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The implementation of Lyrics data parsing, lyrics scrolling, and lyrics progress control (based on Js-base64, Lyric-parser, Better-scroll), with Vue project as an example

Lyrics data parsing, lyrics scrolling, lyrics progress control (based on Js-base64, Lyric-parser, Better-scroll)1. Demand AnalysisThe background Lyrics interface returns the following data (Base64 string):w3rpoua8lowrmf0kw2fyouiwm+s5i+IWPL0KW2FSOUE7HEWJQ10KW2J5OL0KW29MZNNLDD

iOS Development--qq Music practice, lyrics display, lyrics scrolling, lyrics color change

The lyrics show--first lyrics are on the ScrollView, the size of the ScrollView is two screen width ScrollView Scrolling to modify the transparency of the Code Customize the view that displays lyrics, inherit from Uiscrollview, and provide an attribute of the lyrics fi

Android manual write smooth scrolling lyrics control, android Control

Android manual write smooth scrolling lyrics control, android ControlI am about to graduate. I have been busy with my graduation design and graduation thesis some time ago (egg pain is linked to chrysanthemum pain). I am working on an android music player, today, I specially extracted a feature to share this blog-the display of the lyrics.Look at QQ music, And the lyric

[Python] Simple terminal lyrics scrolling player

Integration of some of the NetEase Cloud API, want to write a terminal version of the music player, but has not been written to what look.Temporarily wrote a must function: with the lyrics scrolling player, with the Pygame in the mixer to play music.Ready to have time to implement other functions.1 #-*-coding:utf-8-*-2 ImportRe3 ImportOS4 Import Time5 ImportCopy6 ImportThreading7 ImportPygame8 fromPygameIm

Web-player player with support for playlists and lyrics scrolling based on Jplayer

HTML+CSS+JS implements a Web player.Note: Firefox local open does not play, put on the service side of the normal operation, other browsers can be opened locally, so the compressed package is shipped with an ASP small server, Run AspWebServer.exe automatically open the page, the browser can play normally, all players related to js,css,html and other files, are in the WWW folder.CSS style controls the look, perfect visuals support ie8+, and standard browsers such as Firefox,chrome and more. Packa

More complete Android MP3 LRC lyrics scrolling highlighting (with source code) _android

1. Previous scrolling just Anch to refresh, now is not by line to scroll, in fact, is in a certain period of time to move the whole, for example, in the 1S refresh 10 times, because the naked eye looks like scrolling. The key code is as follows: Copy Code code as follows: Float plus = Currentdunringtime = 0? 30 : 30 + (((float) currenttime-(float) sentencttime)/(float) currentdunringtime

jquery Music Player (lyrics scrolling version)

() { if( This. style = = 0) { This. nowindex++; if( This. Nowindex >= This. list.length) This. Nowindex = 0; This. playsing ( This. Nowindex); } Else { varindex = Math.floor (Math.random () * ( This. List.length + 1))-1; Index= Index : Index; Index= Index >= This. list.length? ( This. list.length-1): index; This. playsing (index); This. Nowindex =index; } }, }; Player.bind (); functionSecformat (num)

Horizontal scrolling of javascript-Application of lyrics synchronization _ javascript skills

Application of horizontal scrolling lyrics synchronization in javascript reference address: The Code is as follows: Var lrc0, lrc1, lrc2;Moveflag = false;Var top, bottom;Var lrcobj;Var lrctop;Predlt = 0;Curdlt = 0;Function lrcClass (tt){This. inr = [];This. oTime = 0;This. dts =-1;This. dte =-1;This. dlt =-1;This. ddh;This. fjh;If (/\ [offset \:(\-? \ D +) \]/I. test (tt ))This. oTi

Javascript Imitation Lyrics Smart Scrolling code _ Text effects

Make sure the viewer can see the text and continue scrolling up and down. [Ctrl + A All SELECT Note: If the need to introduce external JS need to refresh to perform]

