script to print all files in folder

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The number of files with various suffix names in the statistics folder of the script series

Welcome Reprint! When reproduced, please indicate the source: scenarios:My QQ group in the recent chat is in full swing, also led to my QQ buffer folder size in the crazy rise,

Linux shell script history file Cleanup script, by day, month, clean up the first n days of history files, delete designated size history files, historical file archive cleanup __linux

I don't know if there's anything to clean up. A directory history file needs to be cleaned. There will probably be a lot of other places to clean up the history files, which may be used. I spent the past two days writing a script, cleaning more

Use a shell script or PHP to move a file under a folder to a directory of its own date

The background is this: the site at the beginning of a smaller number of visits, people will all the picture files uploaded to a directory (such as/data/images/). Later visits were large, and there were many pictures, which affected the efficiency

Linux Automatic scheduled backup folder and Backup script instance

Server:AliyunRequirements:For the WWW directory, perform a backup daily 1 o'clock in the morning to name the folder on today's dateCreate Wwwbak directories and files in the Alidata folder as follows:Create a new Wwwbak folder and execute

In a word, the script series temporarily backs up SVN-modified files.

IntroductionUsage scenarios:I am in the development environment, using the SVN version management tool, and compared to git, if you sometimes change more files, but not all need to commit (or need to follow a case a commit to commit), then how to

FTP automatically upload files to Perl scripts and configuration Files _perl

--> Several basic concepts of this application design are:Toolbox reuse: Use existing tools as much as possible;Simplify the running steps; without introducing too much business logic, the more satisfying the requirements are, the better. So,

[Reprint]python File and directory operation method Daquan (including all file names under the Change folder instance), python in the file, folder operations often used in the OS module and Shutil module common methods.1. Get the current working directory, that is, the directory path of the current Python

Python file read and write and file directory and the operation of the folder to implement code _python

For security reasons, it's a good idea to assign a name to an open file object so that you can quickly close the file to prevent unwanted file objects from consuming memory after you complete the operation. For example, read a text file:

Win2003 Server security Settings full version (script home supplement) _win server

In fact, many friends often search for some information about 2003 will come to the cloud habitat community but the lack of a series of articles list, later we will be the topic of the way to organize, the following for you to share the security of

Use SQLCMD to perform multiple script reprints in SQL Server

Unknown originOverview:As a DBA, it is often necessary to update the official database with the SQL script provided by the developer, but a more reasonable development process, when the script is submitted to the DBA, there may already be hundreds

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