, Crystal Feature-driven development, FDD/feature Driven Development Dynamic Syst

Optimization of agile development from cost to benefit

processes and tools) ◆ Work software (for comprehensive documentation) ◆ Customer Cooperation (for contract negotiation) ◆ Respond to changes (for compliance plans) Managers must consider their roles. Most agile lean development managers use a more open approach. They enable the team members to take the lead in a specific direction to cultivate the environment n

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