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Extreme Programming (XP) and scrum differences for agile methods

Agile as a development process, currently used by major companies, agile process specific practices have XP and scrum, it seems that few an article introduce the difference between the two,Find a foreign language, the insight is very profound, special translation of it.The original text (DIFFERENCES between SCRUM and EXTREME programming) is in this:Http://

Book Reviews: Scrum and XP

Take a look at the following two paragraphs: Sun Tzu's War of war has the cloud, the troops are impermanence, and the water is impermanence. They can win the winner because of the change of the enemy. Many people yearn for the realm of war, I must also know that reading a thousand books is not as good as traveling a thousand miles. The stories on paper are even more familiar. In addition, let's look at the elegant words: "... You have integrated the 30 or 40 strokes of the Huashan school. Imag

Agile development (XP, scrum)

iteration; at the same time, each iteration can produce or develop a software product that can be delivered. About scrum and XP (eXtreme Programming) Agility is a guiding ideology or development method, but it does not clearly tell us what kind of process is used for development. Scrum and XP are the sp

XP @ Scrum

XP @ Scrum enjoys this classic description. The new team is transforming agile development. I also read some documents. XP @ Scrum is my goal. We hope we can help each other with experience and transformation. Let's talk about recent problems. 1. I understand the requirements, but I find that there is a problem whe

I finally completed my case management and version control system agile scrum (acunote) + SVN (XP-Dev)

to be resolved inSo, I can't connect to the Internet with 3.5G now, and the computer will take over and start 1.All day long, and you can use it without any external network, always using your own disc to bring VMI am also an idiot, so I am looking for the Web hosted system in the direction of the hacker. Too many websitesSuch as codeplex, googe code, and SourceForge.Most of the others need to accept the token, but there is also a free token, such as zoho proect but too late for spring. Yes

Cmme vs. Scrum vs. XP

Smoke-free meeting room: cmme vs. Scrum vs. XP (qcon 2010 experience) Author: Chen Yong Original article: The company's development department should build a smoke-free meeting room. The three methods are as follows: Cmme The company has established a smoke-free conference room system, publicizing and posting posters. After reminders, Mr. Wang of the Administration Departmen

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