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How the ThinkPad laptop turns on or off the SCROLL LOCK feature

The Scroll lock key is also called the SCROLL LOCK key. The Scroll lock key was first seen on the IBM PC/XT model's 83 keyboard and on the 84 keyboard of the At interface. Today, the Scroll

Win7 System computer keyboard SCROLL LOCK SCROLL LOCK key how to use?

Win7 System computer keyboard SCROLL LOCK SCROLL LOCK key how to use? The specific methods are as follows: 1, first scroll LOCK button in the upper right of the computer; 2, Sc

Dell laptop my WiFi technology usage: as an Internet AP hotspot & Dell laptop Caps Lock key

(1) What is my WiFi? Intel's mywifi technology is a technology that extends the functionality of the wireless network module for laptops. My WiFi technology allows users to integrate their laptops with Wireless AP functions, this allows other devices that support wifi to connect to each other and to external networks through the AP function provided by this laptop. For example, a, a mobile phone can connect to a l

Two ways to teach you how to lock a Win7 laptop keyboard

The way the Win7 system laptop locks the screen is as follows: Method one: On your own Win7 system computer desktop, select Click to Start menu options, click the menu options after the column we find the Control Panel tool options, click Open, Pop-up Control Panel window options, select the keyboard icon options inside, click on the open after we select the hardware settings, the option to close can be selected. Method Two: There is anothe

[Posting] What's the "scroll lock" key on my computer?

Do you know what the scroll Lock key is for on the keyboard? Most people may not know the key, but I'm afraid it only serves to light up a lamp on the keyboard. However, since the original dos, it is estimated that this key is used for Rolling locking. What is the specific issue? See the following: [Original article link] straight dope: Why does m

Custom Combo Control (the number of password lock scroll up and down effect)

Original address: points of attention:Attrs.xml under the 1.values folderThe custom attributes required for the control are defined in this under the 2.src folderThe implementation principle is expressed in this file using annotations.Updown_scroll_layout.xml under the 3.layout folderThis file is the layout of the custom controlDoes not customize the control's reference post

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