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"Apache Learning" compiled installation httpd2.4 with automatic installation script for Dummies

*:* users: (("sshd", 1276,3) listen 0128 *:* users: (("CUPSD", 1117,7)) listen 0128 ::1:631 :::* users: (("CUPSD ", 1117,6)) listen0100 ::1:25 :::* users: (("Master", 1384,13) listen 0100 *:* users: (("Master", 1384,12) LISTEN 0128 :::47422 :::* Users: (("rpc.statd", 1041,11)) listen0128 *:52751 *:* users: (("rpc.statd", 1041,9)) listen0 128 :::111 :::* users: (("Rpcbind", 1021,11)) listen0128 *:111 *:* users: (("Rpcbind"

Engineer Technology (v): Shell script writing and testing, redirecting output application, using special variables, writing a judgment script, writing a batch add user script

First, the shell script writing and testingGoal:This example requires two simple shell scripts, with the following task objectives:1> wrote a greeting/root/ script that was executed and displayed a phrase "Hello world!! ”2> Write a/root/sysinfo script that can output system information, then output the cur

Writing a shell script--writing a simple script

1. Simple script file, the content is as follows#!/bin/bashpwdls-alExecute script: Bash or use the root command:./hello.sh2. Accept user ParametersThe name of the script file executed by $ A$* on behalf of all user parameters$? Represents the return value after the last command was executed$ #代表总共多少个参数$n represents the value of the first paramet

Writing the five common requests for JMeter script writing

1. Normal POST request2. Normal JSON request3. JSON request with query parameter4.xml Request5. Upload RequestStarting(Windows system click F12 to bring up the developer tools, select Network, and then start the request, will automatically grab the package)Various types of grab bags:1. Normal POST requestScript writing2. Normal JSON requestScript writing3. JSON request with query parameterScript writing4 XML RequestScript writing5.upload RequestScript writingWriting the five common requests for

Shell script summary and tips in script writing

Simple summary of Shell scripts and tips in script writing mainly summarize the entry-level bash from the following aspects: 1. Command History, command completion 2. pipelines, redirection 3. command alias and command replacement 4. command line editing 5. file name wildcard 6. Bash-related configuration files and variables 7. programming (entries... simple summary of Shell scripts and tips in

Shell script writing ideas and examples to explain _shell

A brief introduction to shell script writing ideas and examples Often heard around a lot of learning shell script Friends complain shell script is not easy to write, not difficult to write out the script has been an error, symbol space is too much, the wrong one can not run

Basic Linux script writing knowledge

$ opt_f" Echo "opt_l is $ opt_l" Echo "first arg is $1" Echo "2nd arg is $2" You can run the script as follows: Extends parser-l hello-f ---somefile1 somefile2 The returned result is: Opt_f is 1 Opt_l is hello First arg is-somefile1 2nd arg is somefile2 How does this script work? The script first loops through all input command line parameters.Compare with the c

The writing method of Flash script and the use of basic script

Script one, about how to write the script in Flash First, you need to know that scripting doesn't require users to have a complete understanding of as! The question to consider now is how to add a script to your flash? Simply put, there are two ways to add a script: one is to write the

Celadon Qici-h5 mini-game Lottery Machine 4 run script writing

an element after a successful selection Below are the levers, fireworks and prizes, and the sharing interface. How to quickly debug Celadon in the editorNow that you've started writing scripts, debugging must be very frequent. How to debug more quickly? In the editor, without changing the UI, go into run mode. After modifying the code, point menu project, refresh scene, A new JS script can be loaded im

Eight tips for writing a reliable Linux shell script

These eight recommendations come from some of the experience and lessons learned by key writers in writing shell scripts over the years. In fact began to write the time is not only these several, and later thought repeatedly, remove a few irrelevant, and finally left eight. It is no exaggeration to say that each one is carefully selected, although a few are commonplace.1. Specify bashThe first line of the shell sc

