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Use Python to scan IP addresses for network MAC addresses

#!/usr/bin/env python#-*-coding:utf-8-*-from scapy.all import srp,ether,arp,confipscan= ' ' try: Ans,unans = SRP (ether (dst= "FF:FF:FF:FF:FF:FF")/arp (Pdst=ipscan), timeout=2,verbose=false) except Exception,e:print STR (e) else:for snd,rcv in ans: #list_mac =rcv.sprintf ("%ether.src%-%arp.psrc%") #print List_macstrmac = rcv.sprintf ("% ether.src% ") If Strmac = = ' B8:27:eb:0e:ea:a5 ': Strip = rcv.sprintf ("%arp.psrc% ") print strip  Use Python to

Search for all IP addresses and MAC addresses of the same network segment

The nemesis packet sending function is used to construct ARP requests and batch processing. All IP addresses and corresponding MAC addresses of the same network segment can be identified within 10 seconds.Batch Processing code: discover. bat@ Echo offSet

Python input IP address and mask tells you all the addresses that the network segment contains (IPY module exercises)

is realized by self-invocation to the correct network bit . -b = (A.split ('/') [0]). Split ('.') -A = B[0] +'.'+ b[1] +'.'+ b[2] +'.'+ str (int (b[-1])-1) +'/'+ A.split ('/') [-1] - Ipip (a) in - defMain (): to #The IP address and mask you need to know to enter the keyboard when executing the file +Inputip = Raw_input ('Please input IPaddress (example: \ n >>>') - Ipip (Inputip) the

Various IP-PUBLIC-VIP-Private-scan ip addresses in RAC

Each node in various IP-PUBLIC-VIP-Private-scan ip 1, PUBLIC, and VIPOracle RAC in RAC has a virtual IP address (VIP), which is in the same network segment as the public ip. The vip is attached to the public

Use arp-scan to scan lan ip addresses

. 84: 2b: 2b: 59: 31: 4f Dell Inc. 00: 26: b9: 8e: 16: 17 Dell Inc Specify an IP address [Root @ gateway ~] # Arp-scan -- interface = eth1 Interface: eth1, datalink type: EN10MB (Ethernet) Starting arp-scan 1.8 with 8 hosts ( 192.

Using Python to scan Active ip addresses in a LAN

Using Python to scan Active ip addresses in a LAN This article mainly introduces how to use Python to scan Active ip addresses in the LAN (SCAN online computers). This article provides

About intranet IP addresses and public IP addresses in the network

kinds:10.x.x.x172.16.x.x---172.31.x.x192.168.x.xThe private IP of intranet is to save the IP address, on the other hand, protect the security of internal information!You said, belong to the intranet IP, but you in the Internet bar, the actual you also have an external network

C # obtain all IP addresses of the Local Machine (including LAN and Internet IP addresses of the local machine)

Using System. net; Namespace Jihua. cnblogs. com { Class Nethelper { /// /// Obtain all local IP addresses, including lan ip addresses and local Internet IP addresses

Using Python to scan active ip addresses in a LAN (scanning online computers)

This article mainly introduces how to use Python to scan active ip addresses in the Lan (scan online computers). This article provides the implementation code directly. if you need it, refer to the intranet hosts where ip addresses

Fedora14 static configuration of fixed IP addresses and host machine IP addresses in the same network segment using virtual machine bridging and solutions to several problems (NFS mounting step 1)

To mount NFS, the first step is to enable the virtual machine to bridge the Internet. You do not need to check the box below the bridge Internet. The IP address and Host IP address must be configured in the same network segment. Record the following steps: I. I initially referred: 1), # ifconfig eth0 up (Note: After the system is installed, the default Nic is eth

Differences and connections between MAC addresses and IP addresses (Computer Network)

Differences and connections between MAC addresses and IP addresses (Computer Network)Recently, I took a test and always encountered mac address problems. So I did some research online. I remember that I learned this knowledge when I was a sophomore, I have basically returned it to Mr. Huang Peijie, but I am very gratef

Can I merge IP addresses and MAC addresses if I re-design the network?

I read books related to network basics a while ago. I had a question: Why do I have a MAC address and an IP address? Can the two be combined into one? The current logic is as follows: During data transmission, the vro can view the IP address of the data packet and compare it with the "IP Set: Next Hop MAC address" reco

Nbtscan command and arp-a combination to view all the IP addresses and MAC addresses that are in use on the LAN

1, download nbtstat, unpack the cygwin1.dll to and Nbtscan.exe put together, if cygwin1.dll file invalid, please use "Baidu computer expert" Download *.dll file.2. Use Arp-a to view all the online IP addresses and MAC addresses.This article from "Gentleman to Beware of Alone" blog, please be sure to keep this source

About the IP addresses of all 0 and all 1 CIDR blocks)

Reprinted from If you have an IP address of class C, such as, you want to divide it into eight CIDR blocks. Each CIDR block can contain 32 hosts,Subnetmask: zookeeper Upload Failed:, network address:, broadcast address:, network address: 192.168.1

How to determine if IP addresses in the network are stolen by arp Spoofing

Q: I am a network administrator of a small company. Recently, IP address conflicts have always occurred. In addition, due to frequent use of laptops to connect to the company's network, in addition, the company's IP address is a fixed IP address set manually for some reason,

Computer displays IP address conflict How do IP addresses conflict with other network systems

is with IP conflict resolution This situation is mainly due to other computers under the router is also using your computer's IP address, resulting in IP address conflicts, there is no access to the Internet and so on. The main reasons for this situation are: 1, the local computer uses the IP address, an

C # gets all the IP addresses for this machine and filters the intranet IP

Private voidInitialization_load (Objectsender, EventArgs e) {Cboxip. Items.Add ("Please select an IP address"); Liststring> str =Newliststring>(); stringHostName = Dns.gethostname ();//name of the machine//[] AddressList = Dns.gethostbyname (hostName). AddressList;//warns that gethostbyname () is out of date, I run and returns only one IPV4[] AddressList = dns.gethostaddresses (hostName);//will return

Bind multiple IP addresses to a single Nic for multi-network segment access, and bind multiple NICs to a single IP address for Load Balancing

Today, we have encountered the problem of implementing multi-network segments in Linux. In the past, we only had to pay attention to how to modify the Linux route. When using the 2003 system, we often access multiple network segments with a single Nic. The premise is to bind an IP address for each CIDR block first. Similarly, if we need to enable the Linux Nic to

ATM Tutorial: Support for IP addresses in an ATM Network

service quality can be shared by other protocols or applications.Although LANE provides an effective way to bridge between subnets in an ATM network, services between subnets still need to be forwarded through routers. Therefore, an ATM router may become a bottleneck, the MPOA mentioned below will solve the problem of inter-subnet communication efficiency. Iii. CLIP (ClassicalIPoverATM)1. PrincipleTo run IP

How to quickly enumerate the IP addresses of all active hosts in the LAN)

I want to quickly search all hosts. I have tried the following methods: 1. Ping, of course, but if you want Program And I don't think the speed is too fast. 2. You can use Winpcap to send an ARP request packet, but the acquisition time is uncertain and the acquisition speed is not too fast. 3. Using the sendarp function, it is too slow to scan 255 hosts and the program cannot respond. So I tried? The senda

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