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China Communication Society Science and Technology Award and Jiangsu Communications Industry Scientific and Technological Progress Award Declaration Introduction

Declaration" (hereinafter referred to as "declaration") and related supporting materials. The annex material mainly includes the Intellectual property certificate which reflects the achievement, the inspection report issued by the testing agency, the new report within one year, the relevant industry license or qualification certificate, the application certificate, the benefit proof, the technology transfer agreement, the user use report, etc., in pr

Computer Science and technology learning methods

analog circuit emboldened will be sufficient. Textbook: Kang Hua Light's "Electronic Technology Foundation" (Higher Education Press) is still good (our school electronic Department in use). If you are interested, you can also refer to Tongshibai's book.Digital circuits are much better than analog circuits. We recommend that we take a look at the "Digital Logic", written by Professor Liu Yingjing of North Engineering, said the

Computer science and technology learning experience

, itThis gives you a sense of accomplishment. My mentor said that you can write a thesis by just writing a piece of things in graph theory. Everyone canThe content will go deep! In the graph theory book in China, Mr. Wang Shuhe's "graph theory and its algorithms" are very successful.On the one hand, its content is comprehensive in Chinese textbooks. On the other hand, its emphasis on algorithms is very suitable for computing.Computer System (originall

Ebook download: classic book of computer science (41 books in total) (Part 1)

revision of this book. It is the most comprehensive research on first-class computer sorting and searching technologies, it expands the data structure processing method in volume 1 and includes large and small databases, as well as memory and external storage. this book includes a careful check of computer methods and a large amount of analysis on its efficiency. this version of this

Ebook download: classic book of computer science (41 books in total) (Part 2)

several hundred pages to explain every aspect of the C ++ programming paradigm, but this book does this incredible. I personally like this kind of book that is full of technology, concise, and "Easy to say. this book also has an obvious style: All program examples use standard library components, which is refreshing.-

[Reprinted] Computer Science and Technology Review

Computer Science and Technology this science has deeply attracted our students who have been in the computer system for nearly three years and have made some thoughts, I have always believed that the computer science and technology major cannot be divided into computer

In 2007, the investment in science and technology increased steadily

According to the Statistical Bulletin of Scientific and Technological funds issued jointly by National Bureau of Statistics, Ministry of Science and Technology and Ministry of Finance, the investment in science and technology in 2007 continued to grow steadily. The total expenditure on research and experimental develop

Chinese Emy of science and technology: the killers are very cold [ZT]

(An article that has been circulating many years agoArticle. The Author ID is joeliu, an article he wrote in Canada when he was young. For backup .) (When I was a freshman, I caught up with this department's teaching reform. I caught three of the four major names: yibei, Li baihao, and Lin xiuding) Sender: Scaling (I was wrong ...), Email: LifeQuestion: The Killers are cold. Professors who like fail are called killers. If a school has few killers, it is definitely not qualified to be a

Ai's heat in science and technology through Li's proposal

to identify your drunken photos and prevent you from uploading them to the social network. Their long-term goal is to develop technologies that closely analyze Facebook content outside of many photos, allowing AI to automate the process.While other U.S. tech giants like Twitter bought deep learning startups Madbits, Yahoo bought deep Learning company Lookflow and image labeling company Iqengine, the Giants love AI technology all illustrate its bright

The development of science and technology to today, mankind will go

in modern society, the development of science and technology is growing fast! and mobile phones, computers and other objects more and more play an important role, now people can not do without mobile phones, network this information age! Science and technology to the present

Recommended bibliography for Computer Science and Technology Majors

Seeing a full list of books, I felt that I had a lot of tasks.Too many things I have never learned or understoodWhen I first entered the computer system, I was enlightened and had to struggle constantly.But now,It's time to get tired. Recommended bibliography for Computer Science and Technology Majors-- According to Hu Kan Learning Theory Computer and Computer Scie

[Focus] Beijing Science and Technology Expo next year-Children's smart education product exhibition (Main Exhibition Area)

[Focus] Beijing Science and Technology Expo next year-Children's smart education product exhibition (Main Exhibition Area) In the field of early childhood education products, we have seen many traditional categories such as learning machine, review machine, story machine, and reading pen. For product positioning and selection, Iot platform has its own ideas-instead of upgrading traditional categories, it i

The beauty of programming, the rapid development of American science and Technology, the change of C language to America

GCC's __attribute__ ((noreturn)). _generic keyword. Multithreading (multithreading) support, including: _thread_local storage type identifier, _atomic type modifier and Enhanced unicode support. Based on the c Unicode Technical Report iso/iec TR 19,769:2004, enhanced support for unicode. Included for utf-16/utf-32 encoding added char16_t and char32_t data types, providing a unicode string conversion function header file removed the gets () function, using a new, more secure fun

The difference between software engineering and computer science and technology

My understanding is that the course of software orientation is more focused on application as technology and computer science courses are more focused on science or academia. Although the two in essence there is no good or bad points, but in the teaching of software engineering can be found in the course of "virtual", lack of practice, after all, colleges and uni

Java Core Technology Volume 1 basic Knowledge (original book 9th edition) (complete Chinese version). Pdf__java

Download address: Network disk download Introduction to the content One of the most influential and valuable works in the Java field, with more than 20 years of experience in teaching and research of senior Java technology experts to write (won the Jolt Award), and "Java Programming ideas," the same as the more than 10-year global best-selling not decline, popular acclaim. The 9th edition is completely updated according to JavaSE7, at the same time c

The error of matrix in the "Unity3d actual combat core Technology detailed" book

description may be inaccurate, but that is his own understanding, can help people who do not understand the matrix, I think it is very valuable. After all, most people just need to understand what the matrix is, why use matrices, and the deeper study of matrices may not be so concerned. Popular science has the role of popular science, professional has a professional need.In fact, I think about the matrix,

Book Music said: Foreplay is the door technology live Adidas's explosion of magic

are covered up. In this conference, once with his Air Yeezy product line in Nike for 4 years of Kanye angrily said the anti-Nike, to join its opponent Adi's original intention: Nike limited My creative freedom, did not give me the opportunity to grow, Artie let me realize the dream.In fact, this paragraph also exposed the difference between Nike and Artie, the former more attention to science and technology

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