Shell Script Writing Basics

Scripting is essential for Linux testing, and the name of the shell script can be arbitrarily defined, and no suffix, such as the name can be written abc,smartzip, as long as the runtime typeThe./smartzip will be able to run the script.Do not use spaces at the beginning of each command line.Part 1th. Basics of writing Linux scripts1.1 Basic Introduction to grammar1.1.1 OpeningThe program must start with the

Analysis of the Role of PHP script writing in website development

strong server-side language that provides a considerable number of features and can quickly provide services for pages. Easy to use Anyone who uses C or Perl or another language with similar styles and syntaxes can quickly get started with PHP scripts. Although it is designed for use on the network, it can also be used as a command line language. Does the network application you are writing need to run some codes every hour or every day? With Cron or

A method for writing JavaScript script libraries _javascript tips

example, if you don't see a document, you should be able to guess that math is about dealing with mathematical operations.11 Bonus rules: document; Use namespaces to organize your code as much as possible, making it easy to remember; My level is very general, very ordinary a programmer. So don't ask me for code. I gave it to you, you still have to spend time to see it, and my code does not have documents, you can not read how to do it. Instead, why don't you tidy up the javascript you have, an

SELENIUM2 Learning -018-webui Automation Practical Cases -016-Login Verification code during script writing

The daily web site development process, in order to improve the security of the login or prevent the user through the script of the Ox operation (the universe most expensive tin celestial Vehicle License plate Auction), many websites in the time of login, added verification code verification, and the implementation of the verification code is more and more complex, the difficulty of script recognition is mo

Simple script writing

Simple script writing 1. Exercise: write a script to determine whether there are users in the current system. The default shell is bash. If so, the number of such users is displayed. Otherwise, no such user is displayed; grep "bash $"/etc/passwd >/dev/nullRETVAL =$? If [$ RETVAL-eq 0]; then if grep "bash $"/etc/passwd >/dev/null; then Method 2: www.2

A little experience when writing a picture space QTP script

I record QTP script idea is lets can run up to run up, can not run up temporarily regardless of, at the same time take the thought of curing script writing script (detailed), complete and then add parameterization, so that the script flexible! Oh! The following is a little

Linux script writing BASICS (4)

4) Functions If you write a slightly more complex program, you will find that the same code may be used in several places in the program, and you will also find that if we use a function, it is much more convenient. A function looks like this: Functionname () { # Inside the body $1 is the first argument given to the Function #$2 the second... Body } You must declare the function at the beginning of each program. The following is a script named xtitleb

LoadRunner script Writing (i)

Do the performance test engineers understand the code? The answer is a must. Many testers think it's hard to write a script in LoadRunner, mainly because most testers haven't done any development work, and the Program foundation of the university has forgotten almost. There are also non-computer professional testers, so the code Wangdu more daunting. Many people think that LoadRunner only support C language (including I have always thought so), becau

The basic principle of LVS cluster, configuration of Lvs/nat mode, configuration of LVS/DR mode, writing automatic script checking realserver health of LVS

Hashing) shAccording to the requested source IP address, as the hash key (hash key) from the static distribution of the hash table to find the corresponding server,If the server is available and not overloaded, send the request to the server, otherwise return an empty9. The shortest expected delay (shortest expected delay scheduling SED) is based on the WLC algorithm A, B, C three machine weights 1, 2, 3, the number of connections are 1, 2, 3 respectively. If a new request comes in using the WL

Evaluate the method of writing php native code in the {dede: SQL} tag script! Solution

Evaluate the method of writing php native code in the {dede: SQL} tag script! {Dede: SQL nbsp; SQL... nbsp; runphpyes} echo nbsp; fuck; {dede: SQL} it's useless to write this code. how can I find it in nbsp; {dede: SQL} Native php code written in the tag script nbsp ;?? ------ Solution ----------- evaluate the {dede: SQL} label

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