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Introduction to blckboard Online Teaching Management Platform complying with SCORM standards

relevant course content; Publish notices, course materials, tasks, links to teaching resources, Professor and student profiles, and other information; Upload course files over the Internet and manage course content conveniently; Supports uploading and sending various format files, including: Microsoft Office Adobe Acrobat PDF Html Digital Image Digital audio files Digital Video Files Multimedia (such as flash, Shockwave, and Authorware) IMS, SCORM, a

SCORM and Internet education

SCORMAnd Internet education Written by nius: 2011-10-22 Blog: The last simple translation of the SCORM protocol (portal), from the complexity of the protocol, we can roughly understand why this standard is still, at least in China, obscure. We can use SCORM to discuss Internet-based education.The instructor is a user SCORM aims to develop a comple

Multiple SQL Injection Vulnerabilities in WordPress SCORM Cloud Plugin 'ajax. php'

Release date: 2011-09-07Updated on: Affected Systems:WordPress SCORM Cloud system:WordPress SCORM Cloud id: 49484Cve id: CVE-2011-5216 The WordPress SCORM Cloud plug-in can convert WordPress sites to LMS. WordPress

SCORM courseware learning status

See the learning status value of the shared learning component (SCO) in the SCORM standard. Learning status value of the shared component According to SCORM's definition of learning components, learning assets simply point to learning resources, while content aggregation architecture refers to the abstract concept of combination. Only learning shared components (SCO) it has the ability to send messages to each other with the Learning Management Plat

Talking about Android coding standards and naming standards, talking about android coding standards

Talking about Android coding standards and naming standards, talking about android coding standards Preface: At present, I am responsible for the development of two medical APP projects. At the same time, I am using LeanCloud for cloud-based development. Now the big framework has been completed and is under development in the detail module. Summarize the developm

Web Standards Learning: a reflection on the standards

Web|web Standard | Web page I started learning Web standards from the beginning of last year, and I've had some experiences over the past two years. Recently job-hopping is just idle at home, write some out and communicate with you. 1 understanding of Web standards and the XHTML specification of the Consortium By customary understanding, both concepts seem to refer to one thing (the "Advanced theory" ^_^ th

Why to build the benefits of Web standards and Web standards _ Basic Tutorials

of a unified standard, Therefore, under the organization of the, the website standard began to be established (February 10, 1998 issued XML1.0 as the logo), and under the supervision of the website Standards Organization ( to promote implementation. Simply put, the purpose of the website standard is to: Provide the most benefits to the most users of the site to ensure that any Web site can effectively simplify the code for a

Learning Web standards: Special characters in web standards

When you first started learning Web standards, there was this one: Encode all Any less than (), which is not part of the label, must be encoded as & G T;Any number (&), which is not part of the entity, must be encoded as & a M p;Note: There are no spaces between the above characters. This is often the case in our usual jobs: More >> Domestic counterparts are mostly to write two greater than >> or simply write >> (more exaggerated is some

Tutorial on WEB2.0 standards: What is WEB standards?

WEB standardsWEB standards are not a set of standards. A webpage consists of three parts: Structure, Presentation, and Behavior ). The corresponding standards are also divided into three aspects: the standard structured language mainly includes XHTML and XML, the standard expression language mainly includes CSS, the behavior standard mainly includes object model

DICOM standards and applications-Introduction to DICOM standards

manufacturers and models are in different formats, it makes information resources between different devices difficult to use each other, and the implementation of hospital PACS is very difficult. Medical Information systems bring about many new problems: how to store images with a large amount of data and effectively manage them? Can devices of different manufacturers be connected directly? How can information resources be shared between devices of different manufacturers? And so on. Obviously,

Some standards and data indexes of web standards (self-knowledge collection)

Specifications: All HTML-related specificationsHttp:// CSS standards. Note that css3 has been split into many standards.Http:// Validators, a well-knownHttp:// Dom, because it is relatively scattered, do not like to read, occasionally checkHttp://

W3C standards, w3c standards and specifications

W3C standards, w3c standards and specifications W3C Standard1. W3C, founded in 1994, is the most authoritative and influential international neutral technology standard institution in the Web technology field.W3C has created and maintained WWW standards and is committed to standardizing the web. It has effectively promoted the compatibility of Web technologies a

Web front-end interview--understanding of web standards and the standards

A. Web standards are not a standard, but a collection of standards. Web page mainly by the structure, performance, behavior of three parts, the corresponding standard has a structured standard language has XHTML, XML, the performance of the standard language has CSS, the behavior of the standard has the object model (such as the Web site DOM), Ecmascripe, etc.The principles of the Consortium:Web site to pas

802.11AC standards and 802.11n standards better where

between 300mbps~400mbps, close to the current 802.11n actual transmission rate of 3 times times (the current 802.11n wireless router actual transmission rate between 75mbps~150mbps), enough on a channel to simultaneously transmit multi-channel compressed video stream. In addition, the 802.11AC will be backwards compatible with all of the 802.11 full range of existing and upcoming standards and specifications, including the upcoming release of the 80

Things about the project (10)-the result of setting up standards for enjoying the [project standards]

not in trouble, you can write all the locations to the database.You don't need to worry too much about the basic interface layer and data layer. Well-designed the database, the two layers are basically finished, finding an intern and putting their positions on the tab is complete. Now, my team can put all its energy into the business layer. The business layer is the hardest hit by standardization. Here I decided to put a fierce person to solve this problem. Post: My database naming method is on

Along with the development of web standards

Web|web Standard Original Author: Andrei Herasimchuk Original Original publication date: June 11, 2004 This is a shocking article. The author's analysis is profound and his writing is sharp. The author's fear that Microsoft will control the world may be extreme, but it has to arouse our vigilance and thinking. After the publication of the article caused a fierce controversy and even abusive, interested suggestions to the original look. From this we ca

Web standards, where are we going?

Web|web Standard Original Author: Veerle Original source: Translator Note: This article is "You should pay attention to the real reason of web standards" after the article published Veerle wrote a sentiment article, the author mentioned 2 ideas, but attracted various opinions and suggestions, I will part of the commentary attached to the text. Can see the Foreign technology blog discussion atmosphere is also very good, at least a

Oracle Fusion Middleware expands open standards for next-generation SOA ____oracle

BEIJING, October 24, 2006-Oracle Fusion Middleware will be used in Oracle Convergence middleware in San Francisco's 2006 Oracle Global Technology and Applications conference to provide further open and flexible IT environments for developers and customers Further expand open standards for the establishment, deployment, management and maintenance of various service-oriented applications. Oracle has been a leader in open

Some misunderstandings of web standards for beginners

Web|web Standard | Beginners are very happy to see many designers start to pay attention to and try to use Web standards to make Web pages. But from the Netizen's question and the production found a few problems, here special reminder: 1. Not to standardize by verification. Web standards are meant to be a separation of content (structure) and performance by stripping out styles and placing them in separate

Beginner's view: Talking about CSS and XHTML and Web standards

Css|web|web Standard |xhtml Here is a brief introduction to CSS and XHTML and of course Web standard design Web site standards are not a standard, but a set of standards. The Web page consists mainly of three parts: structure (Structure), performance (presentation) and behavior (Behavior). The corresponding standard is divided into three aspects: the structured standard language mainly includes XHTML and XM

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