On dynamic Lyrics-lyrics display

1 IntroductionAfter analysis, generation and parsing, I believe we are no longer unfamiliar with the dynamic lyrics, now the most important thing is, how to display the dynamic lyrics, here is no longer the introduction of Java Swing above how to display, because in the generation of the article, has done some simple introduction, This article focuses on how dynamic lyr

The most authentic dream lyrics | Zhou huajian's most authentic dream lyrics | the complete and most authentic dream lyrics

The most authentic dream lyrics | Zhou huajian's most authentic dream lyrics | the complete and most authentic dream lyrics Word: Chen guizhu Qu Luo Dayou easy bandAlbum Zhou huajiao Xiaotian The breeze blew my heart tonight How many dusty old feelings have returned to my heart With the wind and the wind, my heart is stabbed You are the dream that is hard to

Lyrics more Perfect RealPlayer lyrics free to play

Now there are a lot of lyrics software, but apart from the name is different, it seems to look at a face, on the black background to show the white lyrics. You are not tired of such a way, want to change a taste, so that their lyrics to appreciate the level of not aesthetic fatigue it. Then try RealPlayer lyrics functi

HTML5 achieves lyrics synchronization and html5 lyrics Synchronization

HTML5 achieves lyrics synchronization and html5 lyrics SynchronizationOpening HTML5 is most powerful in processing media files. For example, you can use a simple vedio tag to play a video. Similarly, there is a corresponding tag for processing audio files in HTML5, that is, the audio tag. Online DemoAudio tag Implementing an audio tag is very simple. The corresponding html code is as follows: The above cod

Horizontal scrolling of javascript lyrics

Reference: http://aboutplayer.comCopy codeThe Code is as follows:Var lrc0, lrc1, lrc2;Moveflag = false;Var top, bottom;Var lrcobj;Var lrctop;Predlt = 0;Curdlt = 0;Function lrcClass (tt){This. inr = [];This. oTime = 0;This. dts =-1;This. dte =-1;This.

Interpretation of the effects of the beautiful and floating lyrics of Android every day (mini lyrics)

I believe many of my friends have used this music player on Android phones. I wonder if you have noticed that every day there is a special effect on Mini lyrics. What is the effect? The lyrics are always displayed and can be dragged. Type QQ music, the lyrics displayed on the computer. Next we will dissect this effect. I think there are three main difficulties:

Android to achieve song when the lyrics synchronized display specific ideas _android

We need to read each line of the lyrics file above to convert it into a lyric entity: Copy Code code as follows: public class Lyricobject { public int begintime; Start time public int endtime; End time public int timeline; When the lyrics of a simple sentence Public String LRC; The lyrics of simple sentences } According to the cu

Cool Music Lyrics service and other functional services

1 Lyrics Service Cool music is a major feature of the powerful lyrics automatic download and management functions: 1.1 "Playing" tab page to enjoy the lyrics A when listening to the song, in the "Playing" tab page, you can see the lyrics to play songs; B Adjust the

Cool dog How to download lyrics Cool dog Download lyrics method share

For the cool dog software users to detailed analysis to share the cool dog to download the lyrics method. Method Sharing: First of all, of course, is to download their favorite songs. (The lyrics are downloaded automatically along with the song) to click on the "Open lyrics" icon, this is done for two purposes: 1, when the song plays, you can

Use osd-lyrics in Ubuntu to display mp3 lyrics [multiple images]

In Ubuntu, use osd-lyrics to display mp3 lyrics. software required: UbuntuTweak0.5.4.1 open tweak, find the software source center, select osd-lyricsPPA, and select osd-lyrics in the Software Center, after the app is installed, open it in the panel notification area in the audio and video area, right-click the preference associated player, and you will be able to

Parse and convert krc lyrics of cool dog into lrc lyrics php source code

This article mainly introduces the php implementation method for krc lyrics parsing and converting to lrc lyrics, if you need it, you can refer to a recent collection of Codoy music lyrics and find that the lyrics of Codoy music are "garbled" directly, and the lyrics you usu